The Hong Kong Broadcasting Scene - 12 Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
12.1 Positive Programme Requirements 12.2 Attainment of Milestones by Domestic Pay TV Licensees
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12.1 Positive Programme Requirements

ATV and TVB were required to broadcast positive programmes12 and they met the requirements under their respective licences on both the Cantonese and English channels during the period under review. In aggregate, ATV broadcast a weekly average of 120 hours of positive programmes and TVB, 145 hours.

With the renewed licences of ATV and TVB coming into effect on 1 December 2003, the two licensees were required to each provide 2 hours of educational programmes targeting teenagers on the English services on a weekly basis. Besides, the weekly requirements of arts and culture programmes and programmes for senior citizens on the Cantonese channels were also increased from 0.5 hour to one hour. Chinese subtitles were also required to be provided for all news, current affairs and emergency announcements as well as programmes during prime time (7:00p.m. - 11:00p.m.) on the Cantonese channels.

Figure 27 :  Broadcast of Positive Programmes on Cantonese TV Channels


Both licensees also broadcast one minute of Announcements in Public Interest (APIs) each broadcast hour and two minutes each week of publicity material for the Authority, pursuant to the licence requirements. During the period under review, the licensees broadcast a total of 571 hours of such materials.

As regards radio services, CRHK and Metro were required from 26 August 2004 to increase the minimum amount of programmes for senior citizens from half an hour to one hour per week under their renewed licences. Both CRHK and Metro complied with the licence conditions and broadcast the required amount of positive programmes13 as well as one minute of APIs in each broadcast hour as required under their respective licences.

Figure 28 : Provision of Positive Programmes on Radio


12The "positive programmes" ATV and TVB required to broadcast are news, current affairs programmes, documentary, art and culture programmes, children's programmes and programmes for senior citizens and young persons.

13The "positive programmes" CRHK and Metro required to broadcast are news and weather programmes, current affairs programmes, art and culture programmes and advisory programmes, viz. programmes for young persons and senior citizens.