Bills Committee on
Noise Control (Amendment) Bill 2001

Meeting on Monday, 22 April 2002 at 10:45 am
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


IConfirmation of minutes of meeting

LC Paper No. CB(1)1478/01-02-Minutes of meeting held on 22 March 2002 (issued)

IIMeeting with the Administration
(10:45 am - 12:45 pm)

Matters arising

(1)The Administration's response to the issues raised at the meeting on 22 March 2002 and to the further submission from the Hong Kong Construction Association Limited (LC Paper No. CB(1)1541/01-02(01)) (issued)

(2)Summary of views/concerns put forward by deputations prepared by the Secretariat (LC Paper No. CB(1)1531/01-02, English version issued on 18 April 2002, Chinese version tabled)

The Bill and related papers

(1)The Bill circulated to Members vide LC Paper No. CB(3)790/00-01 dated 15 June 2001

(2)Marked-up copy of the Bill prepared by the Legal Service Division issued under LC Paper No. CB(1)1071/01-02(02)

(3)The Legislative Council Brief on the Bill issued by the Environment and Food Bureau in June 2001

(4)Paper provided by the Administration in February 2002 supplementing the Legislative Council Brief issued under LC paper No. CB(1)1071/01-02(03)

(5)The Legal Service Division Report on the Bill under LC Paper No. LS133/00-01 dated 26 June 2001

(6)Letter dated 26 June 2001 from Senior Assistant Legal Adviser 1 to the Secretary for Environment and Food issued under LC Paper No. CB(1)1071/01-02(04)

(7)The Administration's response dated 28 June 2001 to (6) above issued under LC Paper No. CB(1)1071/01-02(05)

Other papers previously issued

(1)The Administration's response to the issues raised at the meeting on 21 February 2002 (LC Paper No. CB(1)1350/01-02(01))

(2)The Administration's responses to 3(a) and (4) to (8) below (LC Paper Nos. CB(1)1350/01-02(02) and CB(1)1359/01-02(05))

(3)Submissions from the Hong Kong Construction Association Limited

(a) LC Paper No. CB(1)1317/01-02(01)
(b) LC Paper No. CB(1)1518/01-02

(4)Submission from MTR Corporation Limited (LC Paper No. CB(1)1317/01-02(02))

(5)Submission from the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (LC Paper No. CB(1)1317/01-02(03)) (Chinese version to follow)

(6)Submission from Hong Kong Cable Television Limited (LC Paper No. CB(1)1317/01-02(04))

(7)Submission from the Hongkong Electric Company Limited (LC Paper No. CB(1)1317/01-02(05))

(8)Submission from Masons International Law Firm (LC Paper No. CB(1)1350/01-02(03))

(9)Submissions from the Hong Kong Environmental Law Association

(a) LC Paper No. CB(1)1359/01-02(01)) (Chinese version to follow)
(b) LC Paper No. CB(1)1563/01-02 (tabled) (Chinese version to follow)

(10)Submission from the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics (LC Paper No. CB(1)1359/01-02(02))

(11)Submission from the Tai Po Environmental Association (LC Paper No. CB(1)1359/01-02(03)) (Chinese version to follow)

(12)Submission from the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (LC Paper No. CB(1)1359/01-02(04)) (Chinese version to follow)

(13)Discussion paper provided by the Administration for the meeting of the Environmental Affairs Panel on 8 May 2001 issued under LC Paper No. CB(1)1148/00-01(03)) and extract of the minutes of the meeting re-circulated under LC Paper No. CB(1)1139/01-02

IIIAny other business

Legislative Council Secretariat
22 April 2002