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(24 September 1999)
  • Letter dated 8 July 1999 to the Chief Executive on " Visits of leaders of Central People's Government "(24 September 1999)
  • Reply letter dated 16 July 1999 from the Chief Executive's Office on " Visits of leaders of Central People's Government "(24 September 1999)
  • Letter dated 31 May 1999 from Prof. Hon NG Ching-fai and Hon CHOY So-yuk re. "An emergency meeting to discuss the impact of the report release by Christopher Cox, a US congressman, on Hong Kong and the follow-up actions to be taken"(4 June 1999)
  • Letter dated 2 June 1999 from Hon Martin LEE on "Early Circulation of Wording of Amendments to Motion Debates"(4 June 1999)
  • Letter dated 3 May 1999 from Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung on "Changing the Chinese name of the Government House to (7 May 1999)
  • Follow-up on motions with no legislative effect passed in Council[CB(3) 1122/98-99](22 January 1999)
  • Letter dated 11 January 1999 from Hon LAU Chin-shek on "Progress report for motion carried in the Legislative Council" (15 January 1999)
  • Letter dated 13 November 1998 from Hon HO Mun-ka on "Proposal for setting up a special committee on the Human Organ Transplant Ordinance"(20 November 1998)
  • Paper presented by Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung on proposed resolution under Article 159 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (20 November 1998)
  • Regulation on Admission and Conduct of the Public in the Precincts of the Chamber[AS 114/98-99](23 October 1998)
  • Letter dated 16 September 1998 from Chairman of House Committee on "Review of 17 Ordinances binding on the Government but not on relevant PRC organs"(18 September 1998)
  • Report presented by House Committee Chairman on Special Briefing on Operation of Hong Kong International Airport held on 9 July 1998[CB(2) 209/98-99](4 September 1998)
  • Legal Service Division Information Paper on "Legal Implications of the Inquiry Proceedings by the Commission of Inquiry on the Privileges and Immunities of Members"[LS 20/98-99](24 July 1998)
  • LegCo Fun Day 1998-99[AS33/98-99](24 July 1998)
  • Meeting-cum-luncheons with Provisional District Board Members[CB(2) 56/98-99](24 July 1998)