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23 March 1998
16 February 1998
19 January 1998
15 December 1997
17 November 1997
20 October 1997
14 October 1997
15 September 1997
25 August 1997
22 July 1997


Building Management and Fire Prevention
Building Management and Maintenance
Composition and Functions of Area Committees and District Management Committees
Division of Work for Projects under the Rural Planning and Improvement Strategy (RPIS)
Extract of the Administration ' s paper
Extract of minutes of the meeting of PLC Members with Tuen Mun Provisional District Board members on 23 October 1997
Family Status Discrimination (Proceedings by Equal Opportunities Commission) Regulation
Government Subsidies and Support to Mutual Aid Committees
Integration of New Arrivals from Mainland into the Community for the Home Affairs Panel meeting on 25 August 1997
Licensing of Guesthouses under the Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance
Overhanging Advertisement Signboards Outside Buildings
Proposed court procedures and other matters concerning the Attachment of Income Orders for enforcement of maintenance orders
Progress on the implementation of the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance
Progress Report on the Work of the Equal Opportunities Commission
Protections of Rights of Women
Responsibilities and Liabilities of Owners ' Corporation in Management of Buildings
Review of Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance
Submission on the Formulation of the Youth Policy (2) - The Challenges in Youth Development
The Equal Opportunities Commission Statistics on Enquiries and Complaints as at 31 October 1997
Suggestions on the Management of Private Buildings
Youth Policy

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