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Questions(Year 1998 - 1999)

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Council meeting on 8.7.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon James TOImproving the complaints against police systemOral
Q. 2Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiOperation of the new airport in the event of typhoonsOral
Q. 3 Hon Howard YOUNGUnlicensed guesthousesOral
Q. 4 Hon Emily LAUHong Kong people who have been denied issuance of Home Visit PermitsOral
Q. 5 Hon TAM Yiu-chungEmployment visa requirement in respect of immediate family members of foreigners working in Hong KongOral
Q. 6 Hon SIN Chung-kaiRegulation of securities companiesOral
Q. 7 Hon NG Leung-singProjected supply of public housingWritten
Q. 8 Hon Fred LIImportation of live chickens into Hong KongWritten
Q. 9 Hon LEE Kai-mingPenalties imposed on contractors involved in jerry-building practicesWritten
Q. 10Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongTermite problem in public housing estatesWritten
Q. 11Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungMeasures to prevent students from being physically abused by teachersWritten
Q. 12Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungCompanies engaged in industrial production that went bankrupt or closed downWritten
Q. 13Hon Christine LOHIssues concerning the Draft Central District (Extension) OZPWritten
Q. 14Hon Howard YOUNGThe "millennium bug"Written
Q. 15Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiMeasures to ensure the provision of satisfactory service by New World BusWritten
Q. 16Hon SIN Chung-kaiSecurities company clients applying for compensation under the Securities Compensation FundWritten
Q. 17Hon Fred LIAgeing of the MTR systemWritten
Q. 18Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungAssisting graduates from teacher education programmes in seeking employmentWritten

Council meeting on 15.7.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 0 Hon James TIENAir freight services at the new airportOral
Q. 1 Hon Fred LIProvision of community services to rural areasOral
Q. 2 Hon CHOY So-yukForeign domestic helpers overstaying in Hong KongOral
Q. 3 Hon Andrew CHENGLabour disputes arising from the hoisting of tropical cyclone warning signal no. 8 and rainstorm black warningOral
Q. 4 Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungShortening the waiting time for various kinds of subvented homes for the elderlyOral
Q. 5 Hon Michael HOHA's funding application for replacing medical equipmentOral
Q. 6 Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongClass sizes in primary and secondary schoolsOral
Q. 7 Hon LEE Kai-mingApplications under the Industrial Support FundWritten
Q. 8 Hon SIN Chung-kaiSuspension of stock tradingWritten
Q. 9 Hon Christine LOHThe new gas-fired power plant on Lamma IslandWritten
Q. 10Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungStatistics on unemployed people among the middle classWritten
Q. 11Hon SIN Chung-kaiMeasures to enhance the coordination and collaboration between the academic sector and the information technology industryWritten
Q. 12Hon Andrew CHENGProgress of the introduction of the Octopus system to public transportWritten
Q. 13Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongInadequate loading capacity of manhole covers in PHEsWritten
Q. 14Hon TAM Yiu-chungThe Lok Ma Chau CrossingWritten
Q. 15Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongSlopes situated within school boundariesWritten
Q. 16Hon Emily LAUInadequate piling work for the NE passenger concourse at the new airportWritten
Q. 17Hon LEE Kai-mingThe loan to the Thai GovernmentWritten
Q. 18Hon LEE Wing-tatVacant commercial premises and market stalls in PHEsWritten
Q. 19Hon Emily LAUFatalities and casualties relating to the construction of the new airport and the connecting road networkWritten
Q. 20Hon LEE Wing-tatCasualties relating to the Airport Core Programme projectsWritten

Council meeting on 22.7.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon MA Fung-kwokImpact of the media on young peopleOral
Q. 2 Hon Mrs Selina CHOWApplications under the Credit Guarantee SchemeOral
Q. 3 Hon Andrew CHENGAdvancing the commencement of the 3 priority railway projectsOral
Q. 4 Hon Kenneth TINGMonitoring terminal handling chargesOral
Q. 5 Hon Emily LAUDifferential rates charged by some bars and clubsOral
Q. 6 Hon LEE Wing-tatThe Chief Executive's Question and Answer SessionsOral
Q. 7 Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongSupply and demand of places in various types of special schoolsWritten
Q. 8 Hon TAM Yiu-chungFindings of the EPD's feasibility study on the installation of noise mitigation facilities for existing roadsWritten
Q. 9 Hon Emily LAUAir pollution on roadsWritten
Q. 10Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongExpansion of the Pok Oi HospitalWritten
Q. 11Dr Hon David LIThe Education Department's requirement that school staff aged 60 or above should retireWritten
Q. 12Hon LEE Wing-tatNoise caused by air traffic along the new flight pathWritten
Q. 13Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiPublic works projects undertaken by the piling contractor suspected to be involved in non-compliance with approved building plansWritten
Q. 14Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungImplementation of the recommendation on school-based management in the Education Commission Report No. 7Written
Q. 15Hon LAU Kong-wahFailure of the Airport Railway Tung Chung Line on 8 July 1998Written
Q. 16Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungStatistics on postgraduate students in local universitiesWritten
Q. 17Hon LAU Kong-wahFacilities for use by taxi drivers in the new airportWritten
Q. 18Hon TAM Yiu-chungDisturbances caused by aircraft noiseWritten

Council meeting on 29.7.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon LEE Cheuk-yanThe Supplementary Labour SchemeOral
Q. 2 Hon CHAN Wing-chanImpact of the suspension of air freight services on the Hong Kong economyOral
Q. 3 Hon LAU Kong-wahCases of Enterovirus 71 infectionOral
Q. 4 Hon HUI Cheung-chingThe impact of the completion of the Lindingyang Bridge on Hong Kong's import and export industryOral
Q. 5 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungRight of abode in Hong Kong for Mainland-born adult children of Hong Kong permanent residentsOral
Q. 6 Hon LAU Chin-shekUse of the site and facilities of the vacated Kai Tak airportOral
Q. 7 Hon LEE Wing-tatImpact of the suspension of land salesWritten
Q. 8 Hon Emily LAUImpact of the devaluation of Renminbi on Hong Kong dollarWritten
Q. 9 Hon LEE Wing-tatProvision of private housing units on land not sold by auction or tenderWritten
Q. 10Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongImpact of aircraft noise on schoolsWritten
Q. 11Hon James TIENUnemployment among young peopleWritten
Q. 12Hon Fred LITransport arrangements for passengers taking the first and last passenger flightsWritten
Q. 13Hon Kenneth TINGThe bank's present credit squeeze policyWritten
Q. 14Hon LAU Wong-fatApplications for charging land use from agricultural land to building landWritten
Q. 15Hon Fred LIReasons for the increases in textbook pricesWritten
Q. 16Hon LAU Wong-fatRevised housing supply in the light of the suspension of land salesWritten
Q. 17Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungMonitoring the prices of textbooksWritten
Q. 18Hon LEE Kai-mingProsecutions against illegal workers and the people employing themWritten
Q. 19Hon Emily LAUA company's petition for the return of confiscated goodsWritten
Q. 20Hon LEE Kai-mingPornographic webpages on the InternetWritten

Council meeting on 9.9.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon CHENG Kai-namConstruction of a multi-storey carpark in StanleyOral
Q. 2 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGConstruction of West Rail Mei Foo Station at Lai Chi Kok ParkOral
Q. 3 Hon Albert HOIllegal collection of debtsOral
Q. 4 Prof Hon NG Ching-faiFreeze on tuition fees for tertiary institutionsOral
Q. 5 Hon CHAN Kam-lamHandling of medical incidentsOral
Q. 6 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahAssistance to businessmen working in the mainlandOral
Q. 7 Hon Mrs Selina CHOWSmuggling of chilled poultry into Hong KongWritten
Q. 8 Hon CHAN Wing-chanLicence application for operating a restaurant in the basement of a buildingWritten
Q. 9 Dr Hon LEONG Che-hungImpact of the chaotic cargo handling situation in the new airport on the supply of pharmaceutical productsWritten
Q. 10Hon Mrs Miriam LAUListing of Government-owned infrastructural facilities on the stock exchangeWritten
Q. 11Hon Eric LIHandling of bankruptcy casesWritten
Q. 12Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGUtilization of land in industrial estatesWritten
Q. 13Hon LAW Chi-kwongSubvention to multi-service centres and social centres for the elderlyWritten
Q. 14Hon WONG Yung-kanFishing in the water surrounding the new airportWritten
Q. 15Hon CHAN Yuen-hanEntry visa requirements of ethnic Chinese IndonesiansWritten
Q. 16Hon TSANG Yok-singUltra vires acts by Government departmentsWritten
Q. 17Hon Howard YOUNGAssistance to people travelling overseasWritten
Q. 18Hon Andrew CHENGLegislation against driving in a negligent mannerWritten
Q. 19Hon Kenneth TINGControl of short-selling activities in the stock and bond marketsWritten
Q. 20Hon LAU Kong-wahInstallation of air-conditioning systems for markets managed by the House Authority and Housing SocietyWritten

