Paper no.TitlePublication date
FS03/2022 Northern Metropolis 2022.10.07
ISSH19/2022 Tree management by government departments in Hong Kong 2022.07.21
ISE09/2022 Regulation on minimum home size in London 2022.03.24
ISE08/2022 Tso and Tong in the New Territories 2022.03.24
ISSH04/2022 Heritage conservation 2022.02.18
ISE01/2022 Promotion of Lego-like construction method in Singapore 2022.01.21
ISE24/20-21 Promotion of spatial data on a common platform in Singapore 2021.08.26
IN08/20-21 Relocation of business operators upon land resumption in Singapore and Taiwan 2021.04.14
ISSH19/20-21 Dongjiang water supply 2021.03.05
RB02/20-21 Socioeconomic implications of home ownership for Hong Kong 2021.03.01
ISSH06/20-21 Vacant government land 2020.11.17
IN08/19-20 Review of town planning in selected places 2020.04.22
IN05/19-20 Planning and development of underground space in selected places 2020.03.06
ISSH18/19-20 Urban unauthorised building works in Hong Kong 2020.02.20
ISSH09/19-20 Water seepage in buildings 2019.11.11
ISSH30/18-19 Industrial buildings in Hong Kong 2019.08.16
IN17/18-19 Cost management and environmental mitigation of land reclamation 2019.08.02
ISE08/18-19 Regulation of nuisance caused by external lighting 2019.07.12
IN15/18-19 Tree management policies in selected places 2019.06.11
IN07/18-19 Planning and development of peripheral areas of high-speed railway stations in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai 2019.02.14
ISSH07/18-19 Construction industry in Hong Kong 2018.11.21
ISSH22/17-18 Land supply and utilization in Hong Kong 2018.04.30
ISSH08/17-18 Water consumption and supply 2017.12.20
ISSH33/16-17 Lift and escalator safety 2017.08.18
FS02/16-17 Brownfield development 2017.01.16
ISE07/16-17 Land tenure system in Hong Kong 2016.12.08
ISE06/16-17 Country parks and protected areas in Hong Kong 2016.12.08
IN01/16-17 Public housing development plan at Wang Chau 2016.11.10
ISSH04/16-17 Land utilization in Hong Kong 2016.10.24
ISE10/15-16 Small House Policy 2016.01.28
FS10/14-15 Seawater desalination in Australia 2015.09.30
FS09/14-15 Seawater desalination in Singapore 2015.09.30
FS08/14-15 Seawater desalination in Israel 2015.09.30
FS07/14-15 Seawater desalination technologies 2015.09.30
ISE10/14-15 Brownfield development 2015.04.28
ISE08/14-15 What is a "Smart City"? 2015.03.18
ISE05/14-15 Tree management in Singapore and Tokyo 2015.02.11
ISE04/14-15 Tree management 2015.02.11
IN04/14-15 Resolving disputes arising from land resumption 2015.01.23
IN03/14-15 Assessment of the value of resumed properties 2015.01.23
FS16/12-13 Background information on the Lung Mei Beach Project at Tai Po and concerns on the Project raised by the people of Hong Kong (Chinese version only) 2012.11.27
FS05/12-13 A summary of press reports on North East New Territories New Development Areas Planning and Engineering Study - Public comments received from Stage 3 Public Engagement (from 1 June to 24 October 2012) (Chinese version only) 2012.10.26
IN33/11-12 Background information concerning the re-grant of the Ocean Terminal Lot as well as the views and concerns raised by various sectors in Hong Kong on the incident (Chinese version only) 2012.06.26
IN19/11-12 Environmentally Friendly Linkage System of Kai Tak Development 2012.04.13
FS09/11-12 The plan of energizing Kowloon East as well as views and concerns on the plan raised by various sectors in Hong Kong (Chinese version only) 2011.12.15
FS09/10-11 A summary of local press reports on policy and matters relating to private treaty grants from 24 November 2010 to 18 January 2011 (Chinese version only) 2011.01.18
FS06/10-11 North West Kowloon Reclamation Site 6 2010.12.09
FS28/09-10 Planning history of the Kai Tak Development 2010.07.21
FS02/09-10 A summary of local press reports on views of various sectors in Hong Kong on optimising the use of industrial buildings from 15 October to 23 October 2009 (Chinese version only) 2009.10.23
  Financial arrangements relating to Disneyland  
• Financial arrangements relating to Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland
• Financial arrangements relating to the construction and expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland
IN17/08-09 Kai Tak Development and views and concerns raised by Legislative Council Members and Kowloon City District Council relating to the Kai Tak approach channel 2009.05.20
IN16/08-09 Sequence of events relating to the reclamation and transportation of fuels under the Airport Core Programme vis-à-vis the proposed Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities 2009.05.20
  Public private partnerships  
• Incentives for Innovation in the United Kingdom
• Public Private Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships ("PPPs") are arrangements where the public and private sectors bring their complementary skills to a project for providing public services or projects. This research studies the regulatory framework of PPPs in the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand. It looks into the extent of control by both governments and legislatures, transparency of the selection of a PPP partner, and incentives for innovation and participation in PPP projects.
• Public Private Partnership Cases involving Land Development in the United Kingdom and the United States
  Some basic facts on Disneyland  
• Tokyo Disneyland: Some Basic Facts
• Disneyland Paris: Some Basic Facts