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Questions(Year 2002 - 2003)

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List on the numbers of Questions and Supplementaries asked by individual Members

Council meeting on 9.10.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1 IP Kwok-himFire safety of the main doors of public housing unitsOral
Q. 2 YEUNG SumCut in government expenditure in the next few yearsOral
Q. 3 LAU Wai-hing, EmilyImplementation of the principle of sustainable developmentOral
Q. 4 CHAN Yuen-hanStatistics of unemployed young peopleOral
Q. 5 MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelPatients' Choice Items Scheme implemented by the Hospital AuthorityOral
Q. 6 EU Yuet-mee, AudreyDiscrimination in the recruitment of teachers based on their religious beliefOral
Q. 7 HO Chung-taiHygienic condition of the interior of public transportWritten
Q. 8 LAU Kong-wahSelection of building materials for public works projectsWritten
Q. 9 TO Kun-sun, JamesStatistics on applications for One-way Exit Permits on grounds of reunion with spousesWritten
Q. 10 HO Chun-yanChest medical service in Tuen MunWritten
Q. 11 LEUNG Yiu-chungFare concessions offered to the disabled by public transport operatorsWritten
Q. 12 HO Chung-taiProvision of Native-English Speaking teachers and English language teaching assistantsWritten
Q. 13 LI Wah-ming, FredLicensing of swimming poolsWritten
Q. 14 MA Fung-kwokScrapping Incentive SchemeWritten
Q. 15 LEUNG Fu-wahRoad excavation works along cycling tracks and sidewalks on both sides of Sha Tin HoiWritten
Q. 16 YEUNG Yiu-chungGeneral situation and future of village schoolsWritten
Q. 17 Kenneth TINGOutlook of the economy of Hong KongWritten
Q. 18 IP Kwok-himStandard of facilities provided for conference rooms of District CouncilsWritten
Q. 19 CHAN Yuen-hanBusiness visitors from the MainlandWritten
Q. 20 LAU Wai-hing, EmilyTerm of office and ranking of the Chairperson of EOCWritten

Council meeting on 16.10.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1 Howard YOUNGPoor air quality in Tung ChungOral
Q. 2 HO Chung-taiIndustrial safety of demolition works for unauthorized structuresOral
Q. 3 LAU Kong-wahMoney launderingOral
Q. 4 LI Wah-ming, FredWater dripping nuisance caused by air-conditioners in PRH unitsOral
Q. 5 LEUNG Yiu-chungThe authority's monitoring the activities of an exhibition held at City HallOral
Q. 6 HUI Cheung-chingThe proposal to build a cross-border bridge connecting Hong Kong and western part of Pearl River Delta Oral
Q. 7 LI Ka-cheung, Eric AFCD's efforts in controlling termites and mosquitoWritten
Q. 8 CHAN Wai-yip, Albert Insufficient recreational and sports facilities in Tung Chung and Tin Shui Wai NorthWritten
Q. 9 LAU Kin-yee, Miriam Plan to widen Tai Tam RoadWritten
Q. 10 LAU Wai-hing, Emily Appointment of members of consultative and statutory bodiesWritten
Q. 11 Kenneth TING Presentation of accrual of interests on debts Written
Q. 12 LEUNG Yiu-chung Police's handling of protestsWritten
Q. 13 HO Chung-tai Collection of umbilical cord blood by the Hong Kong Red CrossWritten
Q. 14 Kenneth TING Negative-equity assetsWritten
Q. 15 NG Leung-sing Dengue fever outbreakWritten
Q. 16 WONG Sing-chi Statistics on the Youth Work Experience and Training SchemeWritten
Q. 17 LAU Wong-fat Recovery of batteries for recyclingWritten
Q. 18 LAU Chin-shek High mercury content of personal hygiene productsWritten
Q. 19 LI Wah-ming, Fred Quality of bottled waterWritten
Q. 20 LAU Wai-hing, Emily Appointment of Commissioner of ICACWritten

Council meeting on 23.10.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1 MA Fung-kwokRight of mortgagors in the choice of the insured amount when taking out fire insurance for their mortgaged propertiesOral
Q. 2 NG Leung-singClaims on traffic accidents involving government vehiclesOral
Q. 3 CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertExpenditure and claims relating to the Airport Core Programme projectsOral
Q. 4 CHEUNG Man-kwongThe Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury's compliance with the Code for Principal Officials under the Accountability SystemOral
Q. 5 HO Chun-yanConsultation arrangement for the legislative proposals to implement Article 23 of Basic LawOral
Q. 6 SIN Chung-kaiThe proposed Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement with the MainlandOral
Q. 7 FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickDisposal of unsold HOS flatsWritten
Q. 8 CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertAir quality in Tung ChungWritten
Q. 9 CHAN Yuen-hanRequirement for installation of supply tank in buildingsWritten
Q. 10 LEUNG Yiu-chungUnpaid salariesWritten
Q. 11 LI Wah-ming, FredEnforcement of the "obligatory headlamp" stipulationWritten
Q. 12 HO Chung-taiGround floor shops not displaying building numbersWritten
Q. 13 LAU Wai-hing, EmilyStudents of driving schools given shorter queuing time for driving testsWritten
Q. 14 FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickStatistics on transfer by overcrowded PRH tenantsWritten
Q. 15 HO Chung-taiChinese language proficiency of secondary school leavers and university graduatesWritten
Q. 16 LAU Wai-hing, EmilyProtection of consumers' rights and interests in various types of contracts for the supply of goodsWritten
Q. 17 CHAN Kwok-keungAdjustment of provisional tax payable by civil servants in the light of salary reductionWritten
Q. 18 LAU Kong-wahRadioactivity of vegetablesWritten
Q. 19 LAU Chin-shekTelevision broadcast on busesWritten
Q. 20 LAU Kong-wahClearance of unauthorized rooftop structures and rehousing of the tenants concernedWritten

Council meeting on 30.10.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LAU Kin-yee, MiriamTraffic arrangements for StanleyOral
Q. 2CHOY So-yukWastage of drinking waterOral
Q. 3Bernard CHANHealthy diet for childrenOral
Q. 4Abraham SHEKEfforts against persons taking up of employment illegally in Hong KongOral
Q. 5LO Wing-lokProposed A&E charge at public hospitalsOral
Q. 6LAU Kong-wahFare differentials between air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buses plying the same routesOral
Q. 7MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelScheme for the Hospital Authority to take over all general out-patient clinics of the Department of HealthWritten
Q. 8CHU Yu-lin, DavidDelayed opening of a bazaar in Sheung WanWritten
Q. 9CHEUNG Man-kwongReduction in number of classes Written
Q. 10TAM Yiu-chungBusiness environment of public market stallsWritten
Q. 11LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseOutsourcing of crowd control work at border control pointsWritten
Q. 12EU Yuet-mee, AudreyConcessionary rent-free periods offered to Cyberport tenantsWritten
Q. 13SIN Chung-kaiOutsourcing of IT projects Written
Q. 14NG Leung-singTunnel surcharge imposed by mobile phone network operatorsWritten
Q. 15TO Kun-sun, JamesApplications for One-way Exit Permits on grounds of reunion with spousesWritten
Q. 16CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertPromotion of local artistic creationWritten
Q. 17CHAN Yuen-hanService for elderly tenants of Housing for Senior CitizensWritten
Q. 18HO Chung-taiMother tongue educationWritten
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, EmilyEffectiveness of the Cyberport projectWritten
Q. 20Abraham SHEKDelayed maintenance works for a government car park in CentralWritten

