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Members of the Authority are appointed by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. During 2004-05, there were a total of 12 members on the Authority comprising nine non-official members appointed from the community, including the Chairman, and three public officers. The public officers are the Permanent Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology, the Director-General of Telecommunications and the Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs.

To enable the Authority to monitor the pulse of the community in broadcasting matter, the Authority receives feedback and input from the community through focus groups set up by the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority. Complaints lodged by the public on various aspects of licensees' services also provide valuable community feedback to the Authority.

The Authority discharges part of its main duties through two committees: the Complaints Committee and the Codes of Practice Committee.

The Complaints Committee is responsible for considering complaints about broadcasting and making recommendations to the Authority regarding such complaints. It comprises seven Authority members and six co-opted non-official members.

The Codes of Practice Committee is responsible for keeping the television and radio broadcasting standards under regular review and amending the codes of practice when necessary. It comprises three Authority members and four co-opted members.

By virtue of the BAO, the Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing is the Authority's Principal Executive Officer. The Broadcasting Division of the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) serves as the executive arm and secretariat for the Authority.