The Hong Kong Broadcasting Scene - 9 Programme Genres
9.1 Domestic Free Television Programme Service9.2 Domestic Pay Television Programme Service
9.3 Sound Broadcasting
1 History2 The Broadcasting Landscape3 Transmission Modes4 Penetration of Different Broadcasting Services5 Broadcasting revenues6 Investment in TV Industry7 Viewing Habits8 Programme Sources9 Programme Genres10 Programmes and Channels for Minority Ethnic Groups in Hong Kong11 New Advertising Modes12 Compliance with Regulatory Requirements13 Developments of Pay TV Services in Hong Kong14 Hong Kong as a Regional Broadcasting Hub15 Hong Kong as a Stepping Stone into the Mainland Market

9.3 Sound Broadcasting

CRHK operated two Cantonese services on the FM frequencies, viz. CR1 and CR2, and one English language service, AM 864, on the AM frequency. CR1 was an information channel targeting mature audience, providing mainly news, current affairs, financial and personal views programmes. CR2 was an entertainment channel featuring pop culture and music targeting young listeners. AM864 was primarily an English music channel.

Metro operated two Cantonese services on the FM frequencies, viz. Metro Finance and Metro Showbiz, and one English language service on the AM frequency, viz. Metro Plus. Metro Finance provided real-time, market-moving news and information about financial markets around the world on a 24-hour basis while Metro Showbiz provided round-the-clock entertainment news as well as weekend programmes on health and environmental issues. Metro Plus provided information and general entertainment programmes primarily in English.

RTHK, the public broadcaster in Hong Kong, operated seven radio channels, providing Cantonese, English and Putonghua services. It offered a variety of thematic channels ranging from information to general entertainment and culture. RTHK also relayed BBC World Service on its Radio 6 channel.

Most of the programmes of the three stations were also broadcast live on their respective web sites 24 hours a day.