Council meeting on 6.11.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1Kenneth TINGDifficulties encountered by SMEs in securing bank loansOral
Q. 2LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseVisitors from the Mainland under the Group Tour SchemeOral
Q. 3CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, SelinaImpact of road closure and traffic diversion in Tsim Sha Tsui on shop businessOral
Q. 4HO Chun-yanPublic consultation on proposals to implement Article 23 of the Basic LawOral
Q. 5HO Chung-taiInstallation of noise barriersOral
Q. 6LEUNG Yiu-chungModification of URA's redevelopment projectsOral
Q. 7CHOY So-yukUse of "alcohol candle" on dining tables in restaurantsWritten
Q. 8Bernard CHANMTRC's seeking subsidy from the Government for constructing MTR's South Island LineWritten
Q. 9CHU Yu-lin, DavidRegulation of ice making plantsWritten
Q. 10MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelTraining costs for and employment situation of graduates in the medical, nursing and allied health programmesWritten
Q. 11SIN Chung-kaiGovernments' efforts in promoting open source softwareWritten
Q. 12FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickStatistics on attendance of A&E departments in public hospitalsWritten
Q. 13CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertRelief for overcrowded householdsWritten
Q. 14CHAN Yuen-hanCross boundary coach serviceWritten
Q. 15LAU Kong-wahTraffic accidents involving professional driversWritten
Q. 16CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, SelinaPolice's effort against crimes relating to credit cardsWritten
Q. 17HO Chung-taiTenants living in non self-contained PRH unitsWritten
Q. 18CHOY So-yukHolding territory-wide sports competitions in LCSD's venuesWritten
Q. 19CHU Yu-lin, DavidStall rentals of single-operator markets in PRH estatesWritten
Q. 20SIN Chung-kaiFees payable by tenants and management of single-operator markets in PRH estatesWritten

Council meeting on 13.11.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LAU Wong-fatUse of paving slabs for pavementsOral
Q. 2SZETO WahTrial scheme for teaching in small classesOral
Q. 3TO Kun-sun, JamesProposals to implement Article 23 of the Basic LawOral
Q. 4TIEN Pei-chun, JamesMortgages of residential propertyOral
Q. 5CHOY So-yukLand grants for private clubsOral
Q. 6LAU Wai-hing, EmilyArrangements for the third term LegCo functional sector electionsOral
Q. 7LEUNG Fu-wahBroadcasting television programmes of CCTV in Hong KongWritten
Q. 8TAM Yiu-chungDevelopment of precast concrete structure in Hong KongWritten
Q. 9CHOY So-yukDevelopment project in Ngong PingWritten
Q. 10MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelNon-emergency ambulance transfer service of the Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 11FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickStatistics on revenue and patronage of MTRWritten
Q. 12LI Wah-ming, FredFeasibility of increasing the interconnection of the electricity supply systems of the two power companiesWritten
Q. 13SIN Chung-kaiHuman resources of the Applied Science and Technology Research InstituteWritten
Q. 14LAU Kong-wahReview of the various student travel subsidy schemesWritten
Q. 15CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertLack of statutory plans in some areasWritten
Q. 16HO Chung-taiHandling burst water pipes by WSDWritten
Q. 17SZETO WahFinancial situation of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment AuthorityWritten
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyDevelopment project in Ngong PingWritten
Q. 19MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelFinancing the Hospital Authority's budget deficitsWritten
Q. 20SIN Chung-kaiResearch work of the Applied Science and Technology Research InstituteWritten

Council meeting on 20.11.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LEUNG Fu-wahCrack down on illegal employmentOral
Q. 2CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewExemption of franchised buses from tax on dieselOral
Q. 3EU Yuet-mee, AudreyInvestment strategy for Quality Education FundOral
Q. 4LAU Ping-cheungConstruction projects for infrastructures and community facilitiesOral
Q. 5FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickDefault on rental payments by PRH tenantsOral
Q. 6Abraham SHEKPopulation policyOral
Q. 7TANG Siu-tongPassenger flow using the Northern LinkWritten
Q. 8TIEN Pei-chun, JamesDetails of air pollution management measuresWritten
Q. 9CHEUNG Man-kwongComplaints against extramural courses of UGC-funded institutionsWritten
Q. 10CHOY So-yukOpening hours of toilets in Victoria ParkWritten
Q. 11MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelPublic order in A&E departments of hospitalsWritten
Q. 12CHAN Yuen-hanProvision of services under the Programme of Early Assessment Service for Young People with PsychosisWritten
Q. 13LAU Kong-wahProliferation of monkeys in country parksWritten
Q. 14SIN Chung-kaiProposed use of "Thin Client" network system by Government departmentsWritten
Q. 15CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertRoad opening works in Tin Shui WaiWritten
Q. 16LAU Wai-hing, EmilyProposed establishment of a Human Rights CommissionWritten
Q. 17HO Chung-taiUnder-utilization of car parks under the management of the Transport DepartmentWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wahThreats of terrorist attacks in neighbouring territoriesWritten
Q. 19LEUNG Fu-wahLevel of the fares of green minibusesWritten
Q. 20CHEUNG Man-kwongLand reserved for building primary and secondary schoolsWritten

Council meeting on 27.11.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1YEUNG Yiu-chungReview of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles OrdinanceOral
Q. 2CHAN Kam-lamRoad maintenance and resurfacing worksOral
Q. 3TANG Siu-tongImpact of the measures to implement the Government's new housing policy on job market of construction industryOral
Q. 4LEE Chu-ming, MartinStaging of petitions outside the Main Wing and East Wing of Central Government OfficesOral
Q. 5CHAN Yuen-hanHandling of gas leakage incidents by the Fire Services DepartmentOral
Q. 6SIN Chung-kaiComments on unemployment rates by an ExCo Member on the eve of formal announcementOral
Q. 7WU King-cheong, HenryStaffing of Intermediaries Supervision Department of SFCWritten
Q. 8FOK Tsun-ting, TimothyProtection of public figures' privacy and the public's right to knowWritten
Q. 9LUI Ming-wahAdministration's restraining the scope of operation of non-franchised bus servicesWritten
Q. 10LAW Chi-kwongProvision of an expensive drug to patients of Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 11LAU Kin-yee, MiriamDumping of construction and demolition waste at landfillsWritten
Q. 12CHAN Kwok-keungStatistics relating to unemployed persons receiving CSSA paymentsWritten
Q. 13TIEN Pei-chun, JamesStatistics on import of and revenue on wineWritten
Q. 14CHEUNG Man-kwongArrangements for division of work after the merger of Education and Manpower Bureau and Education DepartmentWritten
Q. 15CHOY So-yukApplication for land grant by Asia SocietyWritten
Q. 16LI Wah-ming, FredInspection on the structural safety of buildings after fireWritten
Q. 17SIN Chung-kaiTelecommunications network facilities in Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention CentreWritten
Q. 18CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertUse of refuse chutes in PRH estatesWritten
Q. 19LAU Kong-wahProblem of speeding among public light bus driversWritten
Q. 20LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPrevention and cure of cancerWritten

