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* 25 March 1998
23 March 1998
23 Feburary 1998
11 Feburary 1998
26 January 1998
22 December 1997
24 November 1997
27 October 1997
14 October 1997
22 September 1997
25 August 1997
22 July 1997


An Outline on the Management of the Civil Service
Creation of Posts in the Civil Service
Civil Service Fringe Benefits
Employment of Temporary Staff in the Civil Service
Establishment of a Review Board under Section 20(2) of the Public Service (Administration) Order 1997
Fringe Benefits of Staff in Subvented Organisations
Interest Rates on Government Loans for Civil Servants
Junior Police Officers' Pay Scales
Letterhead of the Government Electrical & Mechanical Works Supervisors, Craftsmen & Workmen Association
List of Government Advisory Bodies relevant to Provisional Legislative Council Panels
List of outstanding issues for discussion (as at 4 September 1997)
Mechanism to deal with Misconduct by Civil Servants
Pay Level Survey Mechanism
Personal Safety of Civil Servants While on Duty
Policy on ex-civil servants setting up private business
Post titles of principal officials
Progress of Promoting the Wider Use of Chinese in the Civil Service
Review of Qualification Benchmarks
Review of the Organisation of the Protocol Division of the Administration Wing of the Chief Secretary for Administration ' s Office
Review of Pay Scales of Individual Grades
Review of the system for declaration of interests by civil servants
Review of School and Leave Passage Arrangements for Civil Servants
Progress Reports on Putonghua Training Activities
Staff Recognition Proposals from Trading Funds
The existing and recommended organisation of the Protocol Division are at Appendices I and II
Work and Resources of the Central Policy Unit

* Joint meeting with Panel on Constitutional Affairs

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