Bullet Serving Members of the Sixth Legislative Council
Bullet President
Bullet Members
Hon Abraham SHEK Lai-him, GBS, JP
(Real Estate and Construction*)
Hon Jeffrey LAM Kin-fung, GBS, JP
(Commercial – first*)
Hon WONG Ting-kwong, GBS, JP
(Import and Export*)
Hon Starry LEE Wai-king, SBS, JP
(District Council – second*)
Hon CHAN Hak-kan, SBS, JP
(New Territories East+)
Hon Paul TSE Wai-chun, JP
(Kowloon East+)
Hon Michael TIEN Puk-sun, BBS, JP
(New Territories West+)
Hon Steven HO Chun-yin, BBS, JP
(Agriculture and Fisheries*)
Hon MA Fung-kwok, GBS, JP
(Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication*)
Hon CHAN Han-pan, BBS, JP
(New Territories West+)
Hon LEUNG Che-cheung, SBS, MH, JP
(New Territories West+)
Hon Alice MAK Mei-kuen, BBS, JP
(New Territories West+)
Hon KWOK Wai-keung, JP
(Hong Kong Island+)
Hon Elizabeth QUAT, BBS, JP
(New Territories East+)
Hon CHUNG Kwok-pan
(Textiles and Garment*)
Hon Jimmy NG Wing-ka, BBS, JP
(Industrial – second*)
Dr Hon Junius HO Kwan-yiu, JP
(New Territories West+)
Hon Holden CHOW Ho-ding
(District Council – second*)
Hon SHIU Ka-fai, JP
(Wholesale and Retail*)
Hon YUNG Hoi-yan, JP
(New Territories East+)
Dr Hon Pierre CHAN
Hon CHEUNG Kwok-kwan, JP
(Hong Kong Island+)
Hon LAU Kwok-fan, MH, JP
(District Council – first*)
Hon Tony TSE Wai-chuen, BBS, JP
(Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape*)
* Functional Constituency
+ Geographical Constituency

Changes in LegCo Membership