Council meeting on 16.9.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Mrs Selina CHOWWrongful grant of financial assistance by SWDOral
Q. 2 Hon CHAN Wing-chanTrain services of Airport Express and Tung Chung LinesOral
Q. 3 Hon Albert HOUtilization of cross-harbour tunnelsOral
Q. 4 Hon Howard YOUNGReview of restrictions on installation of neon signboards and electronic flashing signboardsOral
Q. 5 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiLegislation on carriage of heavy machineryOral
Q. 6 Hon Fred LIRelationship between HKSAR and TaiwanWritten
Q. 7 Hon CHAN Kam-lamUtilization of Western Harbour CrossingWritten
Q. 8 Hon Bernard CHANUse of the Employees Compensation Assistance FundWritten
Q. 9 Hon Mrs Miriam LAUImprovement works to Hiram's Highway in Sai KungWritten
Q. 10Hon Eric LIEmployment of the disabled by the GovernmentWritten
Q. 11Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGContingency measures for contaminated water supply to Hong Kong from the mainlandWritten
Q. 12Hon CHAN Yuen-hanIssue of Certificates of Absence of Marriage RecordWritten
Q. 13Dr Hon LEONG Che-hungCharges for patients seeking emergency medical treatment at the new airportWritten
Q. 14Hon TSANG Yok-singImpact of the court's ruling on the enforcement of CIETAC's decisions in Hong KongWritten
Q. 15Dr Hon David LIProblem of overcrowding in public hospitalsWritten
Q. 16Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungAllocation of school places for form six studentsWritten
Q. 17Hon Christine LOHReview of Small House PolicyWritten
Q. 18Hon Albert HOResearches on traffic accidents occurred in traffic black spotsWritten
Q. 19Hon LAU Kong-wahImpact of the construction project for the MTR Tsung Kwan O Extension on land development of private lotsWritten

Council meeting on 23.9.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon James TIENImplementation of Special Finance SchemeOral
Q. 2 Hon LAU Kong-wahRegulations governing compensation for interruption of power supplyOral
Q. 3 Hon Kenneth TINGRecovery of IDD charges by Hong Kong TelecomOral
Q. 4 Hon CHENG Kai-namWeight of schoolbags of primary school studentsOral
Q. 5 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGAppropriation for the Provisional Urban CouncilOral
Q. 6 Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungEmployers requesting pay reduction from employeesOral
Q. 7 Hon Mrs Selina CHOWObtaining Comprehensive Social Security Assistance by persons from MainlandWritten
Q. 8 Hon CHAN Wing-chanWorking conditions of security assistants in private security companies in public housing estatesWritten
Q. 9 Hon CHAN Kam-lamApplications for ex gratia payments from the Protection of Wages on Insolvency FundWritten
Q. 10Hon Albert HOSeizure of taxis for default in repayment of loanWritten
Q. 11Hon Eric LICross-border trafficking of "Ice"Written
Q. 12Hon Mrs Miriam LAUParking spaces for public and private light busesWritten
Q. 13Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGUtilization of Housing Authority's multi-storey factory buildingsWritten
Q. 14Hon Howard YOUNGCharge of rates in respect of advertising stations on walls of buildings and shopsWritten
Q. 15Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiImpact of retirement of senior officers of the Water Supplies Department on water supplyWritten
Q. 16Dr Hon David LIRecruitment of native-speaking English teachersWritten
Q. 17Dr Hon LEONG Che-hungNew quarantine measures for poultry and pigsWritten
Q. 18Hon Christine LOHEnhancing the transparency and accountability of advisory and statutory bodiesWritten
Q. 19Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongProvision of special educationWritten
Q. 20Hon LEE Kai-mingEmergency medical service at the Restricted Area of the new airportWritten

Council meeting on 30.9.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon CHAN Kwok-keungIssuing permits to work in Hong KongOral
Q. 2 Prof Hon NG Ching-faiImplementation of recommendations made in the Education Committee's Report on Review of 9-year Compulsory Education SystemOral
Q. 3 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiRemoval of underground oil slick at the former Kai Tak AirportOral
Q. 4 Hon Andrew CHENGInterruption of power supplyOral
Q. 5 Hon James TOCommencement date of the Interception of Communications OrdinanceOral
Q. 6 Hon Mrs Selina CHOWEnforcement actions against sale and publication of pornographic VCDsOral
Q. 7 Hon CHENG Kai-namHome Ownership SchemeWritten
Q. 8 Hon NG Leung-singOwnership of town gas pipesWritten
Q. 9 Hon Fred LIMental Health (Amendment) Ordinance 1997Written
Q. 10Hon CHAN Kam-lamRetention of phone numbers upon change of telephone service providersWritten
Q. 11Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungRecouping of unduly paid social security allowances by SWDWritten
Q. 12Hon Albert HORiver trade terminal in Tuen MunWritten
Q. 13Hon CHAN Yuen-hanTourists from Mainland ChinaWritten
Q. 14Hon Eric LITransfer of teachers from the Certified Master grade to Graduate Master gradeWritten
Q. 15Hon Mrs Miriam LAUImplementation of recommendations made in the Administration's study on demand of carparking spacesWritten
Q. 16Hon Emily LAUCross board-membership of heads of tertiary institutions and public/private companiesWritten
Q. 17Hon Howard YOUNGGrowth of Civil Service workforceWritten
Q. 18Dr Hon David LIHome Starter Loan SchemeWritten
Q. 19Hon Christine LOHStudy on indoor air qualityWritten
Q. 20Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongClass sizes of primary and secondary schoolsWritten

Council meeting on 14.10.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon CHAN Yuen-hanJumbo market at the Tamar SiteOral
Q. 2 Hon LAU Wong-fatShort-term tenancies of land in New Territories for industrial undertakingsOral
Q. 3 Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungFilling of forthcoming job vacanciesOral
Q. 4 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungUse of violence by secondary school studentsOral
Q. 5 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahImport of professionals from Mainland ChinaOral
Q. 6 Hon Fred LIDeposits demanded by public utilitiesOral
Q. 7 Hon CHAN Kwok-keungHong Kong residents who work, live or get married in Mainland ChinaWritten
Q. 8 Hon Martin LEEIssuance of consents to assignWritten
Q. 9 Hon Emily LAUSports facilities in primary and secondary schoolsWritten
Q. 10Hon CHENG Kai-namSandwich Class Housing SchemeWritten
Q. 11Hon WONG Yung-kanReview of licence conditions for marine fish cultureWritten
Q. 12Hon Mrs Selina CHOWExtension of service of school principals upon retirementWritten
Q. 13Hon NG Leung-singReview of stock and futures markets interventionWritten
Q. 14Hon Mrs Miriam LAUOperation of licensed ferry servicesWritten
Q. 15Hon LAU Kong-wahSub-standard work of the Ting Kau BridgeWritten
Q. 16Dr Hon David LIDifficulties experienced by schools switching the medium of instruction to Chinese in sourcing good Chinese textbooks and reference booksWritten
Q. 17Hon Howard YOUNGMeasures to facilitate Taiwan Residents to visit Hong KongWritten
Q. 18Hon Eric LITeachers' training on gifted educationWritten
Q. 19Hon Christine LOHReservations and declarations made by the United Kingdom on two international covenants on human rightsWritten
Q. 20Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongSchool places of Primary Six and junior forms of secondary schoolsWritten

Council meeting on 21.10.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Cyd HOSub-letting of Housing Authority's commercial premisesWritten
Q. 2 Hon HUI Cheung-chingCar parking fees in public housing estatesWritten
Q. 3 Hon James TORelocation of the Yau Ma Tei Fruit MarketWritten
Q. 4 Hon Albert HOReview of 17 Ordinances binding on the Government but not on relevant PRC organsWritten
Q. 5 Hon LAW Chi-kwongVaccinations for children from Mainland ChinaWritten
Q. 6 Hon James TIENShortage of containers and inadequate shipping schedules for exportWritten
Q. 7 Hon CHENG Kai-namStatistics on land grantWritten
Q. 8 Hon LAU Wong-fatSanctions against damage to drainage systems in New TerritoriesWritten
Q. 9 Hon CHAN Yuen-hanProvisions in the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance governing employers' contributionsWritten
Q. 10Hon Eric LIEligibility for Comprehensive Social Security AssistanceWritten
Q. 11Hon SIN Chung-kaiRecent measures to strengthen the currency board systemWritten
Q. 12Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungProvision of air-conditioned bus services provided by franchised bus companiesWritten
Q. 13Hon TAM Yiu-chungProgress of Tenants Purchase SchemeWritten
Q. 14Hon Eric LIErrors in the subtitles of television programmesWritten
Q. 15Hon Howard YOUNGRegulating inbound touring serviceWritten
Q. 16Dr Hon David LICost-effectiveness of seafarers training courseWritten
Q. 17Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungProvision of native-speaking English teachers for secondary schoolsWritten
Q. 18Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongAcademic qualification assessment of non-locally earned degreesWritten
Q. 19Hon Emily LAUProcurement of notebook computers for primary schoolsWritten
Q. 20Hon LAW Chi-kwongAssistance provided for new arrivals from Mainland ChinaWritten