Council meeting on 4.12.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1WONG Yung-kanTheft cases in supermarketsOral
Q. 2LI Wah-ming, FredPersons subject to conditions of stay being subsidized for public health servicesOral
Q. 3HUI Cheung-chingThe setting up of China-ASEAN Free Trade AreaOral
Q. 4YEUNG Yiu-chungHoisting of the National Flag in primary and secondary schoolsOral
Q. 5LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseProgress of establishment of commercial credit reference agencyOral
Q. 6YEUNG SumNon-issuance of government bondsOral
Q. 7CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewRegulation of electric skateboards and bicyclesWritten
Q. 8TANG Siu-tongLong waiting time of hotlines of government departments and public bodiesWritten
Q. 9HO Chun-yanNotices-To-Quit issued by Housing DepartmentWritten
Q. 10LAU Kin-yee, MiriamLPG vansWritten
Q. 11FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickVehicle repair garagesWritten
Q. 12MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelHA's plan to set up Chinese medicine out-patient clinicsWritten
Q. 13CHOY So-yukApplications for private treaty grantWritten
Q. 14SIN Chung-kaiReview of various telecommunication licence feesWritten
Q. 15CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertProblem of abandoned plough oxenWritten
Q. 16LAU Kong-wahAir quality in enclosed railway stationsWritten
Q. 17HO Chung-taiCollection of plastic bags for recyclingWritten
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyImpact of expenditure reduction on ICACWritten
Q. 19HUI Cheung-chingEstablishment of regional headquarters and regional offices in Hong Kong by foreign companiesWritten
Q. 20LI Wah-ming, FredRegulation of ice making plantsWritten

Council meeting on 11 & 12.12.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LAW Chi-kwongWomen health services provided by the Department of HealthOral
Q. 2HO Sau-lan, CydProcedural requirements for compilation of drafting instructionsOral
Q. 3WONG Sing-chiFunding of sub-degree programmesOral
Q. 4WONG Yung-kanImplementation of the fishing licence programmeOral
Q. 5CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertFoundation strengthening works for HOS blocks in Tin Shui WaiOral
Q. 6CHOY So-yukIllegal activities in the Victoria ParkOral
Q. 7YEUNG SumAsbestos control for the demolition works for the North Point EstateWritten
Q. 8CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewExecution of court orders by bailiffsWritten
Q. 9HUI Cheung-chingShenzhen authorities' plan to construct major logistics park regionsWritten
Q. 10LI Ka-cheung, EricSchools operating on block grantsWritten
Q. 11TANG Siu-tongServices of the Water Supplies DepartmentWritten
Q. 12SIN Chung-kaiTenancy agreements of container vehicle parksWritten
Q. 13TANG Siu-tongDelineation of boundaries for village representative election in 2003Written
Q. 14LAU Kong-wahHead-bashing robberiesWritten
Q. 15HO Chung-taiHousing Department 's discarding unused mosaic tilesWritten
Q. 16LAU Wai-hing, EmilyUse of flight awards earned from government passagesWritten
Q. 17LAW Chi-kwongCases of depressive illnessWritten
Q. 18CHOY So-yukMatters relating to the 66 pieces of government land granted at nominal premiumWritten
Q. 19CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertTransport arrangements for tourist attractionsWritten
Q. 20HUI Cheung-chingShenzhen authorities' plan to provide additional container berthsWritten

Council meeting on 18.12.2002

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, SelinaQuality of programmes broadcast on English channels of free televisionOral
Q. 2CHAN Yuen-hanProvision of social protection for the self-employedOral
Q. 3TANG Siu-tongReview of the student travel subsidy schemesOral
Q. 4LAU Kong-wahFare concessions for passengers of KCRC and MTROral
Q. 5LAU Ping-cheungOutsourcing maintenance of traffic lightsOral
Q. 6Bernard CHANExtension of no-smoking areasOral
Q. 7LEE Cheuk-yanOperation of Appeal Board on Public Meetings and ProcessionsWritten
Q. 8CHAN Kwok-keungIllegal operation of car hiringWritten
Q. 9LI Ka-cheung, EricRoad excavation works on the pavements along Nathan Road in Tsim Sha TsuiWritten
Q. 10TO Kun-sun, JamesApplications for using the Central Government Offices compound for public meeting or public processionsWritten
Q. 11LEUNG Yiu-chungPilot scheme on the separate collection of dry and wet wastesWritten
Q. 12LEUNG Fu-wahTwo pieces of land granted to a golf club at nominal land premiumWritten
Q. 13LEE Cheuk-yanAdjustment of disability allowancesWritten
Q. 14CHOY So-yukProtecting the trees at the site of former Marine Police Headquarters in Tsim Sha TsuiWritten
Q. 15CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertControlling the growth of Mikania micranthaWritten
Q. 16SIN Chung-kaiAssisting the local telecommunications and information technology sectors in opening up the Mainland marketsWritten
Q. 17LAU Kong-wahHealth diet for their childrenWritten
Q. 18HO Chung-taiHandling of recyclable wastes in PRH estatesWritten
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, EmilyAllowing individual civil servants to indicate if they consent to salary reductionWritten
Q. 20TANG Siu-tongVetting and approving applications for remission of charges for medical services of public hospitalsWritten

Council meeting on 15.1.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LAU Ping-cheungConcessionary bus-bus interchange schemesWritten
Q. 2LO Wing-lokProvision of public facilities for residents in remote areasWritten
Q. 3HO Sau-lan, CydVideo-recording of public processions by the PoliceWritten
Q. 4LEE Chu-ming, MartinConsultation document on implementing Article 23 of Basic LawWritten
Q. 5WONG Sing-chiNon-local students of various universitiesWritten
Q. 6Abraham SHEKCivil servants' applications for reinstatementWritten
Q. 7YEUNG SumRelationship between economic growth and public financeWritten
Q. 8IP Kwok-himStudents who cross the border to attend schools in Hong KongWritten
Q. 9Bernard CHANHandling of ethnic minorities' applications for naturalization as Chinese nationalsWritten
Q. 10WU King-cheong, HenryInvestigations against intermediaries conducted by SFCWritten
Q. 11NG Leung-singProcurement of guns by the PoliceWritten
Q. 12CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewRules and regulations relating to the People's Liberation Army Garrison stationed in Hong KongWritten
Q. 13TAM Yiu-chungDerailment of a light rail vehicleWritten
Q. 14CHAN Kwok-keungProvision of mobile medical servicesWritten
Q. 15LI Ka-cheung, EricOutsourcing winding-up cases by the Official Receiver's OfficeWritten
Q. 16LAU Kin-yee, MiriamDevelopment of new railway linesWritten
Q. 17LEUNG Yiu-chungConstruction of the North Lantau HospitalWritten
Q. 18LEUNG Fu-wahThe rule which invalidates the licences held by driving instructors of authorized driving schools when they cease to work for the schoolsWritten
Q. 19FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickInstallation of flashing green countdown displays for vehicles and pedestriansWritten
Q. 20LI Wah-ming, FredStandards of the courses offered by beauty institutionsWritten

