Subcommittee on Proposed Resolutions under the
Road Traffic (Driving-offence Points) Ordinance (Cap. 375) and
Fixed Penalty (Criminal Proceedings) Ordinance (Cap. 240)

Meeting on
Tuesday, 14 June 2005, at 2:30 pm
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Meeting with deputations/the Administration
    (2:30 pm - 4:30 pm)

    Meeting with deputations/the Administration

    LC Paper No. CB(1)1779/04-05(01)
    (to follow)

    -Information paper provided by the Administration
    1. The Kowloon Taxi Owners Association Ltd.

    2. Quadripartite Taxi Service Association Ltd.

    3. 的士權益協會有限公司

    4. Hong Kong, Kowloon and N.T. Public & Maxicab Light Bus Merchants' United Association
      [LC Paper No. CB(1)1776/04-05(02) (in Chinese only) (issued on 13 June 2005)]

    5. Motor Transport Workers General Union

    6. Motor Transport Workers General Union (Public Light Bus Branch)

    7. Mixer Truck Drivers Association

    8. Hong Kong Automobile Association

    9. G.M.B. Maxicab Operators General Association Ltd.

    10. Citybus Limited Employees Union

    11. New World First Bus Company Staff Union

    12. United Friendship Taxi Owners & Drivers Association Ltd.
      [LC Paper No. CB(1)1776/04-05(07) (in Chinese only) (issued on 13 June 2005)]

    13. Association of N.T. Radio Taxicabs Ltd.

    14. Transport and Delivery Workers Union

    15. Container Truck Drivers' Union

    16. Hong Kong Taxi Association

    17. 中重型貨車關注組

    18. Hong Kong Driving Instruction Club

    19. Taxi & PLB Concern Group [LC Paper No. CB(1)1776/04-05(03) (in Chinese only) (issued on 13 June 2005)]

    20. Urban Taxi Drivers Association Joint Committee Co. Ltd.

    21. Kowloon Truck Merchants Association Ltd.

    22. Sai Kung Taxi Operators Association Ltd.

    23. The Environmental Light Bus Alliance

    24. The Kowloon Motor Bus Holdings Ltd. Staff Association

    25. Hong Kong CFS and Logistics Association Ltd

    26. Hong Kong Kowloon Taxi & Lorry Owners Association Ltd.
      [LC Paper No. CB(1)1776/04-05(05) (in Chinese only) (issued on 13 June 2005)]

    27. New Territories Taxi Merchants Association Ltd.

    28. Lok Ma Chau China-Hong Kong Freight Association

    29. Hong Kong Container Tractor Owner Association Limited

    30. Institute of Advanced Motorists Hong Kong
      [LC Paper No. CB(1)1776/04-05(06) (in English only) (issued on 13 June 2005)]

    31. Hong Kong Dumper Truck Drivers Association

    32. Public Omnibus Operators Association Ltd.

    33. 港九勞工社團聯會
      [LC Paper No. CB(1)1776/04-05(01) (in Chinese only) (issued on 13 June 2005)]

    34. 全港職業司機反對衝紅燈加重扣分大聯盟

    35. New Territories Taxi Drivers' Rights Alliance

    36. Taxi Dealers & Owners Association Limited

    37. Federation of Hong Kong Transport Worker Organizations

    38. H.K. Vehicle Transportation Association

    39. Right Hand Drive Motors Association (HK) Ltd.

    40. CTOD Association Company Ltd.

    41. HK Public-Light Bus Owner & Driver Association
      [LC Paper No. CB(1)1776/04-05(04) (in Chinese only) (issued on 13 June 2005)]

    42. Hong Kong Logistics Association

    43. Hong Kong (Cross Border) Transportation Drivers' Association

  2. Any other business
    (4:30 pm onwards)

Council Business Division 1
Legislative Council Secretariat
14 June 2005