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Television and Radio Consultative Scheme

The Television and Radio Consultative Scheme was re-structured in 2003 to enhance its role in providing qualitative input in the BA's public consultation process. Members are appointed from across the territory's 18 administrative districts and they meet regularly in the form of focus groups to discuss topical subjects relating to broadcasting standards. Their views help to supplement the quantitative findings obtained from the Broadcasting Services Survey. During the reporting period, a total of eight focus group meetings were organized. One of the topics discussed was the acceptability of some television programmes which had attracted relatively large number of complaints relating to standards for taste and decency, the language used, the sexual innuendos featured, the level of danger in the acts depicted and the suitability of the broadcasting time. Other topics discussed were the acceptability of inserting programme promotional material in the form of superimposed text during the broadcast of a programme. Views sought from the focus group discussions would facilitate the Authority to apply the standards when dealing with public complaints. The views collected will also form parts of the consultation process of the Authority in its regular review and revision of the Codes of Practice.