Council meeting on 22.1.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1TO Kun-sun, JamesConditions imposed on public processions and public assembliesOral
Q. 2TAM Yiu-chungPolice strength in Yuen Long DistrictOral
Q. 3LAU Kin-yee, MiriamImplementation of co-location of immigration and customs facilities at border control pointsOral
Q. 4TIEN Pei-chun, JamesProtection of the rights of foreign domestic helpersOral
Q. 5MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelDisposal of clinical wasteOral
Q. 6CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewInsurance companies' delaying compensation to the third party in traffic accidentsOral
Q. 7LAU Kong-wahSecurity matters in public car parksWritten
Q. 8Abraham SHEKSupply and demand of PRH flatsWritten
Q. 9IP Kwok-himDistrict councillors being harassed after lodging complaints about local problemsWritten
Q. 10Bernard CHANMonitoring fund-raising activitiesWritten
Q. 11WU King-cheong, HenryLocal and non-local staff of SFCWritten
Q. 12NG Leung-singPrevention of fire on franchised buses while in motionWritten
Q. 13CHAN Kwok-keungDrug rehabilitation servicesWritten
Q. 14LI Ka-cheung, EricHandling reports of unknown gasesWritten
Q. 15LEUNG Yiu-chungWaste separation bins placed at public placesWritten
Q. 16LEUNG Fu-wahApplications for change in land use by non-profit-making organizationsWritten
Q. 17FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickPartitioned PRH flatsWritten
Q. 18CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertBus-bus interchange schemes implemented by franchised bus companiesWritten
Q. 19SIN Chung-kaiProvision of telecommunications service to exhibitors of the International Telecommunications ExhibitionWritten

Council meeting on 12 & 13.2.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LI Fung-yingWage level and rest days for workers employed by government service contractorsOral
Q. 2TSANG Yok-singEthnic minoritiesOral
Q. 3FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickAllocation of PRH flats to elderly householdsOral
Q. 4NG Leung-singThe services of RTHKOral
Q. 5LAW Chi-kwongCollaboration with non-governmental organizations in organizing waste recovery activitiesOral
Q. 6WONG Sing-chiSafety of underground gas pipesOral
Q. 7LI Ka-cheung, EricCases of obtaining CSSA payments by deceptionWritten
Q. 8LAU Wong-fatRelaxing the restrictions imposed on the Frontier Closed Area Written
Q. 9CHAN Kam-lamRegulation of the accountancy professionWritten
Q. 10YEUNG Yiu-chungImplementation of the Fixed Penalty (Public Cleanliness Offences) OrdinanceWritten
Q. 11LAU Ping-cheungEnactment of law to resolve the problem of missing or illegible Government leases and grantsWritten
Q. 12LEUNG Fu-wahDepartmental quarters for the disciplined servicesWritten
Q. 13LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseDeferring railway developmentWritten
Q. 14LEE Cheuk-yanDefault payment of wagesWritten
Q. 15WU King-cheong, HenryProvision of pre-installed electrical appliances for HOS flats Written
Q. 16TAM Yiu-chungProvision of medical and elderly services for the frail elderly Written
Q. 17Abraham SHEKGuesthouses and service apartments converted from office buildings Written
Q. 18TO Kun-sun, JamesStatistics on Mainlanders settling in Hong KongWritten
Q. 19LAU Kin-yee, MiriamRoad safety involving vehicles carrying out maintenance and cleaning work on highwaysWritten
Q. 20CHAN Kwok-keungLong-term unemployed peopleWritten

Council meeting on 19.2.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LAU Wong-fatSafety of pedestrian refugesOral
Q. 2LAU Wai-hing, EmilySelective prosecution of the organizers of an unauthorized processionOral
Q. 3HO Chung-taiConcessionary interchange schemes implemented by MTR Corporation LimitedOral
Q. 4HO Chun-yanHandling public meetings and public processions for which notifications have not been given in accordance with the lawOral
Q. 5SIN Chung-kaiVetting and approving entry visa applications by Taiwan officialsOral
Q. 6MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelCharging for Accident & Emergency serviceOral
Q. 7YEUNG Yiu-chungWork of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in GuangdongWritten
Q. 8LAW Chi-kwongProvision of waste separation bins on each floor of every block in PRH estatesWritten
Q. 9NG Leung-singVaccination of the local population against smallpoxWritten
Q. 10WU King-cheong, HenryThe grade of "lift operators" in the civil service establishmentWritten
Q. 11TAM Yiu-chungProvision of noise enclosures for two sections of the Route 5 ExtensionWritten
Q. 12TANG Siu-tongRemedial works for two PRH blocks in Tin Yuet EstateWritten
Q. 13CHAN Kwok-keungSkills Upgrading SchemeWritten
Q. 14LI Ka-cheung, EricIncome and expenditure of foreign domestic helpersWritten
Q. 15FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickStatistics on the One Company One Job CampaignWritten
Q. 16LEUNG Fu-wahAltering the uniforms and accoutrements of disciplined staffWritten
Q. 17CHOY So-yukCleaning of smeared treesWritten
Q. 18SIN Chung-kaiAssisting SMEs in bidding for government information technology service contractsWritten
Q. 19LAU Kong-wahShops operating in an unscrupulous wayWritten
Q. 20MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelPost-operative mortality rates of patientsWritten

Council meeting on 26.2.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LEE Chu-ming, MartinRegulation of listed companiesOral
Q. 2Abraham SHEKSelection of railway company to operate the new Shatin to Central LinkOral
Q. 3LI Wah-ming, FredPurchase of Dongjiang waterOral
Q. 4YEUNG Yiu-chungCancellation of a scheduled liver transplantOral
Q. 5CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, SelinaCrimes targeted at visitorsOral
Q. 6TIEN Pei-chun, JamesBusiness activities undertaken by Mainlanders who enter Hong Kong on Two-way Exit PermitsWritten
Q. 7HO Chung-taiElectronic schoolbagsWritten
Q. 8LAU Wai-hing, EmilyUse of flushing cisterns with two different discharge volumesWritten
Q. 9HO Chun-yanProvision of default guarantee for various subsidized home purchase schemesWritten
Q. 10LAW Chi-kwongAllowing spouses who have elected to be separately assessed to separately apply for calculation of their payable taxes based on "personal assessment"Written
Q. 11IP Kwok-himRegulation of advertisement signboardsWritten
Q. 12NG Leung-singInformation security for computer systems in schoolsWritten
Q. 13CHAN Yuen-hanCases of injuries caused by the public facilities in PRH estatesWritten
Q. 14WU King-cheong, HenryMaintaining the order and fairness of the financial marketsWritten
Q. 15MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelRecent outbreak of pneumonia cases in Guangdong ProvinceWritten
Q. 16LI Ka-cheung, EricNutrient composition and hygiene standard of school lunchboxesWritten
Q. 17FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickImplementation of the Fixed Penalty (Public Cleanliness Offences) OrdinanceWritten
Q. 18CHOY So-yukThe plan to build a sewage treatment plant at Ngong PingWritten
Q. 19CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertHandling of withered trees on government landWritten

