Provisional Legislative Council
Panel on Home Affairs

Meeting on Monday, 19 January 1998 at 10:45 am in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building

Agenda (Revised)

I.Confirmation of minutes of meeting and matters arising
[PLC Paper No. CB(2)830]

*II. Resolution under section 2(3) of the Legislative Provisions (Suspension of Operation) Ordinance 1997 (126 of 1997) (which seeks to extend the suspension of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights (Amendment) Ordinance until 28 February 1998)
(10:45 am - 11:05 am)

[Paper No. CB(2)866(01) - resolution and speech of Secretary for Home Affairs at the PLC meeting on 21 January 1998 provided by the Administration]

III.Youth Policy

  1. 11:05 am - 11:15 am - meeting with

  2. 11:15 am - 11:25 pm - meeting with Hong Kong Council of Social Service

  3. 11:25 am - 12:10 pm - meeting with the Administration and Panel discussion

    [Paper No. CB(2)866(02) - submission of ]
    [Paper No. CB(2)866(03)- paper provided by the Administration]

IV.Items for discussion at the next meeting
(12:10 pm - 12:15 pm)

[Paper No. CB(2)866(04)- list of discussion items for future meetings]

V.Any other business

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
16 January 1998

*All other Hon Provisional Legislative Council Members are invited to attend discussion of this item.

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