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Guide on Consultation Process

In order to further enhance the transparency of the Authority's decision-making process, the Authority drew up a guide on its consultation process. The guidelines set out the Authority's approach to consultation with the public and the industry in performing its statutory duties (such as licence application and renewal, approval and revision of codes of practice). The guidelines were issued for consultation in September 2005 and promulgated in February 2006. According to the guidelines, for new licence application or licence renewal, a notice stating the name of the applicant and the type of licence sought by the applicant together with information about the channel line-up, coverage of service, transmission mode etc. will be posted on the newspapers as well as the Authority's website in order to gauge the public's views. The Authority will consider any representations received to make an informed decision. For licence renewal, the Authority will collect public opinions through public hearings and opinion surveys. Prior to the public hearing, the Authority will publish a consultation document on its website to provide background information (e.g. complaint records, new service proposals) and highlight issues of concern (e.g. areas of improvement) to help people respond in an informed way. For revisions to the Authority's codes of practice, the Authority will normally gauge public views through focus group discussion with members of the 18-District Television and Radio Consultative Groups (TRCG)25 and the licensees concerned. If the issue involved in the revision of the codes may affect a particular sector or group, in addition to the above, interested parties such as professional bodies will be consulted.


There are about 550 members of the public on the TRCG. They are recruited from the 18 geographical districts with membership profile matching the profile of the census population compiled by the Census and Statistics Department.