Council meeting on 5.3.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1HO Sau-lan, CydCross-border liaison about medical and health servicesWritten
Q. 2HO Chun-yanImmigration clearance time for foreignersWritten
Q. 3Abraham SHEKNew public transport fare adjustment mechanismWritten
Q. 4CHAN Yuen-hanEffects of abolishing the minimum brokerage rate ruleWritten
Q. 5LI Wah-ming, FredCases of denial of import of live chickens found to have been infected with H5 avian flu virusWritten
Q. 6MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelVoluntary Early Retirement Programme implemented by Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 7CHOY So-yukUse of phone cards to make callsWritten
Q. 8SIN Chung-kaiApplications from IT sector made under the Admission of Mainland Professionals Scheme for entry to work in Hong KongWritten
Q. 9HO Chung-taiRising number of cases of obtaining CSSA payments by deceptionWritten
Q. 10LAU Kong-wahCompensation for police officers who die accidentally while on dutyWritten
Q. 11LAU Wai-hing, EmilyIntroduction of the new land use zoning "Other Specified Uses" annotated "Rural Use"Written
Q. 12MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelImplementation of a provision of the Nurses Registration Ordinance for the election of some members to the Nursing Council of Hong KongWritten
Q. 13LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPromotion of police officers who handled demonstrationsWritten
Q. 14HO Chung-taiIndustrial accidents involving scaffoldingsWritten
Q. 15LAU Kong-wahKeeping the furnishings of public rental housing units under Housing Authority for new tenantsWritten
Q. 16SIN Chung-kaiOccupancy of Science ParkWritten
Q. 17LO Wing-lokPromotion and recruitment of senior executive staff by the Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 18LAW Chi-kwongForensic Pathology Service of the Department of HealthWritten
Q. 19Bernard CHANErection of structures on historical sitesWritten
Q. 20CHU Yu-lin, DavidMonitoring banks' charges for securities servicesWritten

Council meeting on 12.3.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1TSANG Yok-singHandling emergency situations in MTR and KCROral
Q. 2Abraham SHEKQuality of prospective teachersOral
Q. 3LAU Ping-cheungImpact of a serious earthquakeOral
Q. 4YEUNG SumService of Hospital Authority under budget squeezeOral
Q. 5CHOY So-yukCivil Service Overseas Education AllowanceOral
Q. 6LAU Kong-wahFare structure of the East RailOral
Q. 7WONG Sing-chiOutsourcing of the work of Architectural Services DepartmentWritten
Q. 8HO Sau-lan, CydYoung mothersWritten
Q. 9LAW Chi-kwongProvision of services and the manpower in public hospitalsWritten
Q. 10TAM Yiu-chungAircraft noiseWritten
Q. 11MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelHandling of financial matters by hostel staff homes on behalf of the residents who are mentally impairedWritten
Q. 12SIN Chung-kaiInvestigation of computer crimesWritten
Q. 13LAU Wai-hing, EmilyAbuse of the Protection of Wages on Insolvency FundWritten
Q. 14HO Chung-taiHandling of compressed gas cylindersWritten
Q. 15LAU Kong-wahCases of wrong prosecutions for red-light or speeding offencesWritten
Q. 16HO Sau-lan, CydBanned moviesWritten
Q. 17LAU Wai-hing, EmilyConservation of electricityWritten
Q. 18HO Chung-taiProvision of study roomsWritten
Q. 19TO Kun-sun, JamesProperty management of a PRH estate with both owner-occupiers and tenants governed by a single DMCWritten
Q. 20Howard YOUNGRestrictions imposed by the Mainland authorities on temporary residents in Guangdong Province touring Hong Kong Written

Council meeting on 19 & 20.3.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LI Ka-cheung, EricAccess to the Mainland aviation marketOral
Q. 2IP Kwok-himThe Government's shelving the construction of MTR West Hong Kong Island Line Phase 2Oral
Q. 3LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseEconomic integration with the Pearl Diver DeltaOral
Q. 4LAW Chi-kwongTreatment of chemical wastesOral
Q. 5HO Chung-taiSolar-powered irrigation for vegetationOral
Q. 6LAU Wai-hing, EmilyProposal to replace light duty diesel vehicles with petrol vehiclesOral
Q. 7EU Yuet-mee, AudreyHolders of foreign passports refused to be issued entry visas or entry on arrivalWritten
Q. 8WONG Sing-chiPreservation of privately owned buildings with conservation valueWritten
Q. 9TANG Siu-tongCompilation of Social Security Assistance Index of PricesWritten
Q. 10CHAN Kwok-keungProspect of non-civil service contract staff upon expiry of their contractsWritten
Q. 11SIN Chung-kaiVulnerability of SMEs to computer attacksWritten
Q. 12LAU Kong-wahOutbound group tours charging low pricesWritten
Q. 13LI Ka-cheung, EricAccreditation charges for overseas academic qualificationsWritten
Q. 14LAU Wai-hing, EmilyProvision of public libraries in accordance with the planning standard concernedWritten
Q. 15HO Chung-taiContinuing Education FundWritten
Q. 16TANG Siu-tongProgress of plan to build a community hall in Tin Shui Wai NorthWritten
Q. 17CHAN Kwok-keungOrgan donationWritten
Q. 18LAU Kong-wahAir quality and temperatures in train compartmentsWritten
Q. 19CHEUNG Yu-yan, TommyProsecutions of unlicensed food establishmentsWritten
Q. 20MA Fung-kwokPolicies impacting on childbirthWritten

