House Committee of the
Provisional Legislative Council
on 18 July 1997


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the 12th meeting held on 11 July 1997

  2. (PLC Paper No. CB(2) 34/97-98)

  3. Matters arising
  4. Report by the Chairman on his meeting with the Chief Secretary for Administration

  5. Business arising from previous Council meetings
    1. Legal Service Division's report on bill referred to the House Committee in accordance with Rule 54(4)

      Chinese Nationality (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
      (PLC Paper No. LS 3/97-98 to follow)

    2. Legal Service Division's report on subsidiary legislation tabled in Council on 16 July 1997 (gazetted on 11 July 1997)
      (PLC Paper No. LS 7/97-98 to follow)

  6. Further business for the Council meeting on 23 July 1997
    1. Questions
      (PLC Paper No. CB(3) 34/97-98)

    2. Bills - 1st and 2nd Readings

      1. Inland Revenue (Amendment) (No. 3) Bill 1997

      2. Dutiable Commodities (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 1997

    3. Motion

      Resolution under section 34(4) of the Interpretation and General Clauses Ordinance (Cap. 1) - to be moved by Dr LEONG Che-hung

      Wording of the motion attached.

  7. Reports
    1. Position report on Bills Committees/Subcommittees
      (PLC Paper No. CB(2) 38/97-98)

    2. Report of the Bills Committee on Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passports Bill

      Verbal report by Mr Howard YOUNG, Chairman of the Bills Committee.

  8. Any other business
    1. Election of Members for appointment to the Public Accounts Committee
      (PLC Paper No. CB(3) 35/97-98)

    2. Nomination and Election of Members to serve on Public Bodies, Advisory Boards and Committees

      (PLC Paper No. CB(2) 40/97-98)

    3. Nomination of Members for appointment to Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee, Po Leung Kuk Advisory Board and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Advisory Board

      (PLC Paper No. CB(2) 41/97-98)

    4. Fun day 1997

      (PLC Paper No. AS 17/97-98)

    5. Motion on "Reduction of rates percentage charge" - to be moved by Hon NGAN Kam-chuen

      Members' agreement will be sought for the debate on the above motion to be held at the Council meeting on 23 July 1997.

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
14 July 1997

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