Finance Committee

Year 1998-1999
Year 1999-2000

Papers (Year 1998 - 1999)

Capital investment for major projects
Capital subventions and major systems and equipment
Civil service pay and conditions of service
  • General Expenses Of The Civil Service -- Home Financing Scheme(12 March 1999)
  • General Expenses Of The Civil Service -- Home purchase allowance(12 March 1999)
  • General Expenses Of The Civil Service -- New Recurrent Account Subhead "Rent Allowance Scheme"(13 November 1998)
  • General Expenses Of The Civil Service -- Private tenancy allowance(5 February 1999)
  • Housing -- Housing assistance for civil servants -- Housing loans(7 May 1999)
  • Public and judicial service pension benefits and compensation(11 June 1999)
  • Surviving spouses' and children's pensions, widows' and orphans' pensions and increases(5 February 1999)
  • Fire Services Department -- recoverable salaries and allowances (Airport Authority)(31 July 1998)
  • Civil Service Pay Adjustment 1998(17 July 1998)
  • Computerisation
    Consultancies, hire of services and professional fees
    Delegation of financial powers
    Education and related financial assistance
    Ex-gratia allowances
    Financial management
    Funds for designated purposes (other than loan funds)
    Honoraria and remuneration for members of councils, boards and committees
    Loan Fund
    Non-recurrent grants and subventions (other than those for UGC-funded institutions)
    Plant, vehicles and equipment
    Procedural matters
    Recommendations from Public Works Subcommittee and Establishment Subcommittee
    Social welfare
    UGC-funded institutions