Bills Committee on Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill 2012


Written submissions and the Administration's response

LC Paper No.PaperMeeting date
CB(2)1168/11-12(02) Statement of the Hong Kong Bar Association on the Bill 21 February 2012
CB(2)1375/11-12(01) Submission from a member of the public to President of the Legislative Council on the Bill 14 March 2012*
CB(2)1415/11-12(02) Submission from China Studies Alumni Association of HK PPRI 17 March 2012
CB(2)1439/11-12(06) Submission from Civic Party 17 March 2012
CB(2)1415/11-12(01) Submission from Federation of Hong Kong Industries 17 March 2012
CB(2)1439/11-12(04) Submission from Fong Chung Social Service Centre 17 March 2012
CB(2)1618/11-12(02) Submission from Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(03) Submission from Hong Kong Political, Economic and Cultural Society 17 March 2012
CB(2)1439/11-12(03) Submission from Hong Kong Southern District Alliance 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(04) Submission from Hong Kong Starfire Network Association 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(01) Submission from Hong Kong Youth Development Network 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(10) Submission from Miss HOO Yuk-wai 17 March 2012
CB(2)1439/11-12(02) Submission from Mr CHAN Tin-chu, Francis 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(11) Submission from Mr CHENG Tsuk-man, member of Shatin District Council 17 March 2012
CB(2)1439/11-12(07) Submission from Mr CHEUNG Yiu-pan 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(05) Submission from Mr CHU Wai-kei, Barrister-at-Law 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(13) Submission from Mr Gene TANG 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(12) Submission from Mr LAM Ting-yu 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(15) Submission from Mr M K CHAN 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(09) Submission from Mr PANG Wing-seng, Victor 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(14) Submission from Mr Timmy LEE 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(08) Submission from Mr Tony CHENG 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(02) Submission from The Association of Chinese Culture of Hong Kong 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(07) Submission from The Judo Association of Hong Kong, China 17 March 2012
CB(2)1820/11-12(01) Submission from the Law Society of Hong Kong 25 April 2012*
CB(2)1618/11-12(01) Submission from The Professional Commons 17 March 2012
CB(2)1390/11-12(06) Submission from The Y Elites Association 17 March 2012
CB(2)1439/11-12(05) Submission from Tuen Mun Stay Goal 17 March 2012
CB(2)1439/11-12(01) Submission from Yat Tung Community Network Association 17 March 2012

* Issue date