The Hong Kong Broadcasting Scene - 7 Viewing Habits
7.1 Television7.2 Sound Broadcasting
1 History2 The Broadcasting Landscape3 Transmission Modes4 Penetration of Different Broadcasting Services5 Broadcasting revenues6 Investment in TV Industry7 Viewing Habits8 Programme Sources9 Programme Genres10 Programmes and Channels for Minority Ethnic Groups in Hong Kong11 New Advertising Modes12 Compliance with Regulatory Requirements13 Developments of Pay TV Services in Hong Kong14 Hong Kong as a Regional Broadcasting Hub15 Hong Kong as a Stepping Stone into the Mainland Market

7.2 Sound Broadcasting

According to the survey commissioned by the Authority in 2002, more than half (52%) of the listeners had listened to the radio 7 days prior to interview. On average, the general public spent 1.18 hours a day listening to the radio. CR1 was the most popular channel listened to during the 7 days before the interview (48%), followed by CR2 (34%), RTHK1 (32%), RTHK2 (30%) and Metro Showbiz (19%).