BulletYear 2010 - 2011
BulletYear 2009 - 2010

Subcommittee on Residential and Community Care Services for Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly

Membership list
(Year 2010 - 2011)

ChairmanHon CHEUNG Kwok-che

Members Hon LEE Cheuk-yan

Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung

Hon TAM Yiu-chung, GBS, JP

Hon Ronny TONG Ka-wah, SC

Hon WONG Sing-chi

Hon IP Wai-ming, MH

Dr Hon PAN Pey-chyou

Hon Alan LEONG Kah-kit, SC

Hon LEUNG Kwok-hung

(Total : 10 Members)

ClerkMiss Betty MA

Legal AdviserMr YICK Wing-kin