Council meeting on 2.4.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1Howard YOUNGProposed application of the Container Security Initiative for ocean-going containers to air cargoesWritten
Q. 2EU Yuet-mee, AudreyDefault cases in various loan schemes for tertiary studentsWritten
Q. 3Abraham SHEKFringe benefits for civil servantsWritten
Q. 4LEUNG Yiu-chungCorporatization of business premises under the Housing DepartmentWritten
Q. 5LI Wah-ming, FredSale and purchase of duty-not-paid light diesel oilWritten
Q. 6CHOY So-yukUnauthorized display of bills or postersWritten
Q. 7MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelProtection of health care workers against atypical pneumonia Written
Q. 8CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertTwo-way Exit Permit holders giving birth in Hong KongWritten
Q. 9SIN Chung-kaiWork of HKCERTWritten
Q. 10LAU Wai-hing, EmilyEnsuring the ICAC to function independentlyWritten
Q. 11HO Chung-taiFire caused by improper disposal of cigarette endsWritten
Q. 12LAU Kong-wahShenzhen - Hong Kong Land Boundary Police Co-operation SchemeWritten
Q. 13Howard YOUNGThe iPermit Scheme for Taiwan residents to apply for and receive entry permits through the InternetWritten
Q. 14CHOY So-yukReplacement of pavement railingsWritten
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, EmilyThe Chief Executive's consultation with the Executive Council on the Appropriation Bill 2003Written
Q. 16HO Chung-taiDisposal of computers by the PoliceWritten
Q. 17LAU Kong-wahProtection gear for personnel responsible for escorting cash and valuablesWritten
Q. 18LI Ka-cheung, EricNew tender requirements for gas filling stationsWritten
Q. 19SIN Chung-kaiProcurement and disposal of computers by the disciplined servicesWritten
Q. 20LI Ka-cheung, EricPolicies on oil reservesWritten

Council meeting on 9.4.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1HO Sau-lan, CydLegal aid applications in respect of litigations concerning human rightsWritten
Q. 2LEUNG Fu-wahCessation of ferry service between Kowloon and Macau by a companyWritten
Q. 3LI Wah-ming, FredRegulation of the domestic gas marketWritten
Q. 4FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickMobile library serviceWritten
Q. 5MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelPayment of accident and emergency service charge by cash in foreign currenciesWritten
Q. 6LAW Chi-kwongAmending the Domestic Violence Ordinance according to the recommendation of the Law Reform CommissionWritten
Q. 7CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertLack of bank branches or automated teller machines in some PRH estatesWritten
Q. 8SIN Chung-kaiIT related courses under the Skill Upgrading SchemeWritten
Q. 9HO Chung-taiImproving the design of bus and tram stops and terminiWritten
Q. 10LAU Kong-wahKeeping the furnishings and installations in shop premises in public housing estatesWritten
Q. 11LAU Wai-hing, EmilyProvision of holiday bungalows for civil servantsWritten
Q. 12HO Sau-lan, CydLegal aid applications in respect of litigations concerning anti-discrimination legislationWritten
Q. 13CHOY So-yuk Cashrebate programme under the Demand Side Management AgreementsWritten
Q. 14LAU Wai-hing, EmilyMonitoring of service standard of private hospitals and the transparency of their chargesWritten
Q. 15LAU Kong-wahCases of vehicles theftWritten
Q. 16LI Ka-cheung, EricPassenger clearance at boundary crossingsWritten
Q. 17HO Chung-taiPilot scheme for senior form students in secondary schoolsWritten
Q. 18Abraham SHEKNanotechnology-related researches and commercialization of the research resultsWritten
Q. 19LI Ka-cheung, EricExpenditure relating to Waste Separation and Recovery ProgrammeWritten
Q. 20Abraham SHEKEmployment and training of local domestic helpersWritten

Council meeting on 30.4.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelGovernment measures to combat atypical pneumoniaOral
Q. 2MA Fung-kwokDissemination of information relating to atypical pneumoniaOral
Q. 3CHEUNG Man-kwongProcedure for resignation of principal officials and withdrawal of such resignationOral
Q. 4NG Leung-singAllowing residents in Guangdong Province to visit Hong Kong individuallyOral
Q. 5TANG Siu-tongFoundation strengthening and remedial works for public housing in Tin Shui WaiOral
Q. 6CHOY So-yukUse of paving slabs for pavementsOral
Q. 7LAU Ping-cheungFair handling in selection of contractor for the Tamar development projectWritten
Q. 8LEE Cheuk-yanStatistics on outsourced cleaning and security servicesWritten
Q. 9LAU Kin-yee, MiriamShortage of parking spaces for coaches and goods vehiclesWritten
Q. 10HO Sau-lan, CydStatistics on consultancy studies commissioned by government on formulation and assessment of policiesWritten
Q. 11CHAN Yuen-hanDifficulties encountered by elderly persons and mobility-handicapped persons in using security and public facilities of PRH blocksWritten
Q. 12Abraham SHEKAssisting the construction industry in participation of overseas construction projectsWritten
Q. 13LEUNG Fu-wahIncumbent periods of directorate grade officers in GovernmentWritten
Q. 14LI Wah-ming, FredNew income recognition approach adopted by Hong Kong Electric Company LtdWritten
Q. 15FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickA school's refusal to lend out school premises for public examination at the day of the examinationWritten
Q. 16LI Ka-cheung, EricRoad excavation works carried out on the pavements along Nathan Road and King's RoadWritten
Q. 17CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertRepair work for public housing flatsWritten
Q. 18SIN Chung-kaiLocal access chargesWritten
Q. 19LAU Wai-hing, EmilyAlleviation of the air pollution caused by emissions from public transportWritten
Q. 20LAU Kong-wahEconomic integration among Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl River Delta RegionWritten

Council meeting on 7.5.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1CHU Yu-lin, DavidConsultancy agreements and construction projects of the GovernmentOral
Q. 2MA Fung-kwokSeeking the Central People's Government's assistance when Hong Kong is unfairly treated by overseas authoritiesOral
Q. 3HUI Cheung-chingAlleviate the adverse impact of atypical pneumonia outbreak on the business environmentOral
Q. 4FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickEnforcement of legislation against spittingOral
Q. 5WONG Sing-chiContaining the spread of diseases through drainage pipesOral
Q. 6LAU Ping-cheungNew survey for old schedule lots in the New TerritoriesOral
Q. 7LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, SophieNurture a reading culture among childrenWritten
Q. 8NG Leung-sing"Private services" of the Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 9HO Sau-lan, CydImmigration service standing ordersWritten
Q. 10LEUNG Fu-wahThe plan to attract students studying abroad to return to live and work in Hong KongWritten
Q. 11CHOY So-yukResurfacing of North Point section of Island Eastern CorridorWritten
Q. 12CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertEstate agents' practice of displaying recommended or test counter-office prices for residential properties put up for saleWritten
Q. 13SIN Chung-kaiMalpractices in providing external telecommunications licencesWritten
Q. 14HO Chung-taiProvision of advertisement places at footbridgesWritten
Q. 15LAU Kong-wahTraffic safety of public light busesWritten
Q. 16LAU Ping-cheungHiring of professional grade officers on non-civil servant contract termsWritten
Q. 17FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickInternational Events Fund Written
Q. 18CHOY So-yukNuisance caused by monkeys in ShatinWritten
Q. 19HO Chung-taiMainlanders receiving out-patient methadone treatment service in Hong KongWritten
Q. 20LAU Kong-wahSeeking the Guangdong authorities' opening up the service industry for Hong KongWritten

