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Questions(Year 2001 - 2002)

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Council meeting on 17.10.2001

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1 LAU Kong-wah Prices of primary and secondary school textbooks Written
Q. 2 CHOY So-yuk Collection of air samples for a Joint-Study of Air Quality in the Pearl River Delta Region Written
Q. 3 HO Sau-lan, Cyd News-covering activities of local reporters in the Mainland Written
Q. 4 HO Chung-tai The plan to build a cross-border bridge connecting Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai Written
Q. 5 CHEUNG Man-kwong Assistance to mainstream schools which have admitted students with special education needs Written
Q. 6 LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, Sophie Safety of certain contact lenses Written
Q. 7 LAU Wai-hing, Emily Height restrictions of some residential buildings under development Written
Q. 8 SIN Chung-kai Setting safety standards for radiation emission of radiocommunications apparatus Written
Q. 9 LAU Wong-fat Statistics on Government rent collected since reunification Written
Q. 10 LEUNG Yiu-chung The Secondary School Liaison Officers Programme Written
Q. 11 TAM Yiu-chung Noise nuisances caused by trams in motion Written
Q. 12 YEUNG Yiu-chung Placement of advertisements for promoting the Project Springboard Written
Q. 13 LEE Cheuk-yan Contracting out services by Government departments and public organizations in the next 12 months Written
Q. 14 LAW Chi-kwong Collection of maintenance arrears Written
Q. 15 LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, Sophie Proposal to ban fishing activities in Hong Kong waters Written
Q. 16 LAU Kong-wah Determination of MTR fares Written
Q. 17 CHOY So-yuk Encouraging participation of the middle-aged and elderly persons in sports training Written
Q. 18 HO Chung-tai Introduction of a magnetically levitated transportation system in Hong Kong Written
Q. 19 LEUNG Yiu-chung Environmental problems caused by derelict agricultural lands Written
Q. 20 TAM Yiu-chung Proposal to provide transport subsidy to the low-income people Written

Council meeting on 31.10.2001

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1 LUI Ming-wah Bad debt ratio of loans under the Special Finance Scheme for Small and Medium Enterprises Oral
Q. 2 EU Yuet-mee, Audrey Funding Scheme for Workplace English Training Oral
Q. 3 LAU Kong-wah Defence against terrorist attacks and combating terrorists Oral
Q. 4 CHOY So-yuk Commissioning of a contractor to handle livestock waste Oral
Q. 5 HO Sau-lan, Cyd Cross-border meetings held between the HKSAR Government officials and their Mainland counterparts Oral
Q. 6 HO Chung-tai Establishment of a sustainability impact assessment system and a Council for Sustainable Development Oral
Q. 7 LI Wah-ming, Fred Public housing developments in Kwun Tong Written
Q. 8 CHENG Kar-foo, Andrew Regulation of broadcast of audio-visual programmes on buses and PLBs Written
Q. 9 SZETO Wah Concessionary MTR fares for full-time students aged above 25 Written
Q. 10 LAU Wai-hing, Emily Monitoring the operation and effectiveness of the Quality Education Fund Written
Q. 11 SIN Chung-kai Requirement for contractors to deposit performance bonds on awarding service contracts for IT projects Written
Q. 12 YEUNG Yiu-chung Severing of income of international terrorists and their organizations Written
Q. 13 LAW Chi-kwong Early identification of children and youths with mental health problems Written
Q. 14 LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, Sophie Enforcement of the Fisheries Protection Regulations Written
Q. 15 TAM Yiu-chung Insufficient Light Rail Transit train service during peak hours Written
Q. 16 EU Yuet-mee, Audrey Regulation of road excavation works Written
Q. 17 HO Sau-lan, Cyd Street-sleeping problems in LCSD amenity venues Written
Q. 18 LAU Kong-wah Installation of platform screen doors at railway stations Written
Q. 19 CHOY So-yuk Excess capacity of Chemical Waste Treatment Centre Written
Q. 20 HO Chung-tai Protection of the interests of students in private sector schools Written

Council meeting on 7.11.2001

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1 YEUNG Yiu-chung Different salary adjustment mechanisms for staff of aided schools Oral
Q. 2 MA Fung-kwok Containing the number of directorate staff in the public secto Oral
Q. 3 NG Leung-sing Fire safety of high-rise buildings Oral
Q. 4 YEUNG Sum Assistance for owners of properties with negative equity mortgages Oral
Q. 5 SZETO Wah Implementation of the early retirement scheme in the HKIE Oral
Q. 6 FUNG Kin-kee, Frederick Detailed timetable for creation of job opportunities in the public sector Oral
Q. 7 LEUNG Fu-wah Private sector participation in the provision of water supply services Written
Q. 8 LI Wah-ming, Fred Long queuing time for payment through the PayThruPost service when its scope was extended on 3 October Written
Q. 9 SIN Chung-kai Monitoring the contents of the programmes and advertisements broadcast on buses and public light buses Written
Q. 10 LAU Wai-hing, Emily Progress of Enhanced Productivity Programme Written
Q. 11 LAW Chi-kwong Provision of infirmary services in residential homes for the elderly Written
Q. 12 HO Sau-lan, Cyd Installation of CCTV cameras in public places Written
Q. 13 CHOY So-yuk Organize events to encourage the youths to participate in healthy dancing activities Written
Q. 14 LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, Sophie Safety of LPG stoves without flame failure devices Written
Q. 15 LAU Kong-wah Preparation work for extension of the scope of the PayThruPost service Written
Q. 16 HO Chung-tai Business opportunities arising from Beijing's hosting of 2008 Olympic Games Written
Q. 17 TAM Yiu-chung Streamlining the immigration clearance procedure for holders of Re-entry Permit Written
Q. 18 LI Wah-ming, Fred Arrangements for HOS flats to be completed in the next three years Written
Q. 19 LAU Wai-hing, Emily Review of the linked exchange rate system Written
Q. 20 LAU Kong-wah Absence period set for Old Age Allowance recipients Written

