Promoting Competition

Given our belief that a competitive market can better safeguard consumer interests, competition regulation is one of our major responsibilities. In 2002 we issued two sets of competition guidelines setting out how we propose to enforce and apply statutory provisions prohibiting anti-competitive conduct in the television market. In the light of past experience and to provide better practical guidance to the industry, we have updated the prevailing competition guidelines for industry consultation. In 2006, we approved the promulgation of an Accounting Manual to assist television programme service licensees who also hold telecommunications licences under the Telecommunications Ordinance to separate accounts for their television broadcasting and telecommunications businesses respectively. We believe that account separation will result in greater transparency to the licensees' operations and guard against anti-competitive practices like cross-subsidisation or discriminatory pricing. We are determined to maintain a level playing field in the broadcasting industry.


Moving Ahead

We are pleased to learn that the Government has responded positively to our comments to their public consultation conducted in May 2006 regarding the establishment of a new Communications Authority merging the Authority and the Telecommunications Authority for the regulation of the entire electronic communications sector. We look forward to contributing further to the process of the regulatory revamp to facilitate the development of the communications sector in Hong Kong as a whole.

Last but not least, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all Members of the Authority, the Complaints Committee, and the Codes of Practice Committee for their dedication and commitment, as well as the staff of the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority under the able leadership of the Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing for their professional advice, diligence and dedication.


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