Council meeting on 4.11.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Timothy FOK Legislation on pirate videotaking in cinemasWritten
Q. 2 Hon LAU Chin-shekStatistics on requests for information raised under the Code on Access to InformationWritten
Q. 3 Hon MA Fung-kwokOrganising Hong Kong film festivals in overseas countriesWritten
Q. 4 Hon Bernard CHANQuarry at Anderson RoadWritten
Q. 5 Hon LAU Wong-fatAir pollution caused by air-conditioned busesWritten
Q. 6 Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGPollution caused by vehicles using different types of fuelsWritten
Q. 7 Hon NG Leung-singProvision of HOS flatsWritten
Q. 8 Hon Albert HOInvolvement of the Exchange Fund in the stock and futures marketsWritten
Q. 9 Hon TAM Yiu-chungProvision of hospital services in the north-west region of New TerritoriesWritten
Q. 10Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungCompensation in respect of medical accidentsWritten
Q. 11Hon LAU Kong-wahAbortive landings of aircraftsWritten
Q. 12Dr Hon David LIFinancing the budget deficitsWritten
Q. 13Hon Fred LITariff structure for electricity supplied by the China Light and Power Co LtdWritten
Q. 14Hon Eric LIPublishing of economic dataWritten
Q. 15Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungPower failure at the Lo Wu Control Point Written
Q. 16Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongRemuneration for heads of tertiary institutionsWritten
Q. 17Hon Emily LAUInvestments of the Land FundWritten
Q. 18Hon LAU Chin-shekCompetition in the market for domestic gas fuelsWritten
Q. 19Hon MA Fung-kwokAdoption of environment management standards by Government DepartmentsWritten
Q. 20Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGHeavy metal and pesticide in imported vegetablesWritten

Council meeting on 11.11.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Edward HOPlot ratio of buildings in Kowloon City DistrictOral
Q. 2 Hon Andrew WONG Performance indicator for the emergency ambulance serviceOral
Q. 3 Hon Bernard CHANAllocation of parking spaces for passenger aircrafts in the new airportOral
Q. 4 Hon Cyd HO Counselling service provided by educational psychologistsOral
Q. 5 Hon CHAN Yuen-hanAccess facilities for the disabled to buildings and roadsOral
Q. 6 Hon CHAN Kwok-keungOccupational safety and health in hospitalsOral
Q. 7 Hon LEE Cheuk-yanFrauds associated with trading activities of the local London gold marketWritten
Q. 8 Hon CHOY So-yuk Plans for construction of a new park in Quarry BayWritten
Q. 9 Hon James TIENApplications of Closed Road Permits for Boundary Crossing Vehicles for vehicles commuting between Hong Kong and mainland ChinaWritten
Q. 10Hon Andrew CHENGGrants provided by the Hong Kong Sports Development BoardWritten
Q. 11Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiPollution caused by styrofoam food containers for serving lunch in whole-day primary schoolsWritten
Q. 12Hon CHAN Kam-lamIlliteracy rate in Hong KongWritten
Q. 13Hon LAU Wong-fatFees charged for private agricultural land used for industrial purposesWritten
Q. 14Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung Social rehabilitation servicesWritten
Q. 15Hon LEE Wing-tatAssessment of housing demandWritten
Q. 16Hon LAU Kong-wahRelief actions for flood in NT northWritten
Q. 17Hon Christine LOHSafety of children travellng in nanny vansWritten
Q. 18Dr Hon David LI Financing the budget deficitsWritten
Q. 19Hon Fred LI Interest Rate Rules for bank depositsWritten
Q. 20Hon Eric LILaw and order in Lo Wu Bridge Written

Council meeting on 18.11.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon NG Leung-singBank robberiesOral
Q. 2 Hon Margaret NG Trial of crimes committed in Hong KongOral
Q. 3 Hon Howard YOUNGClearance time for travellers at the Immigration counters of the new airport Oral
Q. 4 Hon LEE Cheuk-yanMarking the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human RightsOral
Q. 5 Hon SIN Chung-kaiInternet and e-mail usage in Government DepartmentsOral
Q. 6 Hon LEE Wing-tatVacancy rates of commercial premises of the Housing AuthorityOral
Q. 7 Hon Cyd HO Assistance in respect of housing and change of schools for battered women and their childrenWritten
Q. 8 Hon CHAN Kwok-keung Feasibility study on private sector participation in the supply of waterWritten
Q. 9 Hon WONG Yung-kanHeight of buildings used solely for livestock farming purposesWritten
Q. 10Hon LAW Chi-kwongDay care and residential services for the disabled personsWritten
Q. 11Hon CHAN Kam-lamErrors in contents of school textbooksWritten
Q. 12Hon LAU Wong-fatDomestic water consumption before and after introduction of the sewage chargesWritten
Q. 13Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungFailure incidents of the Octopus systemWritten
Q. 14Hon Howard YOUNGTraffic accident incidences of different classes of vehiclesWritten
Q. 15Hon LAU Kong-wahCounselling work in respect of extra-marital affairsWritten
Q. 16Dr Hon David LIProvision of child-care centre services for single-parent families receiving CSSAWritten
Q. 17Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongHygiene of lunch boxes provided by food suppliers to schoolsWritten
Q. 18Hon Fred LISetting up of an insurance system for bank depositsWritten
Q. 19Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungAcademic qualification of teachers of the Hong Kong Institute of EducationWritten
Q. 20Hon Eric LIAge of criminal responsibilityWritten

Council meeting on 25.11.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon CHAN Kam-lamPassage regulations for civil servants on duty visits outside Hong KongOral
Q. 2 Hon CHOY So-yukPrivatization of Government assetsOral
Q. 3 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahIncentive measures to attract high-tech companies and to train local high-tech personnelOral
Q. 4 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGDefinition of property ownership under the Home Starter Loan SchemeOral
Q. 5 Hon CHAN Wing-chanRight and freedom of Hong Kong residents to strikeOral
Q. 6 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungUnregistered tutorial schoolsOral
Q. 7 Hon Michael HOAbusive use of antibioticsWritten
Q. 8 Hon LAU Chin-shekStatistics on and complaints mechanism for medical incidentsWritten
Q. 9 Hon WONG Yung-kanProstitution in respect of Two-way Exit Permit female holders from the MainlandWritten
Q. 10Hon LAW Chi-kwongOperations of the Hospital Governing CommitteesWritten
Q. 11Hon SIN Chung-kaiAccess to premises by telecommunication companies to set up telecommunication transmission equipmentWritten
Q. 12Hon Albert HOProvision of community rehabilitation services for people with a chronically illnessWritten
Q. 13Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungProvision of physiotherapists in special schoolsWritten
Q. 14Hon Christine LOHImprovement of urban design of streetscapeWritten
Q. 15Hon LAU Kong-wahComprehensive Social Security Assistance for single-parent families with financial hardship due to matrimonial breakdownWritten
Q. 16Hon Emily LAUAssistance rendered by the Chief Executive for a local businessman pending trial in TaiwanWritten
Q. 17Hon Fred LIWork of the Competition Policy Advisory GroupWritten
Q. 18Hon Eric LIDisposal of plastic wasteWritten
Q. 19Hon CHOY So-yukReview of air cargo serviceWritten
Q. 20Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungEducation assistance for children of families receiving Comprehensive Social Security AssistanceWritten

Council meeting on 2.12.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungSubmission of reports by the HKSAR Government under two International Covenants on human rightsOral
Q. 2 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiRadio interference affecting the wireless communications between air traffic control centre and aircrafts in flightOral
Q. 3 Hon LAU Kong-wahAppointment of Chairmen and Chief Executives of statutory public bodiesOral
Q. 4 Hon Emily LAUTesting for parasites in potable waterOral
Q. 5 Hon CHOY So-yukImmigration policies in respect of Asians holding employment visas and their family membersOral
Q. 6 Hon Fred LISupervising the private homes for the elderlyOral
Q. 7 Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongBlackspots in the New Territories for selling duty-not-paid cigarettesWritten
Q. 8 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiTackling the millenium bug problemWritten
Q. 9 Hon SIN Chung-kaiSending of bills by electronic meansWritten
Q. 10Hon Albert HOGovernment's investment in Hang Seng Index options and futures marketWritten
Q. 11Hon LEE Kai-mingMeasures to strengthen Hong Kong as an international financial centreWritten
Q. 12Hon Michael HOKeeping and disclosure of medical recordsWritten
Q. 13Hon Christine LOHControlling vehicle emissionsWritten
Q. 14Dr Hon David LIDecline in English language standardWritten
Q. 15Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungTextbook and stationery grants for primary and secondary schoolsWritten
Q. 16Hon LAU Kong-wahNuisances caused by the work of MTR Tseung Kwan O ExtensionWritten
Q. 17Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongHomicide and suicide cases involving childrenWritten
Q. 18Hon Emily LAUProvision of laser vision correction surgeries service in public hospitalsWritten
Q. 19Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungFlooding caused by blockage of rivers in private landWritten
Q. 20Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungPrivate renal dialysis centresWritten