Council meeting on 14.11.2001

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LEE Cheuk-yan Breakdowns on household income statisticsOral
Q. 2CHOY So-yuk Quality of fresh waterOral
Q. 3CHU Yu-lin, David Implementing the decision to remove the Minimum Brokerage Commission rule on 1.4.2002Oral
Q. 4LAU Wai-hing, Emily Impact of the Chief Executive's remark on editorial independence of the Radio Television Hong KongOral
Q. 5LI Wah-ming, Fred Changes in the charges of public utilities and transport in a period of deflationOral
Q. 6LAU Kong-wah Operation of boundary control points Oral
Q. 7Kenneth TING Rising insurance premium for air cargoes Written
Q. 8SHEK Lai-him, Abraham Details of infrastructural projects which will commence in the next 12 monthsWritten
Q. 9LAU Wong-fat FEHD's service for removing bills or posters displayed at bus stops and telephone boothsWritten
Q. 10LAW Chi-kwong Tuberculosis casesWritten
Q. 11SIN Chung-kai Information technology education in primary schoolsWritten
Q. 12CHOY So-yuk Plan to export construction and demolition wasteWritten
Q. 13HO Chung-tai Handling of discarded computersWritten
Q. 14LI Wah-ming, Fred The arrangement to extend the Defects Liability Periods of HOS flats due to suspension of sale Written
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, Emily Aviation service between Hong Kong and Taiwan Written
Q. 16LAU Kong-wah Security of Government buildings Written
Q. 17SHEK Lai-him, Abraham The development of public and private housing on the vacated site of the North Point EstateWritten
Q. 18LAW Chi-kwong Costs of specialty departments of public hospitals Written
Q. 19SIN Chung-kai Usage of the Electronic Tendering System by tenders Written
Q. 20Kenneth TING MPFS Authority's granting of bonuses to its staffWritten

Council meeting on 21.11.2001

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1Howard YOUNGManufacturing defects of HKSAR passportsOral
Q. 2LI Fung-yingImpact of China and Taiwan's accession to WTO on Hong KongOral
Q. 3CHAN Kwok-keungProvision of Chinese medicine clinics in public hospitalsOral
Q. 4WONG Yung-kanEntry into Hong Kong waters by Mainland vesselsOral
Q. 5Bernard CHANPessimistic mood of foreign investors regards the prospects of the local economyOral
Q. 6LEUNG Yiu-chungTransport service and subsidy for disabled personsOral
Q. 7WONG Sing-chiServices to young people of Hong Kong who have allegedly breaches laws in the mainlandWritten
Q. 8CHU Yu-lin, DavidSupervision of schoolsWritten
Q. 9CHAN Yuen-hanProvision of psychiatric services and counselling services on emotional problems to the unemployedWritten
Q. 10LAU Kin-yee, MiriamReported cracks on a flyover under constructionWritten
Q. 11CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertFollow-up to the problem of stench emitting from a nullah in Tin Shui WaiWritten
Q. 12TAM Yiu-chungProvision of library services to members of publicWritten
Q. 13LAU Wai-hing, EmilySFC's vetting and approving applications for providing trading services regarding new investment productsWritten
Q. 14LAW Chi-kwongBudget deficits of the public hospitalsWritten
Q. 15SIN Chung-kaiProvision of sub-degree and high diploma IT-related programmes Written
Q. 16LAU Kong-wah Police strength in Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan OWritten
Q. 17HO Chun-yanProviding tax allowance for maintenance paymentsWritten
Q. 18LEUNG Yiu-chungReview on vehicle licence fees for vansWritten
Q. 19CHU Yu-lin, DavidOperation of Self-employment Business Start-up Assistance SchemeWritten
Q. 20CHAN Yuen-hanTrial Placement Scheme for disabled peopleWritten

Council meeting on 28.11.2001

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1TANG Siu-tongRegulating the use of laser devicesOral
Q. 2TAM Yiu-chungCrack down on illegal workersOral
Q. 3LO Wing-lokGuidelines for public-funded bodies organising activities in collaboration with tobacco companies or organizations sponsored by themOral
Q. 4HUI Cheung-chingCoordination of port facilities in Guangdong and Hong KongOral
Q. 5CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewFire safety of the main doors of public housing unitsOral
Q. 6CHEUNG Man-kwongInterest rate adjustment mechanisms for various loan schemes for post-secondary studentsOral
Q. 7TANG Siu-tongFlood prevention projects and flooding blackspotsWritten
Q. 8Howard YOUNGVisa service for and visa requirement applicable to Russian nationalsWritten
Q. 9CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertApplications for the operation of non-franchised bus serviceWritten
Q. 10CHU Yu-lin, DavidDifficulties encountered by students from South Asia children in admission to schoolsWritten
Q. 11LEUNG Yiu-chungProgress of study on the introduction of LPG vansWritten
Q. 12HO Chung-tai The proposed Sky City in the Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2020Written
Q. 13LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPlan to construct a mosque in Sheung ShuiWritten
Q. 14LAW Chi-kwongExpenditure on staff salaries and fringe benefits of the Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 15SIN Chung-kaiOperation of the Octopus systemWritten
Q. 16LAU Kong-wahSecurity screening for flight passengersWritten
Q. 17HUI Cheung-chingGranting of fifth freedom traffic rightsWritten
Q. 18LI Wah-ming, FredWork of the Estate Agents AuthorityWritten
Q. 19LEUNG Yiu-chungAir quality inside air-conditioned busesWritten
Q. 20LAU Wai-hing, EmilyImplications of 24-hour operation at land boundary control pointsWritten

Council meeting on 05.12.2001

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1CHAN Yuen-hanRising number of unemployed and low-earnings CSSA casesOral
Q. 2Kenneth TINGAdjustments of bank interest rates not in line with those of federal funds ratesOral
Q. 3LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseDeveloping Hong Kong into a bond issuing centreOral
Q. 4SIN Chung-kaiPromotion of retail bond marketOral
Q. 5HO Chung-taiUse of construction materials with radioactive substancesOral
Q. 6CHU Yu-lin, DavidProvision of facilities for the disabled at footbridgesOral
Q. 7LAU Chin-shekRemuneration and fringe benefits for senior staff of public organizationsWritten
Q. 8IP Kwok-himRegulation on the use of electric skateboards and electric bikesWritten
Q. 9TANG Siu-tongClearance facilities at boundary control points Written
Q. 10Howard YOUNGRelief measures for local airlines taken by the Airport AuthorityWritten
Q. 11Abraham SHEKRegulations on construction contractors operating in the MainlandWritten
Q. 12YEUNG Yiu-chungSupply and demand for places in international schoolsWritten
Q. 13CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertRental levels of PRH units in Tung Chung and Tin Shui WaiWritten
Q. 14HO Sau-lan, CydSome clubs allowed to pay land rentals at below-market ratesWritten
Q. 15TAM Yiu-chungLeasing of vacant commercial premises in housing estates and courts managed by the HAWritten
Q. 16CHOY So-yukUse of speed enforcement camera systemsWritten
Q. 17LAW Chi-kwongHorticultural works for the Hongkong DisneylandWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wahBusiness environment for the commercial premises in housing estates and courts managed by HAWritten
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, EmilyEducation for non-Chinese speaking childrenWritten
Q. 20LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseAssisting the accounting professionals in opening up overseas service marketsWritten

