Facilities of the Complex

The Legislative Council ("LegCo") Complex is the first purpose-built building to house the Legislature of Hong Kong. The Complex, which has a construction floor area of almost 45 000m2, comprises the Council Block, the Office Block, and the adjacent open space area, namely the LegCo Square and the LegCo Garden.
It provides conference facilities for the Council and its committees, and accommodation for offices of Members and the Secretariat. It also incorporates various facilities which are made accessible for the public so as to enhance their understanding of the work of LegCo.

LegCo Complex

The LegCo Complex is equipped with the state-of-the-art conference facilities, meeting the growing needs of the council business of LegCo.
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LegCo Library

LegCo Library is located on G/F and GM/F of the Council Block. It provides reference support to Members, Members’ personal assistants and Secretariat staff. Library holdings and publications are open to the public. The core collection includes Council papers and records and official publications.
For more details of the Library service and its collection, please click LegCo Library.

LegCo Archives

LegCo Archives is located on GM/F of the Legislative Council Complex. It is responsible for developing and implementing an integrated archives and records management programme for LegCo to ensure that records of the Legislature are properly managed from creation to disposal, and those of enduring value are identified for preservation, access and use.
Archival services, including electronic findings aids, are provided for LegCo Members, staff and the public. Users may order archival records online and consult them at designated Reading Area upon presentation of a valid Reader's Card.
Please visit the LegCo Archives for details of its holdings and services.

Education Facilities

A wide variety of education facilities are provided in the LegCo Complex to facilitate visitors to understand LegCo's operation.

Video Corner

The Video Corner is located at the Main Lobby of the Complex and visitors' first stop. Low wooden benches are placed next to the glass curtain walls of the Lobby to create a comfortable environment for visitors to watch a series of videos featuring various aspects of the work of LegCo.

Exhibition cum Photo-taking Area

Adjoining the Video Corner is the Exhibition cum Photo-taking Area. Visitors may explore the Legislature by viewing the digital exhibition panels on the theme of "Knowing your LegCo", and take a virtual tour of the Chamber to learn more about Council meetings. A photo-taking spot simulating the President's podium and Members' desks in the Chamber is also staged, where visitors may record their visit to the Complex.

Visitors' Sharing Area

Visitors' Sharing Area is specially designed for visitors to cast their votes to indicate the area of social issues they are most concerned about, while live voting results will be displayed on the screen.

Hall of History

Adjacent to the main entrance of the Complex is the Hall of History, which presents a synopsis of historical moments of the Legislature since its establishment in 1843. To enhance interactions with visitors and enrich visual effects, a third dimension is added to the photographs on display by using immersive technologies.

Children's Corner

The Children's Corner is an education activity room to provide children between the age of three and eight with a leisurely and authentic environment to experience the Legislature through books, interactive games and learning kits. Story-telling sessions will be conducted during schools visits and on weekends for young children and their family members. For more details, please visit "Fun Learning in the Children's Corner".

Education Galleries

Two Education Galleries are built on the 3/F of the Complex to allow guided tour participants to have an overlook of the Chamber. Partitioned by glass panels, participants can observe the proceedings of Council meetings and even hold discussions in the Education Galleries without interrupting the meetings underway in the Chamber.
The passageway connecting the two Education Galleries is equipped with a number of electronic display panels, presenting issues of concern by Panels of the Legislative Council. Guided tour participants may learn about that the work of various Panels are closely related to people’s livelihood.

Viewing Gallery

The outer ring of the Chamber is fringed with a specially designed Viewing Gallery, which provides visitors with a panoramic view of the famed Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula. In addition to an ideal platform for sightseeing, the Viewing Gallery also features two models of the old LegCo Building and new LegCo Complex and their facilities comparison. Erected next to the models are two large photo backdrops, contrasting the Hong Kong skyline in the old days with present days.
The Access Corridor leading to the Viewing Gallery is artistically furnished with photographs showing various stages of the development of the old LegCo Building and the present LegCo Complex. While passing through the Access Corridor, visitors can learn about the evolutions of the meeting venues.

