Establishment Subcommittee meeting

held on Wednesday, 8 November 2017 at 8:30 am in Conference Room 1

Record of decisions

 Paper Nos.SubjectDecisions
1.EC(2017-18)8 Proposed creation of one permanent post of Chief Landscape Architect (D1) to head a new Landscape Division under the Architectural Branch in the Architectural Services Department upon approval by the Finance Committee to strengthen the provision of professional landscape architectural support to the Department in handling landscape design and tree management planning matters

(Division ordered -
Yes - 26
No - 2
Abstention - 0)

2.EC(2017-18)9 Proposed rationalisation of one Assistant Director of Marine (D2) permanent post to one Administrative Officer Staff Grade C (D2) in the Transport Branch of the Transport and Housing Bureau with immediate effect upon approval of the Finance Committee to provide pertinent policy support for the development of the logistics and port industries in Hong Kong

Not dealt with

3.EC(2017-18)10 Proposed creation of one supernumerary post of Administrative Officer Staff Grade C (D2) to head the Recreation and Sport Division (2) of Recreation and Sport Branch in the Home Affairs Bureau with effect from 1 January 2018 or upon approval of Finance Committee (whichever is later) to 31 December 2020

Not dealt with