Council meeting on 12.12.2001

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1MAK Kwok-fung, Michael Rising number of street sleepers Oral
Q. 2IP Kwok-himPractices in the insurance industryOral
Q. 3TIEN Pei-chun, JamesReview remuneration and fringe benefits of civil servantsOral
Q. 4LAU Wong-fatComplicated and time-consuming procedure for Mainland scholars to seek permission to come to Hong Kong for academic exchangesOral
Q. 5TO Kun-sun, JamesThe authorities stepped up efforts against Falun Gong followersOral
Q. 6TAM Yiu-chungResidential service for the mentally-handicapped elderlyOral
Q. 7CHAN Kwok-keungEmployment agencies overcharging job seekersWritten
Q. 8LI Ka-cheung, EricInter-network short message services to be provided by mobile phone network service operatorsWritten
Q. 9LEE Cheuk-yanOperation of waste management facilitiesWritten
Q. 10Howard YOUNGSuspensions of the Airport Express train serviceWritten
Q. 11CHU Yu-lin, DavidThe plan to build a Universal Studios theme park in ShanghaiWritten
Q. 12Abraham SHEKAdvice and assistance given to members of the construction industry in complying with environmental protection legislationWritten
Q. 13YEUNG Yiu-chungSudden closures of private schoolsWritten
Q. 14CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertClosure of pedestrian links on private land under property developmentWritten
Q. 15HO Sau-lan, CydLabelling system for genetically-modified foodsWritten
Q. 16LEUNG Yiu-chungEffectiveness of collection bins for separate collection of recyclable wasteWritten
Q. 17HO Chung-taiDevelopment of land in Frontier Closed AreaWritten
Q. 18CHOY So-yukPlan to build a town park in the Eastern DistrictWritten
Q. 19SIN Chung-kaiRegulation on the use of Tritium-filled self-luminous signsWritten
Q. 20LAW Chi-kwongParticipation of youths in cultural and arts activitiesWritten

Council meeting on 19.12.2001

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1Abraham SHEK Selection of tenants of the CyberportOral
Q. 2CHEUNG Yu-yan, TommyFEHD's policy on live chicken retail stallsOral
Q. 3Margaret NGEducation for children granted temporary stay in Hong KongOral
Q. 4LAU Wai-hing, EmilyProposal to set up of a free trade zone covering the Mainland and the HKSAROral
Q. 5MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelAppointment of members to advisory or policy committees of public organizationsOral
Q. 6HUI Cheung-chingCo-operation plans for the new airport in GuangzhouOral
Q. 7LO Wing-lokMeasures to control the spread of Legionnaires' DiseaseWritten
Q. 8LAU Wong-fatProtection of a building of historical importance in Tuen MunWritten
Q. 9LI Ka-cheung, EricCrimes involving the use of forged identity documents to open bank accountsWritten
Q. 10CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewEmission of smoke from diesel vehiclesWritten
Q. 11Kenneth TINGProposal to provide low-interest loans to negative-equity owners funded by issuing bondsWritten
Q. 12CHAN Yuen-hanStatistics and control of Legionnaires' DiseaseWrittem
Q. 13YEUNG Yiu-chungTeacher-student ratiosWritten
Q. 14CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertProvision of banking services in newly-completed public housing estatesWritten
Q. 15LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, SophieActions taken to prevent deterioration of quality of bank loansWritten
Q. 16HO Sau-lan, CydDuties and remuneration for optometrists employed by the Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 17LI Wah-ming, FredPlace of Public Entertainment licencesWritten
Q. 18HO Chung-taiThe CLP Lights Up Hong Kong programmeW ritten
Q. 19LAU Kong-wahConcession period for the first year discount of the Tenants Purchase SchemeWritten
Q.20TANG Siu-tongCompensation for residents who suffered loses as a result of the flooding in June 2001Written

Council meeting on 9.1.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LI Ka-cheung, EricConstruction costs of railways Oral
Q. 2LAU Ping-cheungDetails on land reserve for the coming eight years Oral
Q. 3LEE Chu-ming, MartinConsultancy study on Landscape Value Mapping of Hong Kong Oral
Q. 4CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, SelinaCrackdowns on the sale and purchase of duty-not-paid cigarettesOral
Q. 5TANG Siu-tongRemedial works for public housing blocks in Tin Shui Wai Oral
Q. 6FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickWork progress of the Urban Renewal Authority Oral
Q. 7MAK Kwok-fung, Michael Provisionally registered optometristsWritten
Q. 8TO Kun-sun, JamesStatistics on Mainland people settling in Hong Kong Written
Q. 9NG Leung-singExchange of talents between Hong Kong and the Mainland Written
Q. 10WONG Sing-chiProvision of education opportunities to persons educated up to Secondary 3 or below Written
Q. 11EU Yuet-mee, AudreyUnrepresented litigants in civil cases Written
Q. 12CHAN Kwok-keungYouth Pre-employment Training Programme Written
Q. 13HO Chun-yanEmployment, marriage and youth problems in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai Written
Q. 14LEUNG Fu-wahEmployment of temporary staff by the Hospital Authority, public-funded residential care institutions and rehabilitation centres Written
Q. 15CHAN Yuen-hanTraffic volumes of three cross-harbour road tunnels Written
Q. 16Abraham SHEKContractors obliged to follow impractical construction methods and machinery specified in Environmental Permits Written
Q. 17CHU Yu-lin, DavidHeavy metal content of tea leaves sold in Hong Kong Written
Q. 18YEUNG Yiu-chungEnglish standard of university students Written
Q. 19CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertDesign problems of drying racks of PRH units Written
Q. 20LI Wah-ming, FredThe Urban Renewal Authority required to operate on commercial principles Written

Council meeting on 16.1.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LAW Chi-kwongGranting disability allowances to the chronically illOral
Q. 2TIEN Pei-chun, JamesClub-houses operating in residential buildingsOral
Q. 3YEUNG Yiu-chungAllocation of Secondary One discretionary places by schoolsOral
Q. 4MA Fung-kwokRegulation on the collection of service charges by mobile phone network service operatorsOral
Q. 5LI Wah-ming, FredWastage of water due to overflow from reservoirsOral
Q. 6CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertRegulation on free transport service provided by real estate developers for prospective buyersWritten
Q. 7LAU Ping-cheungFollow-up to a Bio-diversity SurveyWritten
Q. 8FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickRemuneration of members of the Executive Committee of the Housing SocietyWritten
Q. 9WU King-cheong, HenrySecurities companies not allowed to operate business in public housing estatesWritten
Q. 10TO Kun-sun, JamesNumber of One-way Exit Permits issuedWritten
Q. 11LAU Chin-shekProgress of creation of new jobs in the public sectorWritten
Q. 12WONG Sing-chiBreakdowns in respect of recipients of disability allowancesWritten
Q. 13HO Chun-yanSupply and demand for motorcycle parking spacesWritten
Q. 14LI Ka-cheung, EricProfessional and consultancy services for infrastructural worksWritten
Q. 15CHAN Kwok-keungOutsourcing of lifeguard serviceWritten
Q. 16TANG Siu-tongPerformance of survivor detectorsWritten
Q. 17Howard YOUNGFull liberalization of the local fixed telecommunications network services marketWritten
Q. 18Abraham SHEKPublic housing building contracts to be awarded in the next 12 monthsWritten
Q. 19TAM Yiu-chungAccidents on the Tung Chung RoadWritten

