The Hong Kong Broadcasting Scene - 9 Programme Genres
9.1 Domestic Free Television Programme Service9.2 Domestic Pay Television Programme Service
9.3 Sound Broadcasting

9.1 Domestic Free Television Programme Service

During the period under review, drama series remained the dominating programme genre during prime time on the Cantonese channels. While those broadcast by ATV were mainly imported from the Mainland and Taiwan, TVB's dramas series were mostly in-house productions. Apart from drama series, other special programmes broadcast in prime time included the coverage of China's first piloted space mission and the visit by the first Chinese astronaut and the live coverage of the Athens Olympic Games.

Figure 20 :   Weekly Hours of Different Programme Types Broadcast on ATV Home and TVB Jade


On the two English channels, news/weather programmes, documentaries, business/financial programmes, enrichment programmes, children's animation, imported popular drama series, sports programmes, magazine/talk shows, feature films and current affairs remained the main staple of programmes. Both stations imported a variety of documentaries and education/enrichment programmes such as cooking programmes, health/medical programmes, holiday/travel programmes and fashion shows as well as award-winning drama series such as "24", "Alias", "Monk", "West Wing", "Crime Scene Investigation" and "Smallville".


Figure 21 :   Weekly Hours of Different Programme Types Broadcast on ATV World and TVB Pearl



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