The Broadcasting Authority

The Broadcasting Authority (the Authority) serves the people of Hong Kong in its capacity as an independent regulator of broadcasting services to promote Hong Kong as a regional broadcasting and communications hub.


We envisage Hong Kong as an attractive, dynamic and highly competitive broadcasting hub where:

Industry Players see and seize opportunities in the globalised broadcasting industry.

Broadcasters deliver, innovate, and compete in a supportive environment and on a level playing field.

Our Community enjoys a wide range of quality programmes which are informative, enlightening, educational and entertaining.


Widen programming choice to cater for the diversified tastes and interests of the community;

Encourage investment, innovation and technology transfer in the broadcasting industry;

Ensure fair and effective competition in the provision of broadcasting services;

Ensure that broadcasting services respect public tastes and decency;

Work with overseas regulators to keep abreast of world trends and issues in broadcasting; and

Communicate with the public to achieve mutual understanding on broadcasting related issues

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