The Hong Kong Broadcasting Scene - 2 The Broadcasting Landscape
2.1  Number of Licensees2.2  Number of Channels 2.3 Number of Broadcast Hours
2.4 Number of Hours of Station Productions
1 History2 The Broadcasting Landscape3 Transmission Modes4 Penetration of Different Broadcasting Services5 Broadcasting revenues6 Investment in TV Industry7 Viewing Habits8 Programme Sources9 Programme Genres10 Programmes and Channels for Minority Ethnic Groups in Hong Kong11 New Advertising Modes12 Compliance with Regulatory Requirements13 Developments of Pay TV Services in Hong Kong14 Hong Kong as a Regional Broadcasting Hub15 Hong Kong as a Stepping Stone into the Mainland Market

2.3 Number of Broadcast Hours

The weekly number of television broadcast hours of programmes available to the audience in Hong Kong in August 2004 was 30,868 (64.5% increase over 2003), whereas that of sound broadcasting (including RTHK) was 2,184 (same as 2003). The four channels of ATV and TVB provided a total of 628 hours per week while the 163 channels of domestic pay television licensees, 27,384 hours. The respective weekly hours of different categories of licensees are shown in figure 5.

Figure 5 : Weekly Broadcast Hours