Bills Committee on Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Bill 2005

Meeting on Thursday, 6 October 2005 at 9:00 am
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building

Revised agenda

  1. Meeting with deputations and the Administration

    Group 1 (9:00 am - 9:25 am)

    Philip Morris Asia Limited
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(01) (English version only)

    Tobacco Association of Hong Kong
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2677/04-05(01) (English version only)

    The Pacific Cigar Co. Ltd. & Bluebell Hong Kong Ltd
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(02)

    British American Tobacco (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(03) (English version only)

    Baker & McKenzie (solicitors acting for Japan Tobacco)
    LC Paper Nos. CB(2)2660/04-05(04) and CB(2)2677/04-05(02)

    Discussion time (9:25 am - 9:50 am)

    Group 2 (10:00 am - 11:15 am)

    Sha Tin District Council
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(05) (Chinese version only)

    Yuen Long District Council

    The Hong Kong Medical Association
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(06)

    Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(07)

    Committee on Youth Smoking Prevention
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(08) (Chinese version only)

    Government Doctors' Association
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(09) (English version only)

    Asian Consultancy on Tobacco Control
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(10)

    Clear the Air
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(11) (English version only)

    Action on Smoking or Health
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(12) (Chinese version only)

    City Design Limited

    Ming Wide Lighter Group Company Ltd
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(13) (Chinese version only)

    King's Hotel
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(14) (Chinese version only)


    Mr YIP Ming
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(15) (English version only)

    Mr LAU Chi-man

    Discussion time (11:15 am - 11:40 am)

    Group 3 (11:50 am - 12:35 pm)

    Hong Kong Chamber of Mahjong School Owners Limited
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(16) (Chinese version only)

    May Moon Association Limited
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(17) (Chinese version only)

    KC City (聯誼會)
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(18) (Chinese version only)






    Hong Kong Mahjong House

    Discussion time (12:35 pm - 1:00 pm)

    Group 4 (2:15 pm - 5:20 pm)

    Net Cafe

    Cyber Zone
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(19) (Chinese version only)

    Cyber 8 Disco

    The Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Ballroom and Night Club Merchants
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(20) (Chinese version only)

    Lucky Star Karaoke Night Club

    New Club Paris


    Mon T Group
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(21) (Chinese version only)

    King's Club 卡拉OK
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(22) (Chinese version only)

    Neway Karaoke Box

    Diva Red

    Hong Kong Bar and Karaoke Rights Advocacy
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(23) (Chinese version only)



    2020 By SK


    Piano Bar


    LG Plus

    LG Rally

    LG Centro



    Gossip Group




    Census Lounge

    Cenna Bar & Lounge

    Zizz Bar

    California Red
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(24) (Chinese version only)

    Catering Entertainment Premises Smoking Ban Regulations Concern Group
    LC Paper Nos. CB(2)2660/04-05(25) and CB(2)2688/04-05(02)
    (Chinese version only)

    Hong Kong Entertainment Business Association

    Entertainment Business Rights Concern Group
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(26) (Chinese version only)

    Flying Dragon Games Limited

    KC City (Table Tennis)
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(27) (Chinese version only)

    Hillwood Soho
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(28) (Chinese version only)

    Discussion time (5:20 pm - 5:50 pm)

    Other submissions received

    D J Tobacco Co., Ltd.
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(34) (Chinese version only)

    Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(35) (English version only)

    Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Co., Ltd.
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(36) (Chinese version only)

    Hong Kong College of Physicians
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(37) (English version only)

    Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (HK)
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(38)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(39) (Chinese version only)

    Mr WONG Kwok-wai
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(40) (English version only)

    Hong Kong Federation of Tobacco Industries Limited
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2660/04-05(41) (Chinese version only)

    Hong Kong Pubs and Disco Association
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2677/04-05(03) (Chinese version only)

    Mr Jacky WONG
    LC Paper No. CB(2)2688/04-05(01) (Chinese version only)

  2. Any other business

    (5:50 pm - 5:55 pm)

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
5 October 2005