The Hong Kong Broadcasting Scene - 11 New Advertising Modes
11.1	Television Advertising Time 11.2 Sound Broadcasting

The code of practice on sponsor identification and product/service sponsorship in programmes were relaxed by the Authority in mid-2003. ATV and TVB started to include sponsor's names/products in programme titles or programme proper. The placement of sponsored products in drama series, such as "Virtues of Harmony II" (皆大歡喜) and "Ma Ma I Love You" (媽媽真的愛你), and magazine programmes, such as "Pleasure and Leisure" (都市閒情) and "Family Wisdom" (開心大發現), became more common. TV audience generally found the relaxation acceptable. There were a handful of isolated complaints on the relaxation and only one was found substantiated.

11.1 Television Advertising Time

Under the current regulation, ATV and TVB are allowed to broadcast a total of 10 minutes of advertising per hour between the period from 5:00pm and 11:00pm and a maximum of 18% of the total broadcast for the remaining hours (other hours). An analysis on the advertising usage by both stations showed that the Chinese channels recorded a higher utilization rate than the English channels both in the period from 5:00pm to 11:00pm and in other hours.

Figure 24 :  Utilization Rate of Commercial Time Allowed on Cantonese Channels



Figure 25 :  Utilization Rate of Commercial Time Allowed on English Channels



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