Bills Committee on
Exchanges and Clearing Houses (Merger)Bill

Meeting on
Thursday, 20 January 2000, at 10:45 am
in Conference Room B of the Legislative Council Building


IMeeting with the Administration
(10:45 am - 12:40 pm)

Examination of draft Committee Stage Amendments to the Bill

LC Paper No.CB(1)818/99-00(01)--Draft Committee Stage Amendments (ninth draft version dated 15 January 2000)(issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)833/99-00(01)--Marked-up copy of proposed Committee Stage Amendments in respect of consequential amendments to the Bill (issued)

Relevant papers

Legislative Council Brief (Ref: SUB 56/7(99)) (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(3)175/99-00--The Bill (issued)

LC Paper No. LS 26/99-00--Legal Service Division Report (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)424/99-00(02)--Marked-up copy of the Bill (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)424/99-00(03)--Submission from the Law Society of Hong Kong (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)453/99-00(01)--Administration's response to CB(1)424/99-00(03)(issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)480/99-00(01)--Composition of the Board of other major exchanges (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)487/99-00(01)--Proposed list of relevant market and professional bodies for consultation by the Bills Committee (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)487/99-00(02)--Cooperative arrangements that Securities and Futures Commission has entered into with overseas regulators (as at 14 October 1998)(issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)549/99-00(01)--Draft Memorandum and Articles of Association of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (English only)(issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)615/99-00(01)--Administration's response to members' concern on Schedule 1 of the Bill (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)646/99-00(01)--Composition of the Board of other major exchanges (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)646/99-00(02)--Regulation of listings in other overseas markets (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)713/99-00(01)--Submission from the Hong Kong Stockbrokers Association Ltd (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)713/99-00(02)--Submission from the Hong Kong Society of Accountants (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)713/99-00(03)--Submission from the Institute of Securities Dealers Ltd (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)713/99-00(04)--Submission from the Securities and Futures Market Reform Members' Concerns Co-ordinating Group (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)713/99-00(05)--Administration's response to CB(1)713/99-00(01)-(04)(issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)725/99-00(01)--Note on the commencement dates of the Bill (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)747/99-00(01)--Proposed re-delineation of the Financial Services Functional Constituency (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)747/99-00(02)--Levels of penalty under the Merger Bill and the other Ordinances (issued)

LC Paper No.CB(1)747/99-00(03)--Comparison of the performance of regulatory functions by the Listing Division/GEM Division of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. and the Securities and Futures Commission before and after the proposed merger of the Exchanges and Clearing Houses (issued)

IIAny other business
(12:40 pm onwards)

Legislative Council Secretariat
18 January 2000