House Committee --
Subcommittee on subsidiary legislation of the Mandatory Provident Fund System


21 November 1997
19 November 1997
18 November 1997
17 November 1997
7 November 1997
24 October 1997

Accounting and Reporting Requirements
Accounts of an MPF Scheme
Approval Criteria for Trustees
Capital Preservation Product (21 November 1997)
Capital Preservation Product (19 November 1997)
Compensation Fund -Coverage, Operation, Administration and Levy (21 November 1997)
Compensation Fund -Coverage, Operation, Administration and Levy (19 November 1997)
Circumstances and Fees for Portability
Default Contributions : Mechanism for Recovery
Financial penalties in other Legislation
Framework of MPF System ( Annex A)
Framework of MPF System
Indemnity Insurance (21 November 1997)
Indemnity Insurance (19 November 1997)
Industry Schemes
Investment Restrictions and Guidelines
Investment Management
Report on Events of Significant Nature
Matters where auditors and other service providers have duties to report to the MPF Authority
Mechanism for Portability
Mechanism to Chase and Recover Default Contributions
" No-rejection " Requirement and Protective Measures for Low-Income Earners
Obligations of Self-employed Persons in the MPF System
ORSO Interface Arrangements - Minimum Standards on Trusteeship
ORSO Interface Arrangements -On-going Requirements
ORSO Interface Arrangements - Exemption Criteria for ORSO Registered Schemes
Sanctions of Trustees
Self-employed Persons -Calculation of Income, Compliance and Enforcement
Scope of Audit on Annual Accounts and Report on Internal Controls

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