Council meeting on 14.5.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1SIN Chung-kaiThe plan for two teachers sharing one jobOral
Q. 2LI Wah-ming, FredVoluntary labelling scheme for labelling mobile phones as complying with the radio-frequency radiation safety standardOral
Q. 3TIEN Pei-chun, JamesRegulation of intensity of light emitted by advertisement signboardsOral
Q. 4LAU Kong-wahPrevention of dengue fever outbreakOral
Q. 5HO Chung-taiLegislate to require motorists to switch off the engines of their vehicles while waitingOral
Q. 6LAU Wai-hing, EmilyProvision of protection gears against infection for medical and nursing staffOral
Q. 7TAM Yiu-chungPlanning work for projects on cultural, recreational and sports facilitiesWritten
Q. 8CHOY So-yukMulti-purpose street postsWritten
Q. 9SIN Chung-kaiAnti-dumping practices in the telecommunications industryWritten
Q. 10HO Chung-taiUtilization of the Hong Kong StadiumWritten
Q. 11LAU Kong-wahPlan to have green minibuses to take over the operation of certain loss-making bus routesWritten
Q. 12WU King-cheong, HenryWork of the Process Review Panel set up to oversee the internal operations of the Securities and Futures CommissionWritten
Q. 13CHOY So-yukThe Focus Study on Aberdeen HarbourWritten
Q. 14WU King-cheong, HenryProgress of development of a scripless securities market and straight-through processing of securities transactionsWritten
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, EmilyInviting overseas experts to come to Hong Kong to assist in dealing with SARSWritten
Q. 16LI Wah-ming, FredPurchase of electricity by the MTR Corporation LtdWritten
Q. 17LUI Ming-wahUse of global positioning systems for government vehicle fleetWritten

Council meeting on 21.5.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickSewage treatment level of the Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment WorksOral
Q. 2MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelPrinting of periodicals by Government departmentsOral
Q. 3CHOY So-yukCo-ordination of port development in Hong Kong and Pearl River DeltaOral
Q. 4LAU Kong-wahOperation of the octopus systemOral
Q. 5LAU Wai-hing, EmilyLegislation for fair competitionOral
Q. 6Abraham SHEKImpact of infertility on the population structureWritten
Q. 7CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertAllowing tertiary students to inspect examination papers in personWritten
Q. 8SIN Chung-kaiFinancing of Hong Kong Internet ExchangeWritten
Q. 9HO Chung-taiDisplay of building numbers on ground floor shopsWritten
Q. 10LAU Kong-wahFollow-up actions for recovered SARS patients and their familiesWritten
Q. 11WU King-cheong, HenryBanks' handling idle accountsWritten
Q. 12YEUNG Yiu-chungFinancial hardship of kindergartensWritten
Q. 13HO Chung-taiRubbish removal in country parksWritten
Q. 14YEUNG Yiu-chungOne-school one-doctor schemeWritten
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, EmilyDifferent treatment methods for SARSWritten
Q. 16LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseProgress of flood prevention worksWritten
Q. 17TAM Yiu-chungMaintenance of schoolsWritten
Q. 18LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseRedevelopment of the Ocean ParkWritten
Q. 19WU King-cheong, HenryCommunity Sports Clubs movementWritten
Q. 20TAM Yiu-chungPlanning standard for designation of space for use as kindergartensWritten

Council meeting on 28.5.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1YEUNG Yiu-chungUse of Chinese medicine in preventing and treating SARSOral
Q. 2CHAN Yuen-hanControl of highly infectious diseasesOral
Q. 3LAU Kong-wahMeasures to attract tourists to Hong KongOral
Q. 4NG Leung-singIssuance of government bondsOral
Q. 5TIEN Pei-chun, JamesLoan Guarantee Scheme for SARS impacted industriesOral
Q. 6WONG Yung-kanConsultancy study on tourism potential of the Northern New TerritoriesOral
Q. 7CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewSmuggling of national cultural relicsWritten
Q. 8SIN Chung-kaiGrid ComputingWritten
Q. 9LAU Wai-hing, EmilyIdentification of SARS casesWritten
Q. 10HO Chung-taiHygiene of mobile toilets in country parksWritten
Q. 11LAU Kong-wahProper use of bleachWritten
Q. 12LAU Wai-hing, EmilyDate for delivery of Policy AddressWritten
Q. 13YEUNG Yiu-chungProvision of escalators by MTR Corporation LimitedWritten
Q. 14HO Chung-taiPlan to build an interim cruise terminalWritten
Q. 15LEUNG Yiu-chungIndustrial accidents in penal institutionsWritten
Q. 16FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickHygiene problems of single private residential buildings for which owners corporations have not been formedWritten
Q. 17LEUNG Yiu-chungProposed Joint User Complex and Wholesale Fish Market at Area 44, Tuen MunWritten
Q. 18FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickSewage disposal systems of public housing estatesWritten
Q. 19Kenneth TINGProsecution against spitting citizensWritten
Q. 20LUI Ming-wahFood contamination by restaurant staff who handle food and work as cashier at the same timeWritten

Council meeting on 11.6.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1WONG Yung-kanCombating destructive fishing activitiesOral
Q. 2HO Sau-lan, CydUse of cast iron sewage pipes in public housingOral
Q. 3Bernard CHANAdvertisements on SARS-related productsOral
Q. 4EU Yuet-mee, AudreyMeasures to combat crimes committed by Mainland visitorsOral
Q. 5TSANG Yok-singMisconnected drainage system in MongkokOral
Q. 6CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertEnvironmental concerns of private sewage treatment facilitiesOral
Q. 7LEE Cheuk-yanEmployment statisticsWritten
Q. 8Kenneth TINGCommending those organizations which have taken relief measures to assist industries badly hit by the epidemicWritten
Q. 9YEUNG Yiu-chungPrevention control and treatment of infections diseasesWritten
Q. 10CHAN Yuen-hanProblems arising from refuse collection in public housingWritten
Q. 11LI Wah-ming, FredGuidelines to be drawn up by the Competition Policy Advisory GroupWritten
Q. 12FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickUtilization of the Mongkok StadiumWritten
Q. 13CHOY So-yukInviting immediate family members of Members of LegCo and District Councils to attend official functionsWritten
Q. 14SIN Chung-kaiPrevention of e-mail spamming and junk faxesWritten
Q. 15LAU Wai-hing, EmilyEstablishing a centre for disease control and prevention in Hong KongWritten
Q. 16LAU Kong-wahRent concessions for stalls in single-operator markets in public housing estatesWritten
Q. 17HO Chung-taiSelf-assessment by schoolsWritten
Q. 18LI Wah-ming, FredImpact of town gas production plants and power stations on residents nearbyWritten
Q. 19Kenneth TINGAttracting the Mainland private enterprises to apply for listing in Hong KongWritten
Q. 20YEUNG Yiu-chungHousehold cleaning and minor repair services for the elders living alone and people with lower self-care abilityWritten

