House Committee

Subcommittee on Mandatory Provident Fund System

20 June 1997
19 June 1997
5 June 1997
23 May 1997
13 May 1997
1 May 1997
22 April 1997
10 April 1997
2 April 1997
24 March 1997
17 March 1997
10 March 1997
13 February 1997
12 February 1997
31 January 1997
20 January 1997
14 January 1997
9 January 1997
19 December 1996
9 December 1996
29 November 1996
21 November 1996
13 November 1996

Part II - Application for Approval as Trustee
Part III - Registration of Schemes
Part IV - General Duties of Approved Trustees
Part IX - Mandatory Contributions
Report on Outstanding Issues - ORSO Interface
Total Picture on Measures to Protect the Low-income Group
Comments on the Draft MPF Subsidiary Legislation
Total Picture on Security of Scheme Assets
Accounting and Reporting Requirements
Administration Fees of the MPF System
Approval Criteria for Trustees
Approval of Trustees
Approved pooled investment vehicles
Capital Preservation Product
Circumstances and fees for portability
Communications between MPFA, Auditors and Service Providers
Compensation Fund -- Coverage, Operation, Administration and Levy
Custodial Arrangement
Default Contributions: Mechanism for Recovery
Disclosure Requirements in Connection with Employees' Option
Duties of Trustees
Exemption Criteria for ORSO Exempted Scheme
Exemption Criteria for ORSO Registered Scheme
Impact on Employers and Employees
Industry Schemes
Industry Schemes -- Follow-up Issues
Investment - an overview
Investment management
Investment restrictions and guidelines
Mandatory Contributions
Minimum Standards on Trusteeship and Investments
"No-rejection", Requirements and Protective Measures for Low-income Earners
Non-Mandatory Contributions : Nature, Regulation and Compliance
On-going Requirements
Options Available for Employers
ORSO Interface -- An Overview
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Replacement of Trustees
Report on Outstanding Issues -- Administrative Fees of the MPF System
Report on Outstanding Scheme Operational Issues
Report on Outstanding Scheme Operational Issues (10 Apr 97)
Report on Outstanding Scheme Operational Issues (Part II)
Research into overseas retirement systems
Residual Provident Fund System
Sanctions of Trustees
Self-employed persons -- calculation of income, compliance and enforcement
Separation of assets
Small Balance Account
Trustees -- An Overview
Winding Up of Schemes
Withdrawal of accrued benefits

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