Council meeting on 9.12.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Mrs Miriam LAUTransport services to and from the new airportOral
Q. 2 Hon Kenneth TINGAllegations that Government departments are squandering public funds and some civil servants are discharging their duties perfunctorilyOral
Q. 3 Hon Mrs Selina CHOWFinancial assistance for students of tertiary institutionsOral
Q. 4 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGFollow-up actions on the problems identified in Director of Audit's reports in Government departmentsOral
Q. 5 Hon LAU Kong-wahManagement of the piece of land along the Shenzhen RiverOral
Q. 6 Prof Hon NG Ching-faiHygienic conditions of pedestrians' area in Central on Sundays and public holidaysOral
Q. 7 Hon LEE Cheuk-yanRedevelopment of the 7 streets in Tsuen Wan by the Land Development CorporationWritten
Q. 8 Hon Michael HORecruitment of dental hygienistsWritten
Q. 9 Hon SIN Chung-kaiEncryption technology for electronic businessWritten
Q. 10Hon LEE Kai-mingEstablishment of junior staff in public hospitalsWritten
Q. 11Hon Christine LOHQuality of edible saltWritten
Q. 12Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongTrial scheme to employ the disabled in USD catering outletsWritten
Q. 13Hon Emily LAUUse of chlorine in water treatmentWritten
Q. 14Hon Mrs Miriam LAUSubstandard tyres of heavy goods vehiclesWritten
Q. 15Hon LAU Kong-wahTrain failures of the Airport RailwayWritten
Q. 16Hon Emily LAUProvision of resources for recruiting more teachers in primary and secondary schoolsWritten
Q. 17Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung Noises caused by flying activities by the garrison at the Sek Kong CampWritten
Q. 18Dr Hon David LIMotivating civil servants to conserve electricity in Government officesWritten
Q. 19Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung Population statistics and growthWritten
Q. 20Hon LEE Wing-tatRelocation of shipyards in Tsing YiWritten

Council meeting on 16.12.1998

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon LAW Chi-kwongFeasibility of converting waste to energy sourcesOral
Q. 2 Hon MA Fung-kwokWaste paper recyclingOral
Q. 3 Hon LAU Wong-fatSafety of overhead three-phase wiresOral
Q. 4 Hon David CHUImplementing the Electrical Products (Safety) RegulationOral
Q. 5 Hon HUI Cheung-chingExport and re-export trades in Hong KongOral
Q. 6 Hon David CHUEmployment situation of young people aged 15-24 Written
Q. 7 Hon Kenneth TINGExpenditure on duty visits outside Hong KongWritten
Q. 8 Hon Bernard CHANOne-tube-two-way operation of vehicle tunnelsWritten
Q. 9 Hon CHAN Wing-chanStatistics and regulations on the employment of foreign domestic helpersWritten
Q. 10Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongRefurbishment of vacant public housing estate units Written
Q. 11Hon TAM Yiu-chungIssuance of Security Personnel PermitWritten
Q. 12Hon SIN Chung-kaiBenchmarks for evaluating the progress and success of Digital 21Written
Q. 13Hon Christine LOHPublic education on racial discriminationWritten
Q. 14Hon LAU Kong-wahEffectiveness of the inverted block tariff structure of CLP in achieving a reduction in electricity consumptionWritten
Q. 15Dr Hon David LISafety of MTR passengers Written
Q. 16Hon Emily LAUAppointment of successors to directorate posts of WSDWritten
Q. 17Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongAir quality in Yuen LongWritten
Q. 18Hon Christine LOH70% home ownership rate for Hong KongWritten
Q. 19Hon Emily LAUInclusion of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the ambit of Prevention of Bribery OrdinanceWritten

Council meeting on 6.1.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Ambrose LAUEmployment situation of graduates in Social WorkOral
Q. 2 Hon Christine LOHRelations with TaiwanOral
Q. 3 Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongPsychiatric and emotion counselling servicesOral
Q. 4 Hon WONG Yung-kanPurchase of industrial diesel oil at marine fuelling stations by mainland vesselsOral
Q. 5 Hon TAM Yiu-chungSub-standard work of HOS flats in Tin Shui WaiOral
Q. 6 Hon Bernard CHANCrises management capability of the Civil Service Oral
Q. 7 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahLand reserves of developersWritten
Q. 8 Hon James TOGranting of political asylums by the GovernmentWritten
Q. 9 Hon Mrs Miriam LAUPotential danger caused by unused Lantau-bound toll booths of the Lantau LinkWritten
Q. 10Hon NG Leung-singSystem for granting awards and commendations to civil servantsWritten
Q. 11Hon Mrs Miriam LAUImplementation of section 45(2)(c) of Road Traffic Regulations (Public Service Vehicles)Written
Q. 12Hon LAU Wong-fatTraffic accidents involving traffic sign postsWritten
Q. 13Hon SIN Chung-kaiProtection of privacy and integrity of information transmitted over the InternetWritten
Q. 14Hon LEE Kai-mingTextile quota allocation system Written
Q. 15Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungUse of water-cooled air-conditioning systems Written
Q. 16Dr Hon David LIMaintaining the competitive edge of Hong Kong as the best place to conduct businessWritten
Q. 17Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungFood manufacturers for schoolsWritten
Q. 18Hon LAU Kong-wahImpact of financing the construction of the West Rail on fares of the East Rail Written
Q. 19Hon Emily LAUPayment of acting allowances to civil servants Written
Q. 20Hon Timothy FOKDevelopment of the film industry Written

Council meeting on 13.1.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Ambrose LAUSafety of using household appliancesOral
Q. 2 Hon James TIENAdjustments to the pay trend surveys before reviewing salaries for the Civil ServiceOral
Q. 3 Hon CHENG Kai-namReview of speed limits for roadsOral
Q. 4 Hon MA Fung-kwokAdministrative detention of Hong Kong residents in the mainlandOral
Q. 5 Hon Andrew CHENGIndustrial accidents involving casualtiesOral
Q. 6 Hon Kenneth TINGMonitoring the cost-effectiveness of consultancy studiesOral
Q. 7 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahJob vacancies in Hong KongWritten
Q. 8 Hon Michael HOConsultancy work on financing of medical expensesWritten
Q. 9 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiUnlicensed ferry servicesWritten
Q. 10Hon NG Leung-singBusiness of the Correctional Services IndustryWritten
Q. 11Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGOperation of private fitness centresWritten
Q. 12Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongTesting and quality of potable waterWritten
Q. 13Hon LEE Wing-tatOccupation of District Board MembersWritten
Q. 14Hon Mrs Miriam LAUAircraft noiseWritten
Q. 15Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungSubsidy to the waste paper recycling industryWritten
Q. 16Hon Christine LOHThe proposed cruise-liner pier in North Point vis-a-vis the overall need to protect the Victoria HarbourWritten
Q. 17Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungAssessment of academic researchesWritten
Q. 18Dr Hon David LIEmotional quotient of studentsWritten
Q. 19Hon LAU Kong-wahSupervision fees for HOS flats levied by the HAWritten
Q. 20Hon Emily LAUInclusion of the Chief Executive in the ambit of the Prevention of Bribery OrdinanceWritten

Council meeting on 20.1.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Prof Hon NG Ching-faiUses and investment strategies of the Land Fund and the Exchange FundOral
Q. 2 Hon CHOY So-yuk Mechanism to gather and study new economic developments in the mainlandOral
Q. 3 Hon LAU Kong-wahSafety issues during maintenance of fire-fighting installationsOral
Q. 4 Hon Howard YOUNGImmigration policy for tourists from Russia, Eastern European and Middle East countriesOral
Q. 5 Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungSuicide casesOral
Q. 6 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiStructural safety of small houses in New TerritoriesOral
Q. 7 Hon HO Sai-chuAssistance rendered by the Government to the two Hong Kong residents who were kidnapped in PhilippinesWritten
Q. 8 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahMonitoring passengers riding in first class compartments of KCR trains to pay the appropriate fee Written
Q. 9 Hon MA Fung-kwokMeasures to promote the development of the potentials in culture, arts and sports amongst youngstersWritten
Q. 10Hon Kenneth TINGImpact of the deflationWritten
Q. 11Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungPublic interest tests conducted during the proposed acquisition by IMSWritten
Q. 12Dr Hon David LICessation of operation of Scandinavian Airlines in Hong KongWritten
Q. 13Hon Emily LAUBudget cut for acquisition of publications by the HKUST libraryWritten
Q. 14Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungSafety of passengers on MTR platformsWritten
Q. 15Hon LAU Kong-wahCollapses of tunnels sewers under constructionWritten
Q. 16Hon Kenneth TINGAssistance to be rendered to the toy manufacturing industryWritten
Q. 17Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungProtection of intellectual property rights of information on the InternetWritten
Q. 18Hon Emily LAUOver-provision of franchised bus serviceWritten
Q. 19Hon Christine LOHSafety requirements for LPG taxisWritten
Q. 20Hon Michael HOComprehensive policy on primary health care servicesWritten