Council meeting on 18.6.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LEE Cheuk-yanThe Chief Executive's pledge to not make civil servants redundantOral
Q. 2IP Kwok-himImposing charges on advertisement signboardsOral
Q. 3WONG Sing-chiHong Kong Science ParkOral
Q. 4CHAN Yuen-hanAssistance to ex-SARS patients and health care personnelOral
Q. 5YEUNG Yiu-chungRedundancy of primary and secondary school teachersOral
Q. 6FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickHandling of PRH tenants who accumulate miscellaneous objects in their unitsOral
Q. 7EU Yuet-mee, AudreyHomes for the elderly operating in commercial/residential buildingsWritten
Q. 8Bernard CHANCoffins covered with the national or regional flagWritten
Q. 9CHEUNG Man-kwongFundings for tertiary institutionsWritten
Q. 10LAU Ping-cheungProfessional staff of the KCRCWritten
Q. 11HO Sau-lan, CydCancellation of night-time classes for prisonersWritten
Q. 12TANG Siu-tongReview of the travel subsidy schemes for studentsWritten
Q. 13CHAN Kwok-keungRe-engineering of ASDWritten
Q. 14MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelRegulation of fund-raising activitiesWritten
Q. 15LI Wah-ming, FredFood products genetically-modified to contain genes that encode resistance to clinically used antibioticsWritten
Q. 16CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertHandling of noise problems by Housing Department and the Environmental Protection DepartmentWritten
Q. 17SIN Chung-kaiRegulation of Internet, phone and mobile banking servicesWritten
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyThe Chief Executive gauging public viewsWritten
Q. 19LAU Kong-wahThe ban on import of Japanese beefWritten
Q. 20HO Chung-taiUse of intelligent lifts in government officesWritten

Council meeting on 25 & 26.6.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1CHU Yu-lin, DavidReception of radio broadcast signals in road tunnelsOral
Q. 2TO Kun-sun, JamesVietnamese boat people in Hong Kong who have not yet obtained Hong Kong permanent resident statusOral
Q. 3LEE Chu-ming, MartinHKMA's vetting applications for appointments of senior staff of banksOral
Q. 4LEUNG Yiu-chungProposed incinerator process in Tuen MunOral
Q. 5LAU Ping-cheungPrivate developers' applications for change of land useOral
Q. 6MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelImport and consumption of wild animalsOral
Q. 7LAU Wong-fatIncidence rates of SARS among people with smoking and drinking habitsWritten
Q. 8YEUNG SumConsolidation of licences for selling various types of meatWritten
Q. 9IP Kwok-himProposal to construct public transport interchange in Shum Shui PoWritten
Q. 10LEE Cheuk-yanStatistics on prisoners who came from the MainlandWritten
Q. 11NG Leung-singProtecting wildlife in Hong Kong watersWritten
Q. 12TAM Yiu-chungControl land filling on agricultural lotsWritten
Q. 13HO Sau-lan, CydNotification mechanism for infectious diseases between Guangdong and Hong KongWritten
Q. 14FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickEducation for gifted childrenWritten
Q. 15LI Wah-ming, FredHandling of water seepage problems in private residential premisesWritten
Q. 16CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertAllowing single parent families to provide home foster careWritten
Q. 17SIN Chung-kaiOpen source softwareWritten
Q. 18LAU Wai-hing, EmilyClaims against the Airport Authority by contractors Chek Lap Kok airport projectWritten
Q. 19LAU Kong-wahCurbing cross-border drug-trafficking activitiesWritten
Q. 20HO Chung-taiHealth education in primary and secondary schoolsWritten

Council meeting on 2, 3 & 4.7.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LI Fung-yingIndustrial safety of working under inclement weatherOral
Q. 2LAU Wai-hing, EmilySquatter control work of the Housing DepartmentOral
Q. 3YEUNG SumAppointment of EOC ChairpersonOral
Q. 4NG Leung-singUnauthorized occupation of government landOral
Q. 5HO Chung-taiRecycling of wasted tyresOral
Q. 6CHOY So-yukWSD's reservoir officesOral
Q. 7FOK Tsun-ting, TimothyGovernment expenditure on announcements in the public interestWritten
Q. 8CHU Yu-lin, DavidProtecting interests of buyers of uncompleted residential flatsWritten
Q. 9IP Kwok-himHawker control in public housing estatesWritten
Q. 10TANG Siu-tongRejection of development plans in order to reserve land for infrastructural or housing projectsWritten
Q. 11HO Sau-lan, CydThe impact of construction and operation of the Kowloon Southern Link on the Hong Kong Cultural CentreWritten
Q. 12WU King-cheong, HenryHandling of documents upon dissolution of government-appointed ad hoc committees and committees of inquiryWritten
Q. 13LEUNG Fu-wahSalary adjustment on contract renewal for non-civil service contract staffWritten
Q. 14MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelProvident fund scheme of the Hospital AuthorityWritten
Q. 15SIN Chung-kaiIntroduction of postcode system in Hong KongWritten
Q. 16LAU Wai-hing, EmilyPlagiarism committed by the academic staff of tertiary institutionsWritten
Q. 17LAU Kong-wahCrimes committed by illegal entrantsWritten
Q. 18HO Chung-taiImplementation of strategy on IT in educationWritten
Q. 19CHU Yu-lin, DavidArrest of armed personsWritten
Q. 20IP Kwok-himPerformance of property services companies engaged in management of public housing estatesWritten

Council meeting on 9 & 10.7.2003

Question No. Raised by Subject Type
Q. 1LUI Ming-wahEfficacy of different methods in treating SARSOral
Q. 2YEUNG Yiu-chungAssessment of academic qualifications obtained in the MainlandOral
Q. 3CHENG Kar-foo, AndrewFire safety of smoke doors in public housing estatesOral
Q. 4LAW Chi-kwongFinancial situation of the Hospital AuthorityOral
Q. 5FUNG Kin-kee, FrederickNuisance caused by prostituting activities in sublet roomsOral
Q. 6SZETO WahProvision of post-secondary places in Hong KongOral
Q. 7HUI Cheung-chingCross-border infrastructureWritten
Q. 8LAU Hon-chuen, AmbroseWork of Government's overseas offices relating to combating SARSWritten
Q. 9IP Kwok-himCoverage of mobile phone networksWritten
Q. 10NG Leung-singMental health problems arising from unemploymentWritten
Q. 11TANG Siu-tongHealth care personnel contracting SARSWritten
Q. 12TAM Yiu-chungDirectorate officers in the civil serviceWritten
Q. 13HO Sau-lan, CydLocal intern training for Chinese Medicine studentsWritten
Q. 14WU King-cheong, HenryExpenses relating to the Expert Group to Review the Operation of the Securities and Futures Market Regulatory StructureWritten
Q. 15LEUNG Fu-wahLabour Registration Information System for staff of building service contractorsWritten
Q. 16MAK Kwok-fung, MichaelMedical supplies donated by the Central People's GovernmentWritten
Q. 17LI Wah-ming, FredProperty owners required to bear maintenance responsibility for public facilities owned by the GovernmentWritten
Q. 18CHAN Wai-yip, AlbertProvision of banking servicesWritten
Q. 19SIN Chung-kaiIT development blueprintsWritten
Q. 20LAU Wai-hing, EmilyCompetition concerns arising from cross-ownership of franchised bus service companiesWritten