Council meeting on 23.1.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LEUNG Fu-wahSurvey on casual employment Oral
Q. 2HO Chun-yanReviewing housing policiesOral
Q. 3WONG Sing-chiPledges for the elderly persons Oral
Q. 4LO Wing-lokLength of appointment for doctors undergoing specialty training programmes in public hospitals Oral
Q. 5HO Chung-taiInfrastructural projects currently under planning and design Oral
Q. 6LAU Kong-wahTraffic safety at the tolling plaza of road tunnels Oral
Q. 7WU King-cheong, HenryAdmission of Mainland Professionals Scheme Written
Q. 8FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickProvision of places in social development schools for maladjusted girls Written
Q. 9NG Leung-singGranting of contract gratuities to government employees appointed on non-civil service contract terms Written
Q. 10MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelStaffing of the nursing grade in public hospitalsWritten
Q. 11TO Kun-sun, JamesFollow-up to a judgement on right of abode made by CFA on 20.7.2001Written
Q. 12LI Ka-cheung, EricPromoting the establishment of a free trade area in Asia Written
Q. 13TANG Siu-tongRegulation of lard production plants Written
Q. 14YEUNG Yiu-chungInviting non-Hong Kong deputies to the National People's Congress to visit Hong KongWritten
Q. 15Abraham SHEKEconomic benefits brought by overseas companies which have established regional headquarters or offices in Hong KongWritten
Q. 16CHOY So-yuk Environmentally-friendly lunch boxesWritten
Q. 17LI Wah-ming, FredUnstated fees charged by credit card issuing companies and banks for transactions effected in foreign currenciesWritten
Q. 18CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertLack of toilet facilities at the bus-bus interchange near to the tolling plaza of the Tai Lam TunnelWritten
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, Emily Unannounced extension of service of major officials who have reached the retirement age or who employment contracts will soon expireWritten
Q. 20HO Chung-taiAccording priority to admitting children who have elder siblings studying or parents working in the schools concernedWritten

Council meeting on 30.1.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertImproving people's living environment Oral
Q. 2LEE Cheuk-yanLong time taken by the Labour Department in arranging conciliation meetings and processing applications for ex-gratia paymentOral
Q. 3CHAN Yuen-hanLayoff by companies which have made huge profits Oral
Q. 4MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelSafety of cosmetics Oral
Q. 5CHU Yu-lin, DavidCurbing the spread of AIDS Oral
Q. 6CHOY So-yukConsultancy study on cultural and performing facilities in different regions and districts Oral
Q. 7Bernard CHANSponsoring visits to Hong Kong by officials of governments and quasi-government bodies in other jurisdictions Written
Q. 8LI Fung-ying Prosecutions against employers who fail to take out valid insurance policies for employees Written
Q. 9LO Wing-lokPromoting breast-feeding Written
Q. 10LAU Ping-cheung Tung Chung Cable Car project Written
Q. 11WU King-cheong, HenryEmployers' participation in investment decisions on MPF accounts Written
Q. 12CHAN Kwok-keungOutsourcing the work of the Architectural Services Department Written
Q. 13LI Ka-cheung, EricFeasibility of electronic schoolbags Written
Q. 14TANG Siu-tongWildlife birds taking their prey in fish ponds Written
Q. 15Abraham SHEKStatistics on legal aid cases Written
Q. 16YEUNG Yiu-chung Education of gifted children Written
Q. 17SIN Chung-kaiCode of Practice on the prevention of mobile phone short message spams Written
Q. 18HO Chung-taiApproval of using a sand ground for the Hongkong Winter Carnival Written
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, Emily Implementation of the mid-stream fee coupon system by mid-stream terminal operatorsWritten
Q. 20LAU Kong-wahCo-location clearance at new boundary control pointsWritten

Council meeting on 6.2.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseRising number of bankruptcy casesOral
Q. 2CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewFare structures of the Tseung Kwan O Extension and the West Rail Oral
Q. 3CHAN Yuen-hanPrivate enterprises relocating out of Hong Kong Oral
Q. 4EU Yuet-mee, AudreyUse of Cantonese in court proceedings Oral
Q. 5YEUNG Yiu-chungLaw enforcement at the Frontier Closed Area Oral
Q. 6LO Wing-lokRegulation on alternative treatment modalities Oral
Q. 7LI Fung-yingApprenticeship Scheme run by the Vocational Training CouncilWritten
Q. 8LEE Cheuk-yanThe Civil Service Regulations and the terms of employment of serving civil servants Written
Q. 9CHAN Kwok-keungEmployment of young persons to work at fast food shops at nightWritten
Q. 10LI Ka-cheung, EricNumber of staff of public-funded organizations and statutory bodies and staffing expenditure Written
Q. 11CHU Yu-lin, DavidMonitoring the practice of optometrists Written
Q. 12Abraham SHEKRe-tendering of public works projects Written
Q. 13CHOY So-yukOpening hours of Internet games and computer games centres Written
Q. 14LI Wah-ming, FredTenants of TPS estates not permitted to replace the metal gates of their flatsWritten
Q. 15CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertServices provided by child assessment centres of the Department of HealthWritten
Q. 16HO Chung-taiCracks found in the main columns of a market building of Housing DepartmentWritten
Q. 17LAU Kong-wahThe Ma On Shan to Tai Wai Rail Link projectWritten
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPublic's access to private land traversed by four designated hiking trails Written
Q. 19LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseAll-night drop-in centre for youth-at-risk Written
Q. 20EU Yuet-mee, Audrey Statistics on appeal cases heard at various levels of courts Written

Council meeting on 27.2.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LEUNG Yiu-chungCreation of new jobs in the public sector Oral
Q. 2LAW Chi-kwongHEC's extension of the Lamma Power StationOral
Q. 3HO Chun-yanApplications by newly widowed Mainlanders for extension of stay or settlement in Hong Kong to look after young children who are in Hong KongOral
Q. 4FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickProblems of frequent disputes among tenants living in semi self-contained PRH flatsOral
Q. 5CHOY So-yukDemolition of the contaminated Kennedy Town Incineration PlantOral
Q. 6TAM Yiu-chungParticipation by young people in pre-employment training and continuing education programmesOral
Q. 7WONG Yung-kanManagement of the Applied Research Fund Written
Q. 8TIEN Pei-chun, James Study on staff redundancy in the civil serviceWritten
Q. 9Bernard CHANEstablishment and strength of the administrative grade and executive officer grade within the civil serviceWritten
Q. 10CHEUNG Man-kwongStatutory monuments and historical buildingsWritten
Q. 11HUI Cheung-chingEstablishment of regional headquarters and regional offices in Hong Kong by foreign companiesWritten
Q. 12CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewFare adjustments of franchised buses Written
Q. 13LI Fung-yingCommissioning of private consultancy companies to carry out policy studies and reviews Written
Q. 14LEE Cheuk-yanThe Committee on Freedom of Association of the International Labour Organization's repeated recommendations on actions to be taken by the HKSAR GovernmentWritten
Q. 15CHAN Yuen-hanCreation of job opportunities in the public sectorWritten
Q. 16CHAN Kwok-keung Government's expenditure on user licence fees for packaged softwareWritten
Q. 17TANG Siu-tongBuilding development density of public housing estatesWritten
Q. 18YEUNG Yiu-chung Provision and management of libraries in secondary and primary schoolsWritten
Q. 19Abraham SHEKTaiwan's plan to bar Hong Kong businessmen from bidding for major public works in TaiwanWritten
Q. 20SIN Chung-kaiTelecommunications service operators' disclosure of customers' personal data to third parties Written