Council meeting on 27.1.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon LAW Chi-kwongReview of woman health centre and maternal and child care centre serviceOral
Q. 2 Hon Fred LIImplementation of the Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Ordinance 1997Oral
Q. 3 Hon CHENG Kai-namReview of management of police officers with psychological problemsOral
Q. 4 Hon CHOY So-yukAdditional public holiday for tackling the millenium bug problemOral
Q. 5 Hon LAU Kong-wahInfluenza surveillance mechanismOral
Q. 6 Hon Howard YOUNGAvenues for SAR passport holders applying for travel visa to countries which have not set up consulates in Hong KongOral
Q. 7 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahInvestigation into the delay of road worksWritten
Q. 8 Dr Hon LEONG Che-hungOpt-out scheme for organ donationsWritten
Q. 9 Hon Michael HOSeminars for the consultancy study on financing of the Hong Kong health care servicesWritten
Q. 10Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongHearing tests for school childrenWritten
Q. 11Hon SIN Chung-kaiSelection of contractors for new IT projectsWritten
Q. 12Hon Eric LIOperation of the Language FundWritten
Q. 13Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongAdditional English teachers for secondary school adopting Chinese as the medium of instructionWritten
Q. 14Hon Christine LOHRemoval of charitable body status of some social organizationsWritten
Q. 15Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungProvision and quality of education softwareWritten
Q. 16Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongAssessment of non-local courses for study in Hong Kong by HKCAAWritten
Q. 17Hon SIN Chung-kaiDevelopment of stock trading on the InternetWritten
Q. 18Hon LAU Kong-wahSafety of dual-way two-lane flyoversWritten
Q. 19Hon NG Leung-singSeizure of counterfeit goods by the Hong Kong CustomsWritten
Q. 20Hon Emily LAU10% expansion factor for calculating space requirement of new government officesWritten

Council meeting on 3.2.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon HO Sai-chuPromotion of football in Hong KongOral
Q. 2 Dr Hon YEUNG SumComposition of district councils in countries or territories other than HKSAROral
Q. 3 Hon CHAN Yuen-hanImpact caused by the proposed Tesung Kwan O West Coast HighwayOral
Q. 4 Hon Andrew CHENGMTRC re-structuring its staffing establishment and re-scheduling its train servicesOral
Q. 5 Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungLayoffs by the MTRC and other public organisationsOral
Q. 6 Hon Howard YOUNGImpact caused by construction work of the proposed KCRC railway station in Tsim Sha Tsui EastOral
Q. 7 Hon James TIENCustoms declaration for documents imported and exported through express couriersWritten
Q. 8 Hon LAW Chi-kwongStatistics on disabled personsWritten
Q. 9 Hon Michael HOFigures on births, Caesarean births and infant deathsWritten
Q. 10Hon Albert HOProtection of the client's interests against their solicitors' dishonesty, fraudulent acts or fraudulent ommissionsWritten
Q. 11Hon SIN Chung-kaiLong acquisition period for computer products for GovernmentWritten
Q. 12Hon Eric LIFinancial position of the Protection of Wages on Insolvency FundWritten
Q. 13Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongPayoff of infrastructuresWritten
Q. 14Hon LAU Kong-wahNew measure adopted by the Hong Kong Housing Authority to shorten the recovery period for PRH flats occupied by successful Green Form HOS buyersWritten
Q. 15Dr Hon YEUNG SumAvailability of parking spaces for goods vehicles in Hong Kong Island EastWritten
Q. 16Hon LAU Kong-wahAssessment and re-registration of air ventilation system contractorsWritten
Q. 17Dr Hon David LIAdditional measures to assist small and medium sized firms with a view to ease unemployment situationWritten
Q. 18Hon Fred LIEffects of the proposed Tesung Kwan O West Coast Highway on the tourist spot in Lei Yue MunWritten
Q. 19Hon SIN Chung-kaiEffects of the Wassenaar Arrangement on the import of advanced technologies and encryption technologyWritten
Q. 20Hon James TORetaining the mid-stream container working facilities in the construction project for the Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Food Market Complex IIWritten

Council meeting on 10.2.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Martin LEEAdditions and deletions to Annex III of the Basic LawOral
Q. 2 Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongEmployment situation of medical graduatesOral
Q. 3 Hon James TIENThe impact of shortening the visa-free visit period for nationals from India, Pakistan and BangladeshOral
Q. 4 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiMonitoring the construction work of Housing Department construction sitesOral
Q. 5 Hon LAU Kong-wahAir quality inside MTR station concourses, platforms and train compartmentsOral
Q. 6 Hon Howard YOUNGTax refund for diplomats who have purchased tax-inclusive air ticketsOral
Q. 7 Hon HUI Cheung-chingDate and time for civil servants receiving remuneration through different banksWritten
Q. 8 Hon Mrs Miriam LAUStatistics in respect of smoky vehicle control schemeWritten
Q. 9 Hon Eric LICo-operation with the mainland regulatory bodies to regulate listed China-affiliated companiesWritten
Q. 10Hon SIN Chung-kaiShort-list of Internet service providers for Government DepartmentsWritten
Q. 11Hon LAU Kong-wahCharging passengers of tunnel buses for onward rides on other routes during public holidaysWritten
Q. 12Hon WONG Yung-kanPiracy involving Hong Kong vesselsWritten
Q. 13Hon Eric LIAppointment of District Board members to advisory committeesWritten
Q. 14Dr Hon David LIAssisting the unemployed who are receiving CSSA in finding jobsWritten
Q. 15Hon Howard YOUNGRecommendations of a study on upgrading service professionalism of tour coordinatorsWritten
Q. 16Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungUse of fresh water for flushingWritten
Q. 17Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahReview of selection criteria for immigrants from MainlandWritten
Q. 18Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungHeight limits for schoolsWritten
Q. 19Hon Christine LOHAir quality in Hong KongWritten
Q. 20Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongSocial welfare services for families of elderly onlyWritten

Council meeting on 3.3.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Edward HOSubmission of building plans for approval by electronic meansWritten
Q. 2 Hon CHOY So-yukRape or indecent assault casesWritten
Q. 3 Hon WONG Yung-kanRegulations for the import of chilled meatWritten
Q. 4 Hon LAW Chi-kwongOut-reaching dental services for the elderlyWritten
Q. 5 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiImpact of privatisation and corporatisation of Government departments on staffWritten
Q. 6 Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGReview of tender proceduresWritten
Q. 7 Hon NG Leung-singImpacts of dwindling sponsorships for the Community Chest on social welfare agenciesWritten
Q. 8 Hon Howard YOUNGLong processing time for liquor licence applicationsWritten
Q. 9 Hon LEE Kai-mingSafety in the transport of inflammable goodsWritten
Q. 10Hon Mrs Miriam LAUHazards of using mobile telephones and other electrical appliances at petrol filling stationsWritten
Q. 11Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongUsing civil service pay in computing the budgets for public-funded itemsWritten
Q. 12Hon Fred LIDistribution and safe usage of liquefied petroleum gas in cylindersWritten
Q. 13Hon SIN Chung-kaiDevelopment of the timber tradeWritten
Q. 14Hon Eric LIMaking the public recognise the importance of innovation and technology for the economic development of the tertiaryWritten
Q. 15Dr Hon David LIDeterring the rising rate of criminal casesWritten
Q. 16Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungIn-service language training for English teachersWritten
Q. 17Hon LAU Kong-wahPreventing the abuse of the CSSA schemeWritten
Q. 18Hon Emily LAUWorking/court hours of judges and waiting times of court casesWritten
Q. 19Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGWorking berths for vessels travelling to/from mainlandWritten
Q. 20Hon LEE Kai-mingSafety of refuse collection trucks collecting refuse on the streetsWritten

Council meeting on 10.3.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon TSANG Yok-singThe effect of the United States' "Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act" on Hong KongOral
Q. 2 Hon Eric LIReassessment of the business plans for proposed infrastructural projectsOral
Q. 3 Hon FUNG Chi-kinBad and doubtful debts of banksOral
Q. 4 Hon NG Leung-singThe Chief Executive's Council of International Advisers meetingOral
Q. 5 Hon Michael HOControlling improper sale and prescription of viagraOral
Q. 6 Hon James TORehousing for cage home occupantsOral
Q. 7 Hon Albert HOProgress of the land resumption and construction of the West Rail (Phase I)Written
Q. 8 Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongApproving applications for conversion or extension of school premises and investigating school premisesWritten
Q. 9 Hon Fred LIExercising powers of the Oil (Conservation and Control) Ordinance (Cap. 264)Written
Q. 10Hon SIN Chung-kaiPager service industryWritten
Q. 11Hon Christine LOHChecking of arriving passengers at the airport for illicit articlesWritten
Q. 12Dr Hon David LIEnforcement of the 1-year residence requirement of the CSSA schemeWritten
Q. 13Hon Emily LAUReview of the New Territories Small House policyWritten
Q. 14Hon Eric LI Programmes related to the LegCo Elections produced by RTHKWritten
Q. 15Hon Albert HOThe Hong Kong Stock Exchange's mechanism for approving membership applications Written
Q. 16Hon Emily LAULow appointment rates of women among university academic postsWritten
Q. 17Hon WONG Yung-kanLabelling of chilled meat for saleWritten
Q. 18Hon CHAN Yuen-hanProvision of out-patient services during Sundays and public holidaysWritten
Q. 19Hon LAU Kong-wahUsing handheld laser guns for spotting vehicles exceeding speed limitsWritten
Q. 20Hon CHAN Wing-chanPRH service contractors employing Two-way Exit Permit HoldersWritten

