Bills Committee on
Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation (Amendment) Bill 2018

Fourth meeting on Monday, 4 March 2019, at 10:45 am
in Conference Room 3 of the Legislative Council Complex



Meeting with the Administration

(10:45 am - 12:40 pm)

Issues raised at the last meeting

LC Paper No. CB(2)882/18-19(01)
(issued on 26 February 2019)

-List of follow-up actions arising from the discussion at the meeting on 22 January 2019

LC Paper No. CB(2)882/18-19(02)
(issued on 26 February 2019)

-The Administration's response to issues raised at the meeting on 22 January 2019

Clause-by-clause examination of the Bill

LC Paper No. CB(3)811/17-18
(issued on 6 July 2018)

-The Bill

Ref : HAD HQ CR/15/3/20/(C)
(issued by the Home Affairs Department on 4 July 2018)

-Legislative Council ("LegCo") Brief

LC Paper No. LS96/17-18
(issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2)2061/17-18 on 4 October 2018)

-Legal Service Division ("LSD") Report on the Bill

LC Paper No. CB(2)190/18-19(01)
(issued on 5 November 2018)

-Marked-up copy of the relevant provisions to be amended by the Bill prepared by LSD of the LegCo Secretariat

LC Paper No. CB(2)190/18-19(02)
(issued on 5 November 2018)

-Background brief prepared by the LegCo Secretariat

LC Paper No. IN01/18-19
(published on 11 October 2018)

-Information Note entitled "Regulation of home-stay lodging in selected places" prepared by the Research Office of the LegCo Secretariat

LC Paper No. CB(2)201/18-19(01)
(English version issued on 6 November 2018; Chinese version issued on 29 November 2018)

-Assistant Legal Adviser's letter dated 5 November 2018 to the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(2)640/18-19(04)
(English version issued on 17 January 2019; Chinese version issued on 21 January 2019)

-The Administration's reply dated 15 January 2019 to the Assistant Legal Adviser's letter of 5 November 2018

(A list of relevant papers previously issued is available on the LegCo website at


Any other business

(12:40 pm - 12:45 pm)

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
26 February 2019