Council meeting on 6.3.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LAU Kin-yee, MiriamPlan to ban the installation of hazardous bull bar on vehicles Written
Q. 2HUI Cheung-ching Non-civil service contract employees of the Government Written
Q. 3CHEUNG Man-kwong Recognition of associate degree programmes Written
Q. 4FUNG Kin-kee, Frederick Statistics on associate degree programmes Written
Q. 5HO Chun-yan Cessation of PRH tenancy Written
Q. 6CHAN Yuen-hanStaff redundancy arising from outsourcing the work of the Architectural Services Department Written
Q. 7LEUNG Yiu-chung Wages of security guards in public housing estates whose working hours have been reducedWritten
Q. 8HO Sau-lan, CydWorking Group to tackle family violence Written
Q. 9CHAN Kwok-keung Plan to reduce salary of civil servants Written
Q. 10TAM Yiu-chungRising number of cases handled by the Labour TribunalWritten
Q. 11YEUNG Yiu-chung Labour Department's placement work for Mainland jobsWritten
Q. 12CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertLack of toilet facilities in MTR stationsWritten
Q. 13LI Wah-ming, FredFood products in the Mainland not meeting hygiene standards Written
Q. 14LAW Chi-kwongBudget deficits of the Hospital Authority Written
Q. 15Abraham SHEKTraffic congestion caused by loading and unloading at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Written
Q. 16SIN Chung-kaiA company serving as the middleman for fund transfer via the Internet Written
Q. 17HO Chung-taiTraffic safety at toll collection area of road tunnels Written
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, Emily Long working hours of public hospital doctors Written
Q. 19LAU Kong-wahHill fire in country parks Written
Q. 20CHEUNG Man-kwongPrimary One Admission System Written

Council meeting on 13.3.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1Abraham SHEK Reform of the ASD and other departments in the Works BureauOral
Q. 2WONG Sing-chi Preventing the youth from picking smoking habit Oral
Q. 3YEUNG Sum Setting up of CCTV in Lan Kwai FongOral
Q. 4IP Kwok-him Effects on the Housing Authority upon the ban on sales of its flatsOral
Q. 5LAU Wai-hing, Emily Data transmission speed of broadband conveyance/access servicesOral
Q. 6MAK Kwok-fung, Michael Assault of health care staff by psychiatric patientsOral
Q. 7LEUNG Yiu-chung Tenants Purchase SchemeWritten
Q. 8Bernard CHAN Serving of jail term of foreign sentenced persons in their countries of originWritten
Q. 9CHEUNG Man-kwong Monitoring of certificate to degree courses jointly organized with overseas institutesWritten
Q. 10CHAN Yuen-han Application for security personnel permit Written
Q. 11LEUNG Yiu-chung Outsourcing property management services by the Housing DepartmentWritten
Q. 12TAM Yiu-chungThe provision of fare concessions to elderly persons by green minibusesWritten
Q. 13CHOY So-yuk Illegal meat roasting factoriesWritten
Q. 14LI Wah-ming, Fred Regulation of beauty products and services provided by beauticiansWritten
Q. 15CHAN Wai-yip, Albert Award of single tender contractsWritten
Q. 16SIN Chung-kai Production values of information technology industriesWritten
Q. 17HO Chung-tai English standard of primary studentsWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wah Refuse collection in country parksWritten
Q. 19MAK Kwok-fung, Michael Attendance at the accident and emergency departments of public hospitals during public holidaysWritten
Q. 20WONG Sing-chiArrival of mainland one-way exit permit holdersWritten

Council meeting on 10.4.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1 TIEN Pei-chun, James Professional staff in the EPD Written
Q. 2 IP Kwok-him Accounting procedures relating to claims of allowance by District Council members Written
Q. 3 LAU Kin-yee, Miriam Improvement of passenger vehicle flow across the border Written
Q. 4 NG Leung-singTactical Training Complex in the Police Training School Written
Q. 5LAU Ping-cheungConsultancy study on land use in the New Territories Written
Q. 6 LEUNG Fu-wahEffectiveness of the training courses for prospective domestic helpers Written
Q. 7 MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelA medical staff using the patient's identity label for her own pregnancy test Written
Q. 8 FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickCouncil, boards and committees Written
Q. 9Kenneth TINGAssistance to develop electronic and hi-tech toys in Hong Kong Written
Q. 10CHEUNG Man-kwongExpenses of Chief Executive election Written
Q. 11HO Sau-lan, CydLegislation to prevent racial discrimination in the private sector Written
Q. 12CHOY So-yukPosting of indecent posters by vice establishment operators Written
Q. 13LAW Chi-kwongCounselling services to divorced spouses and their children Written
Q. 14Abraham SHEKTraffic congestion near the Cross Harbour Tunnel during busy hours Written
Q. 15LI Wah-ming, FredPublic toilet papers with high bacteria content Written
Q. 16CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertUse of Octopus card on light rails Written
Q. 17SIN Chung-kaiInstallation of mobile phone immobilisers Written
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyClaims against the Airport Authority by contractors in relation to the Hong Kong International Airport project Written
Q. 19HO Chung-taiCourt orders set out in English only Written
Q. 20LAU Kong-wahNew cancer cases Written