Council meeting on 24.3.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon HUI Cheung-chingAir pollution in Hong KongWritten
Q. 2 Hon Bernard CHANSet up drug evaluation centre in Hong KongWritten
Q. 3 Hon Michael HODiscarding unused bloodWritten
Q. 4 Hon LAW Chi-kwongDemographic information of new arrivals from the Mainland in 1998Written
Q. 5 Hon SIN Chung-kaiPilot scheme for adopting IT in schoolsWritten
Q. 6 Hon Eric LIResearches funded by the Research Grants CouncilWritten
Q. 7 Hon Christine LOHProposal to build a Walt Disney theme park in Hong KongWritten
Q. 8 Dr Hon David LIYoungsters' concept towards protection of intellectual property rightsWritten
Q. 9 Hon LAU Kong-wahUnauthorized change of bus routesWritten
Q. 10Hon Emily LAUAppointment of women to Government advisory and statutory bodiesWritten
Q. 11Hon Bernard CHANFree pick-up area at new airportWritten
Q. 12Hon Christine LOHMuseum collections managed by Provisional Municipal CouncilsWritten
Q. 13Hon LAU Kong-wahStatistics on cancersWritten
Q. 14Hon Emily LAURefusal by funeral parlours to handle dead bodies of AIDS patientsWritten
Q. 15Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahOccupancy rates of industrial estatesWritten
Q. 16Hon TAM Yiu-chungForged travel documentsWritten
Q. 17Hon Michael HOUse of antibiotics in agricultural and fisheries industriesWritten
Q. 18Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungProvision of computer book searching and loaning facilities in government and aided secondary schoolsWritten
Q. 19Hon TAM Yiu-chungPensions of retired civil servantsWritten
Q. 20Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongAuditing the accounts of listed companiesWritten

Council meeting on 31.3.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Dr Hon LEONG Che-hungIncluding health warnings against smoking in non-tobacco product advertisementsWritten
Q. 2 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahVacancy position of private flatted factoriesWritten
Q. 3 Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongPlans to streamline work procedures and reduce expendituresWritten
Q. 4 Hon SIN Chung-kaiThe Millenium celebrationsWritten
Q. 5 Hon Christine LOHUse of duty-not-paid fuels by vehiclesWritten
Q. 6 Hon LAU Kong-wahIncidence of gastric cancerWritten
Q. 7 Hon Emily LAUPerformance of Board of Directors of UGC-funded institutionsWritten
Q. 8 Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongAssessing the effectiveness of Government Office Automation ProgrammeWritten
Q. 9 Hon Christine LOHInformation technology activities operated in industrial buildingsWritten
Q. 10Hon LAU Kong-wahInstallation of retro-fitting screen doors on underground MTR stationsWritten
Q. 11Hon Emily LAUAppointment of retired ED officials by aided schoolsWritten
Q. 12Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiFeasibility of using electric trolley buses in Hong KongWritten
Q. 13Hon Cyd HOFollow-up actions on non-indigenous villagers having the right to vote in village representative electionsWritten
Q. 14Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiSpraying of insecticides on rivers near the new airport by the relevant authoritiesWritten
Q. 15Hon Andrew CHENGRules on qualifications of New Territories village representative electionsWritten
Q. 16Hon David CHUGambling activities on the InternetWritten
Q. 17Hon Michael HOServices provided by private medical practitioners in private hospitalsWritten
Q. 18Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungGovernment's report on the implementation of International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in HKSARWritten
Q. 19Hon CHOY So-yukSexual assault cases occurring in the premises of tertiary institutionsWritten
Q. 20Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungThe plan to establish the Urban Renewal AuthorityWritten

Council meeting on 21.4.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon CHAN Kam-lamIssuance of Certificate of ComplianceOral
Q. 2 Hon SZETO WahVillage representative electionsOral
Q. 3 Hon Eric LIContinuation of policies made and contracts entered by the two Provisional Municipal Councils upon expiry of their termsOral
Q. 4 Hon Christine LOHRemoval of fixtures by new occupants of HA flatsOral
Q. 5 Hon Cyd HOConsultant's Report on Culture, the Arts, Recreation and Sports ServicesOral
Q. 6 Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongAppointment of managers to school management committeesOral
Q. 7 Dr Hon YEUNG SumImplementation of the Native-speaking English Teacher SchemeWritten
Q. 8 Hon HO Sai-chuMaltreatment of persons detained by PoliceWritten
Q. 9 Hon David CHUSecondary-one students applying for transfer from Middle schools to Anglo-Chinese schoolsWritten
Q. 10Hon CHAN Kwok-keungExtending the jurisdiction of the Employment Ordinance to cover local employees working on river trade vesselsWritten
Q. 11Hon James TORights of persons detained by PoliceWritten
Q. 12Hon LAW Chi-kwongMedical services for children suffering from psychiatric problemsWritten
Q. 13Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGHigh charges for the use of venues of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition CentreWritten
Q. 14Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiRules and regulations on the operation of cranesWritten
Q. 15Hon Mrs Miriam LAUDetection of speeding by vesselsWritten
Q. 16Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungProgress of consultancy study on Community Rehabilitation NetworkWritten
Q. 17Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungConsultancy study on the Cyberport projectWritten
Q. 18Dr Hon David LIQuality of Sandwich Class Housing Scheme flatsWritten
Q. 19Hon LAU Kong-wahShuttle bus service for Lok Ma Chau Boundary CrossingWritten
Q. 20Hon Emily LAUChances of developing respiratory diseases of students studying in industrial or old urban areasWirtten

Council meeting on 28.4.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Dr Hon David LIInvestment of multi-national companies in other places as a result of the relative strength of HK dollarOral
Q. 2 Hon HUI Cheung-chingThe shoe-making industryOral
Q. 3 Hon Bernard CHANInsurance cover for employees' compensationOral
Q. 4 Hon David CHUNative-speaking English Teachers SchemeOral
Q. 5 Hon Albert HOTraffic arrangement assistance for PLA in Hong KongOral
Q. 6 Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongUnlicensed Japanese sashimi and sushi food shopsOral
Q. 7 Hon HO Sai-chuChain-handcuffing illegal workersWritten
Q. 8 Hon Cyd HONaming of streetsWritten
Q. 9 Dr Hon LEONG Che-hungQuality of potable water in Hong KongWritten
Q. 10Hon Kenneth TINGBreakdown of computer systems at the border check points of Mainland customsWritten
Q. 11Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahChange of use of land occupied by private flatted factoriesWritten
Q. 12Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGImpact of reclamation projects on safety of vessels cruising at the Victoria HarbourWritten
Q. 13Hon LAW Chi-kwongWater depth of the Victoria HarbourWritten
Q. 14Hon SIN Chung-kaiMonitoring the investigations conducted by the Securities and Futures CommissionWritten
Q. 15Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungEmission of excessive fumes from vesselsWritten
Q. 16Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungComplete solutions for the Millenium bug problemWritten
Q. 17Hon Christine LOHProvision of infrastructure in Government tunnels for telephone service providersWritten
Q. 18Hon LAU Kong-wahInstallation of sensory devises on the gates of all public busWritten
Q. 19Hon Emily LAUDetention of Hong Kong residents by Mainland authoritiesWritten
Q. 20Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongLabour Department's list of companies with the highest industrial accident ratesWritten

Council meeting on 5.5.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon LEE Wing-tatImmigration Department's refusal to grant entry visas to 11 personsOral
Q. 2 Hon LEE Cheuk-yanHiring of contract staff by the AdministrationOral
Q. 3 Hon CHAN Wing-chanSupporting the development of Chinese medicineOral
Q. 4 Hon MA Fung-kwokCombating the manufacture and sale of pirated productsOral
Q. 5 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungSupervision of kindergartensOral
Q. 6 Hon CHAN Yuen-hanProtection of patients' rightsOral
Q. 7 Hon David CHUChina joining the World Trade OrganizationWritten
Q. 8 Hon Andrew CHENGTask Force on Admission of TalentsWritten
Q. 9 Hon Kenneth TINGRetraining allowances for full time retraining courseWritten
Q. 10Hon WONG Yung-kanMoratorium for fishingWritten
Q. 11Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahProcessing of the Applied Research FundWritten
Q. 12Hon NG Leung-singJudges hearing cases involving the interpretation of the Basic Law to possess the Chinese language skillWritten
Q. 13Hon LAW Chi-kwongRent allowances received by elderly CSSA recipientsWritten
Q. 14Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGDestruction caused by reclamation works to Victoria Harbour as a natural resourceWritten
Q. 15Hon Fred LIContracting out all open-air public car parks in Lei Yue Mun to one operatorWritten
Q. 16Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongMinimum age requirement for welfare benefits provided to the elderlyWritten
Q. 17Hon Emily LAUHigh Court judges leaving the JudiciaryWritten
Q. 18Dr Hon David LIHill fires during Ching Ming FestivalWritten
Q. 19Hon Christine LOHEncouraging Hong Kong studies in all fields of academic researchesWritten
Q. 20Hon LAU Kong-wahInsurance cover for motor vehicle accidents caused by the Millenium bug problemWritten