Souvenir Shop

The LegCo Souvenir Shop is located at the Main Lobby of the Council Block, providing a selection of souvenirs available to LegCo Members and visitors to the LegCo Complex. Apart from souvenirs, visitors can also find a great variety of LegCo publications, educational resources, stationery and accessory at the Souvenir Shop.
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  1. Address/Telephone number:
    • The Cafeteria is located at the Main Lobby of the Legislative Council Complex/3919 3188
  2. Business hours:
    • Mondays to Fridays: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm*
    • Saturdays: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
    • Closed on Sundays & Public holidays
    • *On Council meeting days, the opening hours shall be extended to end at 8:00 pm.
  3. The following menu categories are provided at the Cafeteria:
    1. All day menu including salads, sandwiches, snacks and beverages
    2. Breakfast menu
    3. Lunch menu
    4. Tea menu
For any enquiries or suggestions, please feel free to email to cafeteria@legco.gov.hk.

LegCo Garden

The LegCo Garden is an open-space area located outside the Main Lobby of the Council Block. The leisured setting of the LegCo Garden makes it a desired place for a relaxing moment at the LegCo Complex.

LegCo Square

The LegCo Square is a multi-purpose area for leisure and activities. It is located at the front of the LegCo Complex and is connected to the Green Carpet as an integral part of the public open space. The national and regional flag raising ceremony is conducted every morning at the LegCo Square.
Guidelines for the use of the Legislative Council Square
Flowchart on procedures for processing applications for the use of the Legislative Council Square

First Aid Equipment

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and first aid boxes are provided in the LegCo Complex for use by Complex users in case of emergency.
Locations of AEDs and first aid boxes

1)Members' Entrance 2, G/F

2)Public Entrance 1, G/F

3)Public Entrance 2, G/F

4)Service Entrance, G/F

5)Outside the back door of the Dining Hall, 1/F

6)Footbridge Entrance, 1/F

7)At the entrance of the Viewing Gallery, 2/F

8)Outside the public gallery of Conference Room 1, 3/F

9)Inside the Members' Activity Room, 5/F

Conference facilities

The LegCo Complex is equipped with the state-of-the-art conference facilities, meeting the growing needs of the council business of LegCo.


The Chamber is the centre stage of the LegCo Complex. Occupying an area of 800m2 on the 1/F of the Council Block, it is the signature meeting venue where LegCo Members enact laws and discuss issues of public concern. While in session, the Council normally meets every Wednesday at 11 am in the Chamber. To meet the future expansion needs of the Council, the Chamber is built with an extendable seating capacity for up to 120 members.

An electronic voting system is installed in the Chamber to facilitate Members’ voting during the meeting. Members’ desks are installed with an Information Display System (IDS). Apart from providing internet access and word processing applications, IDS also shows the live broadcast of meetings held in other conference rooms and press conference rooms, as well as information such as the latest voting results, and the number and name of Members waiting to speak.

Peripheral facilities of the Chamber include simultaneous interpretation booths for interpreters to provide interpretation service. TV/Radio Rooms to facilitate media coverage of the Council proceedings, and a Public/Press Gallery for members of the public and reporters to observe the proceedings of the meetings.

During the meeting, the LegCo President sits on the President Chair on the President Podium in the middle of the front of the Chamber to preside over the meeting. The Clerk to the Council sits next to the President to provide assistance throughout the meeting. Other Members sit on the left and in front of the President while Government officials sit on the right of the President.

Conference Rooms

The LegCo Complex has a total of five Conference Rooms located on two floors in the Council Block, namely Conference Room 1, Conference Room 2, Conference Room 3, Conference Room 4 and Conference Room 5. Each Conference Room has a varying seating capacity and seating arrangement to cater for the needs of different committee meetings of the Council.
Conference Rooms 1 to 4 are furnished with Public/Press Galleries which allow the public and the press to observe the proceedings of the open meetings held inside the room, whereas Conference Room 5 is designated for meeting with guests, such as overseas parliamentarians.
Conference Room 1
Conference Room 2
Conference Room 3
Conference Room 5

Public/Press Galleries

The Chamber and other Conference Rooms are furnished with Public/Press Galleries which allow the public and the press to observe the proceedings of all open meetings. The public are welcome to reserve a seat at the Public Galleries. All seats of the Public/Press Galleries are equipped with headphones for simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings which is available for all meetings.