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    • RenMin RuBao : Hong Kong edition (人民日報 : 香港專題盤) contains 5512 news report about Hong Kong between 1978 and 1995.

    • 25 years of Social Trends (1970-1995) provides a complete archive of the first 25 years of publication of "Social Trends". Combining the original text and graphical materials, it provides comprehensive statistics on the society of U.K..

    • Britannica is the indexing that occupies two large volumes in print has been supplemented by a powerful search and retrieval engine that searches the 44 million-word database quickly.

    • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) (1992-1996) ,which consists of 2 databases: Resources in Education file of document citations and the Current Index to Journals in Education file of journal article citations. Most citations contain abstracts and over 850 records feature the full text of the original document.

    • Facts about Britain (1945-1995) is a CD-ROM version of "Britain - an Official Handbook" with search function. It is produced by the Central Office of Information and HMSO.

    • Facts On File World News Digest (1980-1996) provides the full text of basic facts of U.S. and world news.

    • Human Rights on CD- ROM (1980-1994) comprises 14,000 bibliographical references to United Nations documents and publications from 1980 to 1994. The full text of 95 International Instruments concerning human rights have also been included.

    • JUSTIS (1979-1987, 1987- 1992, 1992-1996) provides bibliographic citations and index to the proceedings and publications of the United Kingdom Parliament from 1979 to the present.

    • Labordoc (1965-1996) produced by the International Labour Organisation, it is a bibliographical database of documents catalogued and abstracted by the ILO since 1965. It contains over 200,000 records.

    • Supermap Hong Kong 1991 Hong Kong 1991 Population Census Data and it also includes the 1981 Census and 1986 By-census Data.

    • Transport (1988-1996) is a bibliographic database of transportation research and economic information. It includes bibliographic citations, most with abstracts, of information on transportation.

    • United Nations Statistical Yearbook is the CD-ROM version of the 39th issue of the UN Statistical Yearbook supplemented by a search engine.

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