Council meeting on 12.5.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongComposition of the governing councils of tertiary institutionsOral
Q. 2 Hon Emily LAUSafety of genetically-modified foodOral
Q. 3 Hon Fred LISupport services for aged carersOral
Q. 4 Hon CHENG Kai-namTermination of building manager's appointments by Owners' CorporationsOral
Q. 5 Hon Mrs Selina CHOWSetting up pedestrian precinctsOral
Q. 6 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungPilot Project on to assist children with special needs to integrate into ordinary schoolsOral
Q. 7 Hon David CHUOphthalmology service for the elderlyWritten
Q. 8 Hon Andrew CHENGInstallation of the Octopus systemWritten
Q. 9 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahSeparate legislation to regulate industrial safety of the manufacturing industryWritten
Q. 10Hon Andrew CHENGVacant Government premisesWritten
Q. 11Hon Albert HOCases of child abusesWritten
Q. 12Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGAlternatives to the use of Chlorine in water treatmentWritten
Q. 13Hon LAW Chi-kwongElderly CSSA recipients granted fee waiver for medical servicesWritten
Q. 14Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungGovernment employees exempted from provisions of occupational safety-related legislationWritten
Q. 15Dr Hon David LIDownsizing plan of the Auxiliary PoliceWritten
Q. 16Hon Christine LOHWomen studies as a major area of academic researchWritten
Q. 17Hon LAU Kong-wahReduction of train frequency by MTRCWritten
Q. 18Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongCompulsory retirement and dismissal of teaching staff by tertiary institutionsWritten
Q. 19Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungSub-degree teacher training coursesWritten
Q. 20Hon Emily LAUEnforcement of legislation on industrial safetyWritten

Council meeting on 19.5.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon SIN Chung-kaiBroadband Conveyance ServicesOral
Q. 2 Hon LAW Chi-kwongElderly persons admitted to residential care homesOral
Q. 3 Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongProfessional conduct of the provisional liquidatorsOral
Q. 4 Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongClassification of patients at the Accident and Emergency departments according to the urgency of their casesOral
Q. 5 Hon CHAN Kam-lamLaw enforcement actions by USD and HD staffOral
Q. 6 Hon MA Fung-kwokExhibition support services of HKTDCOral
Q. 7 Hon CHENG Kai-namLoan repayment of Sandwich Class Housing Loan Scheme and Home Purchase Loan SchemeWritten
Q. 8 Hon Bernard CHANCSSA recipients receiving statutory employees' compensationsWritten
Q. 9 Hon Andrew CHENGLeasing of former GSD warehouseWritten
Q. 10Hon TAM Yiu-chungWave breaking facilities at the seawalls lining Victoria HarbourWritten
Q. 11Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiMaintenance and inspection of structural safety of buildings identified for redevelopment Written
Q. 12Hon Albert HOInvestigations conducted by SEHK and SFCWritten
Q. 13Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGDisinfection method for Strategic Sewage Disposal SchemeWritten
Q. 14Hon Fred LIMonitoring fuel pricesWritten
Q. 15Hon Eric LIProvision of assistance to media watchdogWritten
Q. 16Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungAllocation of IT coordinators to schoolsWritten
Q. 17Hon Christine LOHConsultancy study for building legislation and related mattersWritten
Q. 18Hon LAU Kong-wahSupervision of paper recycling operators in handling waste paper containing personal informationWritten
Q. 19Hon Emily LAUAppointment of members to the Judicial Officers Recommendation CommissionWritten
Q. 20Hon MA Fung-kwokLicensing of cinemasWritten

Council meeting on 26.5.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon CHENG Kai-namPre-World War II buildingsOral
Q. 2 Hon James TIENImplementation of Disability Discrimination OrdinanceOral
Q. 3 Hon CHAN Wing-chanReduction of rateable values of public housing rentalOral
Q. 4 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGPlan of building an international performance venue on the West Kowloon reclamationOral
Q. 5 Hon Emily LAUPublic reprimand by SFC upon actions in breach of the Takeovers CodeOral
Q. 6 Hon CHOY So-yukEscalators connecting bus-stops at the ground level and covered overhead pedestrian footbridge in Hung HomWritten
Q. 7 Hon CHENG Kai-namSubstandard building work of public housingWritten
Q. 8 Hon Andrew CHENGEscorts for school busesWritten
Q. 9 Hon TAM Yiu-chungFreezing rentals of PRH flatsWritten
Q. 10Hon Howard YOUNGExpanding services of the Post OfficeWritten
Q. 11Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiAction groups to tackle pollution problemsWritten
Q. 12Hon Albert HOBus services for Tuen Mun and Yuen LongWritten
Q. 13Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongUnauthorised use of personal dataWritten
Q. 14Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongExamination of company books and records by the SFCWritten
Q. 15Hon SIN Chung-kaiExercise of power under s.52 of the Banking OrdinanceWritten
Q. 16Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungRefusal to grant legal aid for reason of low amount of claimsWritten
Q. 17Hon Christine LOHProposed link between Tai Ho Wan and Mui WoWritten
Q. 18Hon LAU Kong-wahShenzhen Western CorridorWritten
Q. 19Hon Howard YOUNGRelocating the Departure Tax Information CentreWritten
Q. 20Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiEffect on the marine ecology in the Ma Wan Channel upon the construction of Route No 10Written

Council meeting on 2.6.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Dr Hon YEUNG SumThe Administration requesting the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to interpret the legislative intention and objective of the articles of the Basic LawOral
Q. 2 Hon Fred LIAllocation of PRH clinic premisesOral
Q. 3 Hon WONG Yung-kanSalvaging plastic waste in the seaOral
Q. 4 Hon Ambrose LAUProblems caused by computer virusesOral
Q. 5 Hon NG Leung-singRationalization of bus stops in Wan ChaiOral
Q. 6 Hon Mrs Selina CHOWSale of duty-not-paid dieselsOral
Q. 7 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGQuorum of meetings of Owners CorporationsWritten
Q. 8 Prof Hon NG Ching-faiTransparency of work of the cross-border environmental liaison establishmentsWritten
Q. 9 Hon SZETO WahNecessity of wearing special protective clothing by ambulancemen in transferring AIDS patientsWritten
Q. 10Hon TSANG Yok-singIssuance of cross-border bus service licencesWritten
Q. 11Hon CHOY So-yukInvasion of computer systems by hackersWritten
Q. 12Hon Andrew CHENGOccupational injuries in Government departments Written
Q. 13Hon TAM Yiu-chungDelineation of the districts of allocation of PRH unitsWritten
Q. 14Hon Howard YOUNGTransport arrangement for passengers arriving after operating hours of the Airport ExpressWritten
Q. 15Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiSewage treatment facilities for the Sham TsengWritten
Q. 16Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGSupply of science, technology, engineering and IT professionals Written
Q. 17Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongCode of Conduct for Investment Advisers and Commodity Trading AdvisersWritten
Q. 18Hon SIN Chung-kaiE-mail addresses as personal dataWritten
Q. 19Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungLegal aid for victims of medical incidentsWritten
Q. 20Dr Hon David LISetting up business coordination offices in the Mainland in response to China's accession to WTOWritten

Council meeting on 9.6.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon NG Leung-singAppointment of Commissioner for TourismOral
Q. 2 Hon LEE Wing-tatProposal to build a cruise liner in North PointOral
Q. 3 Hon CHAN Yuen-hanImplementation of Tenants Purchase SchemeOral
Q. 4 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungNumber of and fees charged by solicitors and barristersOral
Q. 5 Hon MA Fung-kwokProduction lines permitted for the manufacture of optical discsOral
Q. 6 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGPotential breach of the Basic Law and relevant International Covenant as a result of dissolution of the Provisional Municipal CouncilsOral
Q. 7 Hon LEE Cheuk-yanProgress of the review of the Pneumoconiosis (Compensation) Ordinance (Cap. 360)Written
Q. 8 Hon James TOWater quality standardsWritten
Q. 9 Hon CHENG Kai-namCessation of appointments of property managersWritten
Q. 10Hon Andrew CHENGPurchase of obstetric and gynaecological equipment for Alice Ho Miu Ling Nathersole HospitalWritten
Q. 11Hon Howard YOUNGAllowing Chinese passport holders to re-enter Hong Kong after visiting MacauWritten
Q. 12Hon Mrs Miriam LAUTrials on diesel oxidation catalystWritten
Q. 13Hon LAW Chi-kwongServices of SWDWritten
Q. 14Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiUse of mobile phones in petrol filling stationsWritten
Q. 15Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongWeights of school childrenWritten
Q. 16Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongImplementation of the Protection of Investors Ordinance (Cap. 335)Written
Q. 17Hon SIN Chung-kaiCustoms inspection of articles brought into and out of the territory by PLAWritten
Q. 18Hon Christine LOHEnvironmental impact assessment for the Cyberport projectWritten
Q. 19Hon LAU Kong-wahAbusive use of antibioticsWritten
Q. 20Hon Ambrose CHEUNGLeasing of a piece of land in Tai Hang Sai Village to a private company for building rental unitsWritten

