To keep abreast of international best practices in the context of a rapidly evolving broadcasting environment, Members of the Authority visited the Office of Communications (Ofcom) in the United Kingdom in February 2005. Members engaged the executive team of Ofcom in an in depth discussion, among many topics of mutual interest, the challenges facing a unified regulator in the convergent environment. The Authority also learnt of the latest developments of the UK broadcasting industry through meetings with relevant government ministries and major broadcasters in the UK.

The Authority has also commissioned an independent research company to conduct an opinion survey on local broadcasting services in 2005. The survey provided useful data for the Authority to gauge audience behaviour and expectations. Separately, eight focus group meetings involving the members of the Television and Radio Consultative Scheme (TRCS) were conducted to collect public views on programme and advertising standards.

The Authority's executive arm, Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA), is planning to carry out a comprehensive economic and market analysis of the broadcasting sector. The aim of this major exercise is to provide guidance for the Government and the BA on policy formulation to further the development of the broadcasting sector in the years to come.

Industry Seminar

To enable members and stakeholders of the local broadcasting and telecommunications industries to share the experience of overseas unified regulators and exchange views on the international trend of convergence, the Authority, together with the Office of the Telecommunications Authority, jointly organized a seminar on "Regulation in a Convergent Environment" in August 2005 for the broadcasting and telecommunication industry operators. The seminar was very well received and was attended by about 150 participants.

Moving Ahead

With rapid development of the broadcasting sector and the emergence of new services like IPTV and mobile television, more opportunities will increasingly arise for the industry players and more choices will be available for consumers. We look forward to contributing positively to the Government consultation process for the proposed establishment of a unified regulator overseeing the entire electronic communications sector.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the Members of the Authority, the Complaints Committee, and the Codes of Practice Committee for their dedication and commitment, as well as the staff of TELA under the leadership of the Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing for their professional advice, diligence and dedication.

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