Bills Committee on Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2007

Meeting on Thursday, 7 June 2007, at 8:30 am
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


I.Meeting with the Administration
(8:30 am - 10:25 am)

LC Paper No. CB(2)2034/06-07(01)

-Paper provided by the Administration on "Amendments to the Public Order Ordinance (Cap. 245) and the Societies Ordinance (Cap. 151)"

issued vide LC Paper No. CB(3)441/06-07 on 23 March 2007

-The Bill

LC Paper No. CB(2)1759/06-07(01)
(issued on 10 May 2007)

-Marked-up copy of the Bill

LC Paper Nos. CB(2)2034/06-07(02) and (03)

-Assistant Legal Adviser's letter dated 9 May 2007 and the Administration's reply dated 18 May 2007

LC Paper No. CB(2)1975/06-07(01)
(issued on 25 May 2007)

-Full text of the judgment of the Court of Final Appeal (CFA)'s case, which ruled that section 30A(10)(b)(i) of the Bankruptcy Ordinance (Cap. 6) was unconstitutional

LC Paper No. CB(2)1975/06-07(02)
(issued on 25 May 2007)

-Full text of the judgment of CFA in Leung Kwok Hung and Others v HKSAR case

LC Paper No. CB(2)2034/06-07(04)

-Extract of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which contain the references to "public order (ordre public)"

LC Paper No. CB(2)2034/06-07(05)
(attached) (English version only)

-Submission from the Law Society of Hong Kong

Other relevant papers

issued by the Department of Justice in March 2007

-Legislative Council Brief

LC Paper No. LS64/06-07
(issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2)1703/06-07 on 26 April 2007)

-Legal Service Division Report on the Bill

LC Paper No. CB(2)1759/06-07(02)
(issued on 10 May 2007)

-Background brief prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat

(A list of relevant papers previously issued is available on the LegCo website at

II.Any other business
(10:25 am - 10:30 am)

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
1 June 2007