Council meeting on 16.6.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Dr Hon David LIImportation of mainland talentsOral
Q. 2 Hon James TOHabitual rental defaulting tenantOral
Q. 3 Hon Emily LAUDeclaration of pecuniary interests by Members of the Executive CouncilOral
Q. 4 Hon LEUNG Yiu-chungSmoky vesselsOral
Q. 5 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiSelection of tenants of CyberportOral
Q. 6 Hon Emily LAUSenior officials appearing on radio and TV as guest speakersWritten
Q. 7 Hon Timothy FOKDisney theme parkWritten
Q. 8 Dr Hon YEUNG SumObesity problemWritten
Q. 9 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGCompensations for flight delays or cancellationsWritten
Q. 10Hon HUI Cheung-chingSpecial Finance Scheme for SMEsWritten
Q. 11Hon CHOY So-yukExhibitions organized by TDCWritten
Q. 12Hon NG Leung-singContingency plans to deal with earthquakeWritten
Q. 13Hon LEE Kai-mingExplosions involving used motorcyclesWritten
Q. 14Hon Howard YOUNGPrinting tourist information and providing assistance to tourists in more languagesWritten
Q. 15Hon Mrs Miriam LAUDevelopment of a low cost diesel particulate trapWritten
Q. 16Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGCourses offered by technical institutesWritten
Q. 17Hon YEUNG Yiu-chung International coding standard for Chinese data stored electronicallyWritten
Q. 18Hon Christine LOHHandling claims for dependent parent or grandparent allowancesWritten
Q. 19Hon LAU Kong-wahUse of Octopus on public busesWritten

Council meeting on 23.6.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon Emily LAUAssault on speakers of the City Forum programmeOral
Q. 2 Hon CHENG Kai-namAcid rain problemOral
Q. 3 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGTwo-way Exit PermitsOral
Q. 4 Hon LAU Kong-wahEast Rail Extension - Tai Wai to Ma On ShanOral
Q. 5 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungResearch group to conduct analysis on issues arising from the accession of China to the WTOOral
Q. 6 Dr Hon YEUNG SumHealth services for womenWritten
Q. 7 Hon LEE Cheuk-yanHiring Mainland container truck drivers to undertake cross-border transportation workWritten
Q. 8 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGRequesting the Thailand Government to repay loans earlyWritten
Q. 9 Hon HUI Cheung-chingBad-debt cases under the Special Loan Scheme for SMEsWritten
Q. 10Hon CHAN Kam-lamClearance of shops operating on a piece of land managed by USDWritten
Q. 11Hon LEE Wing-tatProposed fare increase for Tai Lam TunnelWritten
Q. 12Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahImpact of industrial disputes on economyWritten
Q. 13Hon Mrs Miriam LAUSafe driving training in lieu of penalties for traffic offencesWritten
Q. 14Hon SIN Chung-kaiDevelopment of broadband InternetWritten
Q. 15Dr Hon David LIAir pollution in winterWritten
Q. 16Hon Christine LOHCollection and disposal of used cooking oil and greasetrap wasteWritten
Q. 17Hon LAU Kong-wahConcessions and subsidies for the elderlyWritten
Q. 18Hon Emily LAUConferring of honorary degrees by local universitiesWritten

Council meeting on 30.6.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Hon WONG Yung-kanSafety of imported meatOral
Q. 2 Hon Ambrose LAUTraining for IT professionalsOral
Q. 3 Hon David CHUActivities to celebrate the new milleniumOral
Q. 4 Hon CHOY So-yukSuicides committed by young personsOral
Q. 5 Hon Howard YOUNGAdditional taxi stands in the airport at Chek Lap KokOral
Q. 6 Hon Ambrose CHEUNGLaw and order in Vietnamese refugee/detention centresOral
Q. 7 Hon James TIENWorking visas granted to overseas professionals and executivesWritten
Q. 8 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahBulk tariff customers of the CLPWritten
Q. 9 Hon Mrs Miriam LAUTrials of LPG minibusWritten
Q. 10Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGEmissions of nitrogen dioxides by ice resurfacersWritten
Q. 11Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiSetting up of transfer stations for buses heading for Central DistrictWritten
Q. 12Hon Fred LIOvercrowded households in PRHWritten
Q. 13Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongImplementation of s. 168A of the Companies OrdinanceWritten
Q. 14Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungProfessional conduct of teachersWritten
Q. 15Hon Christine LOHWater-cooled air-conditioning systemsWritten
Q. 16Hon Emily LAUHiring academics from overseas countriesWritten
Q. 17Hon LAU Kong-wahCessation of Staggered Hours Discount by MTRCWritten
Q. 18Hon Ambrose LAUCivic education as a core subject in primary and secondary school curriculaWritten
Q. 19Hon Howard YOUNGAccepting credit card payments by the Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 20Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGIndoor air quality objectivesWritten

Council meeting on 7.7.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Dr Hon LEONG Che-hungTesting for Dioxin in foodOral
Q. 2 Dr Hon YEUNG SumRedevelopment projects of Land Development CorporationOral
Q. 3 Hon LEE Cheuk-yanNoise nuisances caused by overhead aircraftsOral
Q. 4 Hon Albert HOExercise of powers conferred by the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344)Oral
Q. 5 Hon Kenneth TINGNative-speaking English teachers engaging in part time workOral
Q. 6 Hon Emily LAUIndoor air qualityOral
Q. 7 Hon Ronald ARCULLIStatistics on enforcement of industrial safety legislationWritten
Q. 8 Hon Ambrose LAUEffectiveness of "mother-tongue education"Written
Q. 9 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahStatistics on public hospitalsWritten
Q. 10Hon LAW Chi-kwongCollection of maintenance payments by single-parent family CSSA recipientsWritten
Q. 11Hon Howard YOUNGUnauthorised selling of air ticketsWritten
Q. 12Hon Fred LIAviation agreement with central governmentWritten
Q. 13Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiNuisances caused to primary and secondary schools by building sites, refuse collection points and food outletsWritten
Q. 14Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNGYouth and family camps in Hong KongWritten
Q. 15Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongRegulation of Internet securities dealersWritten
Q. 16Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungPurchase of goods through the InternetWritten
Q. 17Hon Christine LOHImplementation of Animals (Control of Experiments) OrdinanceWritten
Q. 18Hon Emily LAUDisproportionate representation of HKUST on Research Grants CouncilWritten
Q. 19Hon LAU Kong-wahPurchase of new buses by KMBWritten
Q. 20Dr Hon YEUNG SumKennedy Town "Five Streets" and Tsuen Wan "Seven Streets" redevelopment projects of LDCWritten

Council meeting on 14.7.1999

Question No.Raised bySubjectType
Q. 1 Dr Hon YEUNG SumPublic Complaints Committee of the Hospital AuthorityOral
Q. 2 Hon LEE Cheuk-yanImplementation of the International Labour Convention No. 151Oral
Q. 3 Hon Andrew CHENGTransport arrangement for senior officials of the Central People's Government visiting Hong KongOral
Q. 4 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiRevision of the Outline Zoning Plan for north-east LantauOral
Q. 5 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chungReplacement of the Academic Aptitude Test by the Academic Aptitude AssessmentOral
Q. 6 Hon LAU Kong-wahRegistration of kindergartensOral
Q. 7 Hon LEE Kai-mingOccupational safety in schoolsWritten
Q. 8 Dr Hon LUI Ming-wahExhibition facilities in Hong KongWritten
Q. 9 Hon Albert HOContracting out services by the GovernmentWritten
Q. 10Hon LAW Chi-kwongDesignation of Officials to attend meetings of LegCoWritten
Q. 11Hon Howard YOUNGLong processing time for tour group travellers at Man Kam To Border Control PointWritten
Q. 12Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongLiaison channels with overseas countries regarding food safetyWritten
Q. 13Hon CHEUNG Man-kwongFollow-up on cases in which qualifications or adverse statements are added to accounts of listed companies by auditorsWritten
Q. 14Hon SIN Chung-kaiGrassroots voluntary effort in the United States to promote access to Internet by schoolsWritten
Q. 15Dr Hon TANG Siu-tongConsultancy review on food safetyWritten
Q. 16Hon Christine LOHShenzhen Western CorridorWritten
Q. 17Hon Emily LAUSale of land by open auctionWritten
Q. 18Hon LAU Kong-wahQueue jumping at the Lo Wu Border Control Point on the Mainland sideWritten
Q. 19Hon LAW Chi-kwongAdvance payments for CSSA recipient families which are also receiving maintenanceWritten