Council meeting on 17.4.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1FOK Tsun-ting, TimothyDelay in the zoning plan of South-east KowloonWritten
Q. 2LUI Ming-wahInadequate building number and street signagesWritten
Q. 3LAU Hon-chuen, Ambrose"Early enrolment of top Form Six student" SchemeWritten
Q. 4IP Kwok-himLiquor licences in bars near residential areaWritten
Q. 5NG Leung-singSalary revision of civil servantsWritten
Q. 6EU Yuet-mee, AudreyRanking of the head of the Immigration Service Training SchoolWritten
Q. 7TO Kun-sun, JamesInstallation of vehicle head lights with extraordinary brightnessWritten
Q. 8LEUNG Fu-wah Registration of electrical workersWritten
Q. 9Kenneth TING Application for assistance under the SME Business Installations and Equipment Loan Guarantee SchemeWritten
Q. 10MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelEnrollment of Student NursesWritten
Q. 11CHU Yu-lin, DavidIllegal operation of residential bus servicesWritten
Q. 12TANG Siu-tongPlot ratio adopted in the construction of Public Rental EstatesWritten
Q. 13CHOY So-yukAdvertisement on how to make quick moneyWritten
Q. 14LI Wah-ming, FredBan of Chinese food products contaminated with antibioticsWritten
Q. 15CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertLand use of Cheung Kong CentreWritten
Q. 16SIN Chung-kaiPortability of telephone numbers on fixed telecommunication networkWritten
Q. 17HO Chung-taiTertiary students' command of EnglishWritten
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyTwo related companies participated in land auctionWritten
Q. 19LAU Kong-wahLaser guns for detecting speedingWritten
Q. 20FOK Tsun-ting, TimothyConversion of vacant factory flats into sports centresWritten

Council meeting on 24.4.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1 LAU Kin-yee, MiriamtdProgress on the construction work of customs booths at Lok Ma Chau Oral
Q. 2WONG Yung-kanFishing vessel fires in typhoon shelters Oral
Q. 3Bernard CHANUse of medical facilities without payment by non-Hong Kong residents Oral
Q. 4LAU Ping-cheungWest Kowloon Reclamation Concept Plan Competition Oral
Q. 5NG Leung-singCounterfeit ten dollar coins Oral
Q. 6CHEUNG Man-kwongInscriptions by high ranking officials for newspapers Oral
Q. 7CHOY So-yukKat Hing Wai as a tourist attraction Written
Q. 8HUI Cheung-chingUse of electronic seals for customs clearance Written
Q. 9LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseConvenience stores operated in young Night Drifter Centres Written
Q.10LEUNG Fu-wahPerformance appraisal for Civil Servants Written
Q. 11MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelPsychiatric patients and services provided to them Written
Q. 12CHU Yu-lin, DavidOver supply of large PRH flats Written
Q. 13TANG Siu-tongCommunity Centre for Tin Shui Wai Written
Q. 14CHOY So-yukBacteria content in water of the Victoria Harbour Written
Q. 15LI Wah-ming, FredRemunerations for members of Appeal Boards Written
Q. 16CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertThe issue of single tender in public organization Written
Q. 17SIN Chung-kaiComplaint on the indiscriminate faxing of documents Written
Q. 18HO Chung-taiFacilitate the disabled persons in taking taxi Written
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, EmilyOpening hours of public libraries Written
Q. 20LAU Kong-wahCrack down on armed crimes Written

Council meeting on 8.5.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1CHEUNG Yu-yan, TommySale of rental shops in public housing estates Oral
Q. 2LAU Kin-yee, MiriamRoad widening in Sai Kung area Oral
Q. 3LI Wah-ming, FredMonitoring the price of petrol Oral
Q. 4LEE Cheuk-yanEmployment of civil servants through employment agencies Oral
Q. 5LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseIllegal soccer gambling Oral
Q. 6LAU Ping-cheungIncreased rentals for well off tenants in PRH Oral
Q. 7WONG Sing-chiReview of comprehensive social securities assistance and Old Age Allowances Written
Q. 8Howard YOUNGTrial scheme on hiring of taxis for duty travel Written
Q. 9HUI Cheung-chingHong Kong residents turning to the airports in the Pearl River Delta area Written
Q. 10CHEUNG Man-kwongDelay in the construction work of government primary schools Written
Q. 11MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelImbalance between medical services provided by the government and private sector Written
Q. 12HO Sau-lan, CydControl of "roundup ready" soya bean Written
Q. 13YEUNG Yiu-chungQualification of Chinese medicine practitioner Written
Q. 14LAW Chi-kwongAccess to buildings for the handicapped Written
Q. 15Abraham SHEKChange of land use Written
Q.16CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertResidential bus services in Tin Shui Wai Written
Q. 17CHOY So-yukOzone smog in Hong Kong Written
Q. 18SIN Chung-kaiRemoving the ban on firecrackers Written
Q. 19HO Chung-taiClosure of construction companies Written
Q. 20LAU Wai-hing, EmilyIll-treatment of the elders Written

Council meeting on 15.5.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1WONG Sing-chiSex abuses on childrenOral
Q. 2HO Chung-taiPlanting trees in urban areaOral
Q. 3 CHAN Yuen-han Development of local community economyOral
Q. 4 LAU Kong-wah Mainland tourists stranded at Lok Ma Chau Control Point Oral
Q. 5 LO Wing-lok Deficit of the Hospital Authority Oral
Q. 6 LAU Wai-hing, Emily Control of medical insurance schemes Oral
Q. 7 LAU Kin-yee, Miriam Co-location clearance at the border control points Written
Q. 8 LAU Hon-chuen, Ambrose Measures taken against $10 counterfeit coins Written
Q. 9 TO Kun-sun, James Arrangement for acting appointment of Secretaries and bureau secretaries Written
Q. 10 FUNG Kin-kee, Frederick Work of the Urban Renewal Authority Written
Q. 11 HUI Cheung-ching Co-operation with the airports in the Pearl River Delta area on the handling of cargoes Written
Q. 12 Howard YOUNGCleanliness of tourist spots Written
Q. 13 MAK Kwok-fung, Michael Co-operation between public and private hospitalsWritten
Q. 14 TANG Siu-tong Rates payable by owners of NT Small Houses Written
Q. 15 LEUNG Yiu-chung Tenancy dispute in the ex-Kai Tai Airport Written
Q. 16 YEUNG Yiu-chung Arrival of single permit holders for family union Written
Q. 17 LI Wah-ming, Fred How to monitor the demand and production of electricity Written
Q. 18 CHAN Wai-yip, Albert Soil pollution in industrial sites Written
Q. 19 LAU Kong-wah Disposal of confiscated armoured personnel carriers Written
Q. 20 HO Chung-tai Independent materials testing and works acceptance tests of government construction contracts Written

Council meeting on 22.5.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LEUNG Fu-wahControl on the type of business operated in the shopping centres of public housingOral
Q. 2CHOY So-yukPiercing of body parts for wearing of ornamentsOral
Q. 3LI Wah-ming, FredWater quality of Dongjiang and Hong Kong reservoirsOral
Q. 4LAU Ping-cheungNew Government Headquarters at the Tamar siteOral
Q. 5HO Chung-taiAssistance of the disabled to use public transport facilitiesOral
Q. 6LAU Kong-wahAuthority of the Immigration Department staff to detain personsOral
Q. 7LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseIncrease of suicidesWritten
Q. 8WONG Sing-chiProtection of Long Valley wetlandWritten
Q. 9FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickProtection of female passengers on public transportWritten
Q. 10Howard YOUNGRelaxing the control on the uses of industrial buildingsWritten
Q. 11CHAN Kwok-keungOutsourcing work to private architects and contractorsWritten
Q. 12MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelCosts for running the Higher Diploma Nursing Programme in Queen Elizabeth HospitalWritten
Q. 13TAM Yiu-chungHow to combat swindling cases in streetsWritten
Q. 14CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertControl of the growth of Mikania micrantha (a creeping vine)Written
Q. 15SIN Chung-kaiJunk e-mailsWritten
Q. 16LAU Wai-hing, EmilyNew policy on Land Disposal for public housingWritten
Q. 17LI Wah-ming, FredRelease of acrylamide by food with high carbohydrate contentWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wahFare increase of cross-boundary shuttle busWritten
Q. 19HO Chung-taiHygienic conditions of public toiletsWritten
Q. 20LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseTransfer of government clinics to the Hospital AuthorityWritten

Council meeting on 29 & 30.5.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1Howard YOUNGTrade malpractices of selling time-share membership schemes for overseas resortsOral
Q. 2CHOY So-yukProtection of large trees from damages caused by worksOral
Q. 3SIN Chung-kaiTechnology transfer for Government information technology application projectsOral
Q. 4MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelHandling sexual abuse casesOral
Q. 5LAU Kong-wahAnti-vice operation mounted in this monthOral
Q. 6HO Chun-yanReduction of area of land reserved for public rental housingOral
Q. 7TIEN Pei-chun, JamesCriminalization of infringement of patent rightsWritten
Q. 8LI Fung-yingEstablishment of the Manpower Development CommitteeWritten
Q. 9Howard YOUNGNuisance caused by taxi drivers in Causeway Bay around mid-nightWritten
Q. 10Andrew CHENGTraffic arrangement for the road leading to Cheung Kong CentreWritten
Q. 11CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertCross-harbour ferry servicesWritten
Q. 12LAU Wai-hing, Emily Unauthorized use of personal data kept in various public registersWritten
Q. 13HO Chung-taiConversion of open nullahs into underground drainsWritten
Q. 14MAK Kwok-fung, Michael Hospital Authority's handling of budget deficitWritten
Q. 15CHOY So-yukProvision of Comprehensive Social Securities Assistance to children of non-Hong Kong residentsWritten
Q. 16LAU Kong-wahOverdue repayment of credit card loansWritten
Q. 17CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertDelay in the commissioning of Container Terminal No. 9Written
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyRelocation of the Victoria PrisonWritten
Q. 19HO Chung-taiMaximum duration of parking interval set for parking metersWritten
Q. 20LI Ka-cheung, EricDisciplinary proceedings against civil servantsWritten

Council meeting on 5.6.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickDisposal of singleton public housing flats for senior citizensOral
Q. 2LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPolice's actions at the approach of sensitive daysOral
Q. 3MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelSale of fresh pork at very low prices by retailersOral
Q. 4LEUNG Yiu-chungProposal to combine the Old Age Allowance Scheme and CSSA SchemeOral
Q. 5LAU Kong-wahBankruptcies among government employeesOral
Q. 6SIN Chung-kaiCombating the import and sale of counterfeit controlled drugsWritten
Q. 7Howard YOUNGShortage of public toilets at Repulse Bay BeachWritten
Q. 8CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertProvision of free mailing service and other assistance to improve communication between councillors and the publicWritten
Q. 9LAU Kong-wahFare concessionary schemes of the two railway corporationsWritten
Q. 10HO Chung-taiCoverage of Outline Zoning PlansWritten
Q. 11MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelArrangements for the clinical practicum training of a Higher Diploma course in Nursing for enrolled nursesWritten
Q. 12CHOY So-yukProtection of an old banyan tree in a construction site for public housingWritten
Q. 13LAU Wai-hing, Emily Progress of the construction project for the Hong Kong DisneylandWritten
Q. 14CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertFloodings caused by neighbours who fill up their land to form elevated siteWritten
Q. 15HO Chung-taiProposal to build an arboretum in Penny's BayWritten
Q. 16LEUNG Fu-wahThe proposed plan to operate certain government departments as trading fundsWritten
Q. 17Abraham SHEKStatistics on Innovation and Technology FundWritten
Q. 18TAM Yiu-chungThe plan to build a sewage treatment plant at Ngong Ping and to discharge the treated effluent into the sea from Tai OWritten
Q. 19LI Wah-ming, FredSale of fresh meat by superstoresWritten

Council meeting on 12.6.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LI Wah-ming, FredFollow-up to Consumer Council's report on Regulating Deceptive, Misleading and Unfair Practices in Consumer TransactionsOral
Q. 2LAU Kong-wahCorruption cases involving employees of non-government public bodiesOral
Q. 3LAU Wai-hing, EmilyWomen's Commission's role of a "central mechanism"Oral
Q. 4Abraham SHKEDevelopment of public and private housing on the same siteOral
Q. 5Margaret NGProliferation of agents that help clients handle their compensation claims for accidentsOral
Q. 6HUI Cheung-chingProposal to build a road tunnel to link up Zhuhai and Shekou of ShenzhenOral
Q. 7CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertGranting of public works contracts to a company not on the List of Approved Contractors for Public WorksWritten
Q. 8HO Chung-taiDesign and usage of ferry piersWritten
Q. 9LAU Wai-hing, EmilyConflict of interests of securities intermediariesWritten
Q. 10HO Chung-taiAssisting the visually impaired to use MTRWritten
Q. 11LAU Kong-wahErection of noise barriers which divide dual carriagewaysWritten
Q. 12SIN Chung-kaiProposal to upload details of registered drugs onto a Government web-siteWritten
Q. 13HO Chun-yanSelection of banks to provide banking services to the GovernmentWritten
Q. 14HUI Cheung-chingLong customs clearance time for cross-boundary container trucksWritten
Q. 15LI Wah-ming, FredProgress of a technical study on interconnection of the electricity supply systems of the two power companiesWritten
Q. 16LO Wing-lokHospital Authority's plan to arrange for bulk purchases of medicines for private hospitals and private practitionersWritten
Q. 17WU King-cheong, HenrySelection of trades to be allowed to operate in shopping arcades of the Housing AuthorityWritten

Council meeting on 19 & 20.6.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1MA Fung-kwokBusiness activities of the Hong Kong Productivity CouncilOral
Q. 2WONG Sing-chiResource allocation for social welfare servicesOral
Q. 3LI Wah-ming, FredSales plan for Home Ownership Scheme unitsOral
Q. 4LAU Wai-hing, EmilyLegislation against acts of racial discrimination in the private sectorOral
Q. 5Abraham SHEKGambling activities on the high seasOral
Q. 6LAU Kong-wahDetermination of rental level of newly-completed public housingOral
Q. 7CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertAlleged breach of land grant condition by the River Trade Terminal Co LtdWritten
Q. 8LAU Wai-hing, EmilyDevelopment of broadband Internet networkWritten
Q. 9LAU Kong-wahDetermination of colours of noise barriersWritten
Q. 10CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertBanks' engaging debt collection companies to collect outstanding repayments of loansWritten
Q. 11NG Leung-singProcurement of drugs by the Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 12LI Wah-ming, FredPlanning work for Urban Renewal Authority's redevelopment project at Kwun Tong Town CentreWritten
Q. 13WONG Sing-chiOperation of the Community Investment and Inclusion FundWritten
Q. 14WU King-cheong, HenryStorage facility for Low-level Radioactive WasteWritten
Q. 15YEUNG SumCommercial premises under the Housing AuthorityWritten

Council meeting on 26.6.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LAU Wai-hing, EmilyInternational community's question on the operation of "One Country, Two Systems" in Hong Kong SAROral
Q. 2LAU Kong-wahRemoval of dead bodies in respect of unnatural death or dead body found casesOral
Q. 3YEUNG Yiu-chungVarious universities' early admission schemes for top Secondary Six studentsOral
Q. 4CHEUNG Yu-yan, TommyDeveloping Hong Kong into a wine distribution hub of AsiaOral
Q. 5LAU Ping-cheungDisclosure of sensitive information by government officialsOral
Q. 6CHAN Kwok-keungMonitoring the contents of computer game softwaresWritten
Q. 7NG Leung-singMonitoring credit rating agenciesWritten
Q. 8WU King-cheong, HenryEnhanced security measures at the Hong Kong International AirportWritten
Q. 9HO Sau-lan, CydEfforts to improve air quality in the Pearl River Delta RegionWritten
Q. 10LI Wah-ming, FredSafety standards adopted for the regulation of beauty productsWritten
Q. 11CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertEnforcement of the clauses in land leases which require real estate developers to provide certain public facilities on the sites concernedWritten
Q. 12LAU Kong-wahFacilities to prevent the headlamps of vehicles from dazzling the drivers of vehicles moving in opposite directionsWritten
Q. 13LAU Wai-hing, EmilyReception quality of radio broadcasts in tunnelsWritten
Q. 14HO Sau-lan, CydAir quality standards adopted for Air Quality ObjectivesWritten
Q. 15YEUNG Yiu-chungSupply and demand for Secondary One placesWritten
Q. 16WU King-cheong, HenryEncouraging operators with innovative business practices to operate in shop premises under HAWritten
Q. 17TAM Yiu-chungMinimizing intervention on tenancy matters of private propertiesWritten
Q. 18LAW Chi-kwongThe plan to build a sewage treatment plant at Ngong Ping and to discharge the treated effluent into the sea from Tai OWritten
Q. 19TAM Yiu-chungCracking of fresh and sea water mainsWritten

Council meeting on 3 & 4.7.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertNuisance caused by aircraft noise to residentsOral
Q. 2IP Kwok-himCompensation for District Council members who are injured because of the discharge dutiesOral
Q. 3LAU Wai-hing, EmilyImplementation of new fixed penalty ordinance against public cleanliness offencesOral
Q. 4YEUNG Yiu-chungPoor results of Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers (English Language)Oral
Q. 5LAU Kong-wahDefraud cases committed on the pretext of arranging modelling jobs for victimsOral
Q. 6LEUNG Yiu-chungPlan to reduce the number of Primary One classes in the coming school yearOral
Q. 7LEE Chu-ming, MartinStatistics relating to Gross Domestic ProductWritten
Q. 8TO Kun-sun, JamesStatistics on direct investment outside Hong KongWritten
Q. 9Kenneth TINGIncentive measures for factory operators to retain manufacturing processes in Hong KongWritten
Q. 10LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, SophieRegulation of laser vision correction surgeriesWritten
Q. 11WU King-cheong, HenryChoice of traditional Chinese characters for forming certain Chinese termsWritten
Q. 12TANG Siu-tongPopulation figures of various constituencies of the first District Councils electionsWritten
Q. 13LI Wah-ming, FredConsulting District Councils about the vetting of planning applicationWritten
Q. 14HO Chung-taiTraffic signs on expressways and trunk roadsWritten
Q. 15IP Kwok-himAppointment of District Council members to consultative and statutory bodiesWritten
Q. 16LAU Wai-hing, EmilyShark's fin trade pushing some shark species into extinctionWritten
Q. 17LAU Kong-wahSecurity arrangements for the campuses of various tertiary institutionsWritten
Q. 18CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertApplications for assessment of and exemptions from payment of regrant premiumWritten
Q. 19HO Chung-taiProvision and appearance of street name platesWritten
Q. 20CHU Yu-lin, DavidBullying at schoolWritten

Council meeting on 10, 11 & 12.7.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1TSANG Yok-singFire safety of Internet cafesOral
Q. 2TO Kun-sun, JamesArrangements for public housingOral
Q. 3CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewCrack down on gambling activities between people in Hong Kong and offshore bookmakersOral
Q. 4NG Leung-singSafety of the use of mobile phones inside petrol filling stationsOral
Q. 5LAU Kin-yee, MiriamPre-screening of containers destined for US in Hong Kong by US custom officersOral
Q. 6Margaret NGGranting tax relief for divorce persons who are paying maintenance to ex-spousesOral
Q. 7TAM Yiu-chungStatistics relating to Certificate of Absence of Marriage RecordWritten
Q. 8HO Chun-yanStatistics on government propertiesWritten
Q. 9Kenneth TINGProtection of patent rights of Hong Kong businessmenWritten
Q. 10FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickFEHD staff assaulted while discharging dutiesWritten
Q. 11WU King-cheong, HenryGender ratio of kindergarten teachersWritten
Q. 12Howard YOUNGSpecial measures to be adopted at various boundary control points during the Mainland's National Day Holidays in OctoberWritten
Q. 13TAM Yiu-chungVacancy rate of PRH units in Tuen MunWritten
Q. 14YEUNG Yiu-chungBankruptcy of teachersWritten
Q. 15CHOY So-yukProvision of recreational facilities in Shek O for the elderlyWritten
Q. 16LI Wah-ming, FredRailway alignment of the Shatin-Central LinkWritten
Q. 17LAU Kong-wahPersons taking up employment illegally in Hong Kong after entering the territory on visit visasWritten
Q. 18LAI Wai-hing, EmilyRe-appointment of a member of the Culture and Heritage Commission who was often absent at Commission's meetingsWritten
Q. 19CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertContents of employment contracts signed with and declarations of interests made by principal officials under the accountability systemWritten
Q. 20HO Chung-taiTraffic safety of motorcycles inside the cross-harbour tunnelsWritten