People with disabilities

Paper no.TitlePublication date
IN12/20-21 Community care services for the elderly in Germany and Japan 2021.06.16
IN09/17-18 Portability of welfare benefits in selected places 2018.03.29
ISE08/16-17 Digital inclusion in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom 2017.01.23
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FS29/11-12 Provision of sign language service 2012.07.06
RN02/10-11 Facing up to the transport needs of people with disabilities (Chinese version only) 2010.10.15
  Special education in selected places  
• Updated information on special education in selected places
• Supplementary Information on Special Education in Selected Places
• Special Education in Selected Places

This research studies the special education system in California of the Untied States, Ontario of Canada, England of the Untied Kingdom and Taiwan. It covers the legislative framework, regulatory authority, structure of education system, assessment for special educational needs, individual education plan, staff qualification and training, performance assessment, integration, parental participation, appeal, funding and transition programme.
IN15/06-07 Wheelchair accessible taxi services in Sydney and London 2007.07.19