House Committee of the Legislative Council
10th regular meeting on Friday, 12 December 2008,
immediately after the special House Committee meeting
scheduled to be held from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm


I.Confirmation of the minutes of the 9th meeting held on 5 December 2008
(LC Paper No. CB(2) 454/08-09)

II.Matters arising

Report by the Chairman on her meeting with the Chief Secretary for Administration

III.Business arising from previous Council meetings

Legal Service Division report on subsidiary legislation gazetted on 5 December 2008 and tabled in Council on 10 December 2008
(LC Paper No. LS 24/08-09)

IV.Further business for the Council meeting on 17 December 2008

(LC Paper No. CB(3) 224/08-09)

V.Position on Bills Committees and subcommittees
(LC Paper No. CB(2) 455/08-09)

VI.Nomination of Members for appointment to the Select Committee to Inquire into Matters relating to the Post-service Work of Mr LEUNG Chin-man

[Previous papers:
Report of the Subcommittee on Preparatory Work for the Appointment of the Select Committee to Inquire into Matters relating to the Post-service Employment of Mr LEUNG Chin-man (LC Paper No. CB(2) 307/08-09) issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2) 318/08-09 dated 20 November 2008; and
Paragraphs 18 to 22 of the minutes of the 7th House Committee meeting on 21 November 2008 (LC Paper No. CB(2) 342/08-09) issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2) 356/08-09 dated 26 November 2008]

VII.Proposal from Hon Vincent FANG Kang, Chairman of the Panel on Commerce and Industry, to move a motion for adjournment under Rule 16(4) of the Rules of Procedure at the Council meeting on 17 December 2008 for the purpose of enabling Members to debate the following issue: Predicament faced by the small and medium enterprises due to tightened credit facility from banks
(LC Paper No. CB(1) 373/08-09)

VIII.Quota for subcommittees on policy issues
(LC Paper No. CB(2) 456/08-09)

IX.Proposal for the appointment of a subcommittee under the House Committee to study issues relating to Mainland-Hong Kong families
(Letter dated 8 December 2008 from Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung to the Chairman of the House Committee (LC Paper No. CB(2) 457/08-09(01))

X